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Masters Degrees in E-Business, Spain

We have 5 Masters Degrees in E-Business, Spain

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The success of a business today depends on its online presence. Accordingly, e-business is one of the fastest growing and most in-demand modern industries. Read more
The success of a business today depends on its online presence. Accordingly, e-business is one of the fastest growing and most in-demand modern industries. The e-business program prepares you to thrive in an online business context, examining a broad range of topics from online architecture to usability, while covering many of the relevant issues that managers face in internet-based environments. You will be well-equipped to start your own online business, join an existing company or invent new ways of doing business online.

Course structure

The MBA in E-Business program lasts one year, divided into three terms. Each term students complete five courses, including industrial visits and guest speaker sessions. In order to graduate, students must complete a management research methods module and a dissertation subject in addition to the other courses.

Term 1 (18 CH | 23 ECTS)

Management Skills (3 | 4)
Organisational Behaviour (3 | 4)
Managerial Accounting (3 | 4)
Marketing (3 | 4)
Quantitative Business Methods (3 | 4)
Negotiation (seminar) (1 | 1)
Business Law (seminar) (1 | 1)
Personal & Professional Development (1 | 1)

Term 2 (21 CH | 27 ECTS)

Finance (3 | 4)
Human Resources Management (3 | 4)
Global Economics (3 | 4)
Strategic Management (3 | 4)
Management Information Systems (3 | 4)
Business Strategy Simulation (3 | 4)
Job Career Planning (seminar) (1 | 1)
Communication Skills (seminar) (1 | 1)
Personal & Professional Development (1 | 1)

Term 3 (15 CH | 20 ECTS)

E-Marketing Strategies (3 | 4)
Crafting the E-Business Model (3 | 4)
E-Business Architecture (3 | 4)
E-Business Design (3 | 4)
The E-Consumer (3 | 4)

Graduation Requirements:

EU Research & Dissertation Seminars*
EU Dissertation (14 | 20)

*EU Research & Dissertation Seminars will be taken over 2 terms

Learning Outcomes

The managerial skills that e-business graduates gain are applicable to both those that wish to launch their own e-businesses and those who go on to work for an established operation. Students will also:

1. Focus on marketing and branding essentials, such as banner and search engine optimisation.

2. Discover how to effectively build and maintain a corporate e-business.

3. Form a practical approach to real world case studies and examples.

4. Learn from the point of view of the consumer.


EU’s high-caliber faculty is made up of full-time academics with doctoral degrees, as well as part-time instructors who are also current members of the international business community. Our faculty members have current or previous experience as entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders. This merge of the academic and professional worlds supports a unique and exceptional quality of learning, reinforcing EU's pragmatic approach to education.


Students completing this major pursue careers in:

Marketing and sales interface
Executive management

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Digital Business Global Master has been designed to provide the necessary knowledge to all those professionals and students who want to improve their organizational skills and increase their competitiveness in the market. Read more
Digital Business Global Master has been designed to provide the necessary knowledge to all those professionals and students who want to improve their organizational skills and increase their competitiveness in the market. Additionally, under our guidance, people will not only understand but learn how to implement decision-making skills in order to elevate the existing level of the organization under their Management to a higher level of productivity and market orientation.

This course is not exclusively for “Tech Guys”, but is available for anyone who would like to be equipped with the tools to become a leader of the digital procedures of a company. No company can avoid this change and therefore all businesses must adapt their workflows to continue to compete in the current market. What Zigurat does is offers you the possibility of not only getting ahead in this marketing adjustment but rather to pioneer this movement.
This Global program has the potential to become the new MBA for the Business Sector.

In collaboration with IBM, Sabis, Elogia, Setesca ...


We have the tools and the capacity. We are the geniuses of the new era and as such we must reach out to others and overcome all the limitations imposed by humanity.
We have the power and with that, the world at our fingertips. We are unified in our desire to defeat such limitations. We are the new definition of billionaire. With our connection and our capacity to discover and evolve we can and will be the most competitive product in the market.
This is more than a conventional masters program. This course will guide you through one of the most epic changes in our era – the 4th revolution.
We will penetrate different market sectors, and for each of them, highlight the fundamental changes in each process including human resources practices and technological tools. Thereafter, we will demonstrate how to use such progress, implanting them into your business regime and converting your work ethic from “traditional” to a more progressive current way of working.
What will you be capable of doing?

By the end of this course you will understand how to apply the best plethora of collaborative and digital tools to improve your business strategies and processes.

Content Program:

Module 1: Competitive models
Module 2: Digital Business model
Module 3: Omnichannel marketing and sales models
Module 4: Digital maturation analysis of the organization and strategic model
Module 5: Basic people skills and competences
Module 6: Management and innovation models
Module 7: Transformation of the value chain: Purchasing
Module 8: Transformation of the value chain : Logistics
Module 9: Transformation of the value chain: Production
Module 10:Transformation of the value chain: Distribution
Module 11: Transformation of the value chain: Marketing
Module 12: Transformation of the value chain: FICO
Module 13: Transformation of the value chain: Information Technology
Module 14: Transformation of the value chain: Human Resources
Module 15: Cybersecurity and Digital Business Security
Module 16: Digital business enablers (IoT, BlockChain, BigData, Predictive, AI)
Module 17: Collaborative models
Module 18: Predictive models and advanced data analysis
Module 19: Industry 4.0
Module 20: Impact of electrification and sustainable consumption

International Summit
3 days in Barcelona

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OVERVIEW. Digital has changed the game for sports business forever. Teams, leagues and federations no longer compete with each other; the new competitors are digitally-based activities such as social media, video streaming and gaming. Read more


Digital has changed the game for sports business forever. Teams, leagues and federations no longer compete with each other; the new competitors are digitally-based activities such as social media, video streaming and gaming. Some analysts have even observed sport to be the most disrupted of all industries. 

Digital is more about aligning strategy and the organization to behaviours and expectations of modern fans than it is about technology. 

Ultimately, digital is about growth and therefore 'Managing Digital Transformation in Sports' has been purposely developed for football and sport organisations to explain the digital challenge to sports leaders, managers and professionals in a way that will enable organization and career growth.  

It is a modern reality that whilst business models in sports are still adjusting to the new data and fan-first reality of the digital era, a new breed of technologies such as virtual and augmented reality have arrived to push the economy further into competition for personalized and immersive experiences. 

 Through all of this volatility, the principles that are needed to navigate digital disruption in our own roles and organizations are now understood. 'Managing Digital Transformation in Sports' takes lessons from all industries in the digital economy and combines them with football and sports business best practices to deliver a master class for career and business transformation. 


You can download the program prospectus here.


The program is aimed at professionals looking to improve their digital literacy so that they can more effectively lead and contribute to business transformation in a sports/football organization. 


It is the first program focusing on the transformation and specialization of digital business in the sports industry. 



  • World class curriculum and teaching by faculty from the the top football clubs, governing bodies, sports brands, media outlets and athlete representation firms worldwide.
  • Peer-to-peer learning through virtual lectures, online classroom discussion groups, project reviews and 360° feedback.
  • Selective entrance criterion ensuring quality for the program and optimizing networking opportunities


To ensure you are fully prepared for a wide range of professional challenges, the course curriculum covers all business areas across the sport industry.

The well-rounded curriculum is divided into four terms that cover the following areas:



1. Introduction - why sport is most disrupted of all industries

2. The new consumer and fan

3. New sport business responsibilities

4. Digital technologies and their impact on sports business explained

- Internet of Things

- Cloud Computing

- Mobile Computing

- Digital and Social Media

- Data and Analytics

- New technologies: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Artifi cial Intelligence



1. What is Digital Maturity 

2. Obstacles to achieving Digital Transformation 

3. Digital Transformation Success Factors

- Leadership and Strategy

- Culture and Governance 

- Business Model Innovation 

- Fan-centered Design 

- Corporate requirements - Finance, IT and Marketing 

- Open Innovation (including special feature on Innovation best practice)



1. What is a Social Business 

2. Social Leadership 

3. Socially Inspired Trends


- Digital Marketing Models 

- Digital Marketing Capabilities 

- Digital Media and the changing broadcast landscape 

- Crowd sourcing, Recruitment, Employee Ambassadors 

- Social Media Platform Selection 

- Social Media Best Practice 

- Sponsorship and monetizing social media 

- Mobile Apps

- Esports - industry analysis and opportunities for traditional sports


1. How Data is transforming business 

2. Characteristics of Data high-performers 

3. Planning for data mastery


- Developing a Data-driven culture

- Data and Analytics best practices and case studies

- Attracting and retaining Data and Analytics Talent

- Innovating with Data

- Sources of Fan Data and Customer Data Platforms

- How Big Data drives Marketing Success in Sport Organizations


You will benefit from the latest technology-enabled education and an interactive methodology that combines live web conferences led by top football industry professionals with an integral online platform through which the contents of the program are delivered.


The program brings together international industry executives from the top sports clubs, governing bodies and corporations across the world to provide candidates with the most relevant and up-todate information from the football industry through online guest speaker sessions.  


This course is led by Stephen Bourke, Sports Business Strategist and Digital Analyst. Stephen is an internationally experienced sports business specialist from Australia presently working in Qatar. He is a global executive board member of Sport and Entertainment Alliance In Technology (SEAT) Conference in the USA. Stephen’s passion for understanding the impact that the digital economy is having on sports business has led to him becoming the fi rst person to develop and deliver content online to inspire other sports professionals own transformation in our new digital-first reality.


The Sports Business Institute have provided training to executives from across the football industry at a global level including clubs, federations, and media outlets such as FIFA, Club Wembley, Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Manchester City FC, West Ham United, PSG, Inter Milan, Juventus, Galatasaray, the Mexican Football Federation among numerous other top sports properties.


1. Visit http://www.sbibarcelona.com/events/managing-digital-transformation-in-sports

2. Click on the button "Secure your spot here"

3. Fill out online registration form on this page

4. Secure a spot in the program by paying a 50 Euro application fee. You must fill out the form on this page and click on the "Register" button.

5. Once the application fee has been paid a member of our team will contact you to confirm your registration. 

6. You must then complete the balance of your course tuition fee of 2,950 Euros* by bank transfer.

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The Master in Digital Business is an all-encompassing program, providing students with the necessary know-how to excel in the digital era. Read more

The Master in Digital Business is an all-encompassing program, providing students with the necessary know-how to excel in the digital era. From legal aspects to strategy, finance, business models and change management among others, this program provides students with the key competences required to lead digital change in an organization or to create a new online venture.

Digital transformation is no longer a future paradigm, but a key reality. The business world is becoming digitalized at an astounding pace and companies actively seek digital visionaries, qualified to leverage their expertise and insight into any corporation that seeks to stay competitive. This program explores the theoretical and practical foundations, implementation and business models that make up digital business and delivers all key competencies required in the corporate world today.

How You Earn Your Certificate

 The Master in Digital Business (60 ECTS) is a one-year program divided into three terms. Each term comprises four courses (4 ECTS each) and one seminar (2 ECTS). Throughout the year, students are also exposed to real-life case studies, games and business simulations. In order to graduate, participants must also complete a business plan (6 ECTS).

Learning Outcomes

This program is specifically geared to train the new leaders of the digital era, providing them with all the necessary methods, tools and knowledge to lead an organization or craft their own startups from scratch. Students will:

  1. Discover the impact that digital business is having.
  2. Leverage digital business solutions to enhance corporate visibility and profitability whilst minimizing costs.
  3. Understand digital culture and gain hands-on knowledge on how to build a startup.
  4. Study how new technologies are crafting the digital reality and what is to come in the next years.

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