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Masters Degrees in Istanbul , Turkey

We have 30 Masters Degrees in Istanbul , Turkey

Straddling the Bosporus strait, Istanbul is Turkey’s economical, cultural and commercial hub. A place with extraordinary legacy and monumental significance for several civilisations, the city carries an aura of ancient history mixed with the glamour of a modern metropolis. Between its 37 private and public universities, Istanbul educates a total of 670,000 students.

What's it like to study a Masters in Istanbul?

Originally known as Byzantium in ancient times and Constantinople following 330 CE, Istanbul is a city whose strategical location, architectural and cultural virtues made it a desirable conquest for many. The most populous city in Europe, it’s notoriously viewed as a ‘bridge between the East and the West’.

In 2015, Istanbul was named European Capital of Culture. A reflection of the Byzantium and Ottoman periods, parts of the Old City are listed by UNESCO. The city is home to the magnificent Topkapi palace, overlooking the Golden Horn, with its harem, chambers and countless Ottoman era treasures as well as the famous Hagia Sophia, an architectural miracle of its era, built in 537 AD as a Christian Cathedral, later becoming a mosque and eventually a museum. Nearby are also Hagia Irene, the ‘Blue’ Mosque, the Hippodrome and several museums.

Once you find yourself on the streets of Istanbul, you’ll be swept away by the hustle and bustle of shops, eateries, music and entertainment venues. Functioning since the 1461, the Grand Bazaar is the world’s oldest and largest market – and a perfect place to perfect your haggling. You can dine along the shores of the Bosporus (or, indeed, enjoy a ferry trip across it), have traditional coffee served in small ornate cups, visit a historic tavern and join in the busy nightlife.

As a large city, Istanbul offers a variety of student housing, so you should have many options available as long as you take distance and commute times into consideration.

Universities in Istanbul

Among the more prominent higher education institutions in Istanbul are the Istanbul University, Istanbul Technical University, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and Marmara University.

Istanbul University, founded 1453 and originally an Islamic school, is the oldest educational institution in the city. It officially gained university status in 1933 and today it is one of the highest-ranking institutions nationwide. Istanbul Technical University is the third oldest university in the world, founded 1773, and specialising in engineering sciences. Very different subject matter is taught at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (1882), which boasts excellence in teaching art and related degrees. Marmara University, founded 1883, is the third largest higher education institution, with a range of subjects for postgraduate study. Careers in Istanbul Istanbul boasts a fast-growing economy, as well as a flourishing financial and manufacturing sector. The city is home to the headquarters of many companies and Turkish banks.
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