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UE (University of Applied Sciences Europe - BiTS and BTK) Masters Degrees

We have 4 UE (University of Applied Sciences Europe - BiTS and BTK) Masters Degrees

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With a focus on entrepreneurial thinking, acting, and organizing, the master’s degree in Corporate Management (M.Sc.) gives you an academically solid foundation as well as application-based competencies and skills for management tasks. Read more

Your topic: Corporate leadership

With a focus on entrepreneurial thinking, acting, and organizing, the master’s degree in Corporate Management (M.Sc.) gives you an academically solid foundation as well as application-based competencies and skills for management tasks. Over the course of four semesters, you will learn interdisciplinary leadership qualifications in the key disciplines centered on corporate management. You can choose from three advanced study options, of which two are mandatory: Business Administration, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources and Corporate Development. This degree program ensures you are qualified for cross-industry leadership tasks in management at mid-size companies and large corporations.

The program

The Corporate Management (M.Sc.) degree program aims to provide a clear understanding of and hands-on experience in competencies for corporate leadership. It thus meets current market and company demands.

After all, the call for general experts, who have solid business know-how and high intellectual flexibility for innovative and future-centered solutions, is getting louder. The university is catering to these needs with an integrated learning program and a wide-ranging spectrum of methods.

The selection of single, individual focus subjects enables you to flexibly adjust your studies to your specific career of choice. To achieve this, you can choose from three options of academic focus:

Business Administration, Marketing and Sales, and Human Resources and Corporate Development. In addition to the classic business management subjects, a number of creativity-based and leadership skills are trained, as well as a confident appearance, teamwork abilities, resilience under pressure, and efficient organization. Plus, the degree program consists of modules that build on one another, thus enabling you to put your knowledge into use at companies during the reading periods (approx. two days a week, plus during the semester breaks). Here, too, the network of professors and of the university is at your disposal.

Additionally, to prepare you for management tasks in a globally active company, you will attend the International Summer School between the 2nd and 3rd semesters, either within the worldwide Laureate International University Network or at any other university. In the future, you will also have the chance to complete the master’s degree program in a course with international students.

For more details about the program, please see the curriculum.


With the master’s degree in Corporate Management, you are perfectly prepared for various different leadership positions. Aligned with your individually chosen subjects of focus, you will be able to take on roles in middle to top management at national and internationally active corporations.

You have specialist expertise in the bag and are able to combine academic methods with distinct social competence – an increasingly important requirement for a successful career path.

What’s more, the Master of Science (M.Sc.) enables you to gain a Ph.D. and doctor title. This is necessary, for example, for teaching and researching at universities and other institutes.

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This new master’s program combines high-level economics with application-oriented courses in business and finance. Economics is thereby taught based on the foundations of the Austrian School. Read more

Business and Austrian economics

This new master’s program combines high-level economics with application-oriented courses in business and finance. Economics is thereby taught based on the foundations of the Austrian School. Entrepreneurial Economics is the first English-taught master’s program in Europe that is solidly rooted in the Austrian tradition. However, besides the Austrian focus this program also committed to methodological pluralism, since all relevant schools of thought are included in the curriculum.

Austrian economics, by its very nature, is entrepreneurial economics. No other school of thought investigates markets under the paradigm of human action and constant change. Combining classes in business and Austrian economics is thus a natural step. Together, they build a first-class education portfolio that teaches theoretical understanding, entrepreneurial thinking and independent decision making. These skills, in combination with the general analytical competence that this program conveys, lay the foundation for many promising career paths.

The program

The core of this program is formed by a comprehensive education in Austrian Economics. This school of thought – rooted in the Vienna of the late 19th century – provides until today the most comprehensive approach to the social sciences. Humans are generally being regarded as individual entrepreneurs who influence their living conditions trough target-oriented actions.

This paradigm sharply contrasts with the model of the “homo oeconomicus”, which is central to mainstream economics. The homo oeconomicus allows for a mathematization of economics, but at the same time overemphasizes equilibrium thought, thus leaving no room for entrepreneurial actions. The Austrian School, in contrast, makes the „homo agens“ the centerpiece of analysis and thus assumes a process-oriented view. Instead of mathematical formalization the conceptual analysis of human action becomes the dominant scientific principle. Using this approach the Austrian School develops a holistic and philosophical understanding of economics.

The main goal of this program is to convey this economic understanding to students so as to shape entrepreneurial personalities who are able to think both theoretically and application-oriented. In assuming the Austrian perspective entrepreneurial spirit is stimulated immensely, since this perspective is directly linked to independent thinking and a liberal social philosophy. Beyond that, this study program comprises an application-oriented part that focuses on the relevant methods of business management and thus offers the best possible preparation for a professional career. The degree of practice orientation can be further increased if a student decides to do an internship instead of a research project or if he decides to write the master´s thesis in cooperation with a company. Also, special leadership trainings as well as extracurricular studies are offered so as to further support the development of entrepreneurial personalities.

Also from an academic point of view this program is highly ambitious. It intentionally refuses to adopt the methodological imperative that characterizes modern mainstream economics, but rather takes students to the research frontier in Austrian Economics. At the same time, however, the program does not limit itself to explaining the Austrian perspective, but also teaches competing ideas and approaches, such as, for example, the neoclassical or the Keynesian view. Thereby, the students gain a unique methodological expertise and learn to understand the originality of the respective approaches. With such knowledge they are well prepared to pursue a Ph.D., as science generally commences with an understanding of the controversies that govern the debate. In addition, having completed this program, the students also possess economic knowledge that is significantly superior to the formal training of mainstream economists.


The graduates of this program are highly qualified for various professions in the private sector. With their deep understanding of the economy the graduates of this program have a particular strategic competency and are therefore suitable for numerous tasks within consultancy firms, strategy departments, and medium-sized businesses, who all seek independent-minded people.

Such strategic competencies are especially important in the area of change management, a field that is nowadays often addressed using “Embedded Entrepreneurial Teams”. Economists with a profound knowledge of the financial and banking system are also sought after in the finance sector. The graduates of this program are well-prepared to start a career in any of these areas because they are able to critically discuss various opinions and provide strong and convincing arguments. In general, however, the graduates with a master´s degree in Entrepreneurial Economics and Management should consider themselves as entrepreneurs on their own behalves with personal business goals and ideas that they can put into practice.

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Event Management is an industry with its own rulebook. The challenges of international sporting events require a particular set of skills. Read more
Event Management is an industry with its own rulebook: The challenges of international sporting events require a particular set of skills. The master’s degree program in International Sport & Event Management offers an interdisciplinary, international education that prepares you for managerial roles in sport, event, and marketing management. All the main branches and fields of the industry are covered. Special highlights include case studies, seminars, and projects with partners from the world of business and science.

Our international focus is reinforced by an optional semester abroad, for which you can gain an additional academic degree (complementary international degree: MBA in Sports Management).

Course Outline

The main skills required for sport, event, and marketing management are the ability to communicate, to think in an interdisciplinary way, and to lead a team. In addition, International Sport Management is geared toward leadership roles in sport, while International Event Management focuses on planning and organizational roles. International Marketing Management complements these two subject areas.

To reinforce the vocational focus, the program was developed in conjunction with experts from Ernst & Young (SCORE – Sports Consulting) and Weirather-Wenzel & Partner, with the involvement of communication agencies. You are thus equipped with in-depth knowledge and practical experience to embark on your career.

All classes are conducted in English. The optional semester abroad takes place at Real Madrid Graduate School in the second semester. By choosing this option, you can gain an additional academic degree alongside your master’s degree at BiTS without extending the study period (complementary international degree):

MBA in Sport Management in Madrid


From football to fashion, concerts to trade fairs – live events shape the world and are of huge economic importance. The master’s degree program, with its international focus, ideally prepares you for managerial roles in the booming sports and events branches. As a sport and event manager, you conceive, organize, and evaluate emotional worlds of experience that excite and touch people – and which are also an economic success.

The Master of Arts (M.A.) enables you to go on to complete your Ph.D. studies leading to a doctorate, possibly as a requirement for a teaching or research position at universities and other institutions.

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Our society is becoming more and more mobile; the meaning of terms such as “space” and “distance” is currently experiencing a complete overhaul due to digital media. Read more


Our society is becoming more and more mobile; the meaning of terms such as “space” and “distance” is currently experiencing a complete overhaul due to digital media. That’s why an entire industry segment is now dedicated to the topic of the communication and staging of information, brands, and experiences in private and public, real and virtual spaces – in media spaces.

The English-language master’s degree program in Media Spaces consists of interdisciplinary project teams that research innovative communication solutions within the realm of where real and virtual spaces come together. Graduates of Media Spaces apply innovative design methods to transform communication within virtual and real spaces into inspiring and long-lasting experiences. The aim here is to satisfy the human need for aesthetics, social interaction, play, information, or knowledge – and to offer brands, corporations, or organizations a way to expand their communication strategy.


The state-accredited master’s degree program in Media Spaces at BTK is a project-based program for people who have already completed a bachelor’s degree in an artistic, design, or media-relevant study program*. The concept of our program is particularly based on interdisciplinary work, and deliberately targets applicants with various design competencies and backgrounds: communication designers, media designers, architects, computer scientists, set designers, design managers, or media theorists.

The first two semesters consist of interdisciplinary project-based studies, the theory of various media and process-based events, as well as a catalog of compulsory courses. You will work in a team throughout an entire semester on a joint challenge and go through the typical phases of a project, just as you would in your future career: from research, planning, and concept creation to realization, documentation, and presentation.

The entire 3rd semester is dedicated to your master’s thesis. This module includes the completion of your thesis, which consists of a design-in-practice part and an academic part.

The program at BTK offers an in-depth, hands-on approach, which creates unlimited opportunities for you to explore new, hybrid ideas and discover new career areas – above all within in the digital media realm.

*Students who are currently completing their bachelor’s degree can also apply. Please refer to our admission requirements for more information.


Graduates of the master’s degree program in Media Spaces are able to analyze and locate spatial, moving, and nonlinear forms of expression and then apply the results to create their own space concept. Thanks to solid competence in media, they are able to develop design-based and technically sophisticated solutions for complex, multidisciplinary challenges. Furthermore, they have excellent knowledge in methods for planning, organizing, and production technologies, and the means to successfully realize projects. These can range from installations, set design, play places, and moving 3D images to guidance systems, brand presentations, architecture, and interior design to exhibition and event design, the visualization of “data spaces”, and the generation of scientific visuals.

In addition, the master’s degree program in Media Spaces qualifies graduates to work in interdisciplinary, intercultural, and international project teams and to lead these, as well as to be an entrepreneur or freelancer in the artistic, design field. It also forms the ideal foundation for a high-caliber, leadership career in the media department at a company or for taking the path of an academic career.

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