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Masters Degrees in E-Business, Netherlands

We have 2 Masters Degrees in E-Business, Netherlands

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The one year MSc program offers four tracks. Business Communication and Digital Media. Communication Design. New Media Design. Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. Read more

The one year MSc program offers four tracks:

  • Business Communication and Digital Media
  • Communication Design
  • New Media Design
  • Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Besides the 1 year Master, also a two- year Master is offered:

  • Research Master in Language and Communication

The MSc in Communication and Information Sciences offers a unique program in which you learn about how people acquire and transfer information and how new means of communication can be used creatively and innovatively. The approach taken at Tilburg University is unique in the sense that the broad concept of communication is examined from many perspectives, including those of linguistics, cognitive and social psychology, computational modeling and document design.

This program is intended for highly talented and motivated students with a keen sense of intellectual curiosity and intellectual ambition. In this Master’s program, you will encounter state-of-the-art research in the broad interdisciplinary field of communication. The point of departure is natural communication: how is information transferred from one person to another? For what purpose? You will participate in a wide range of courses such as communication strategies, non-verbal communication and computer vision. This unique combination of approaches and research traditions will enable you to work as a communication expert, and answer questions such as:

•What is the best way to present information to an audience?

•How do people communicate within an organization?

•How can you influence people's behavior through language?

You take a particular interest in language and you are seeking to broaden and deepen your academic knowledge. You are interested in the many different aspects of communication such as the effect that words can have, how people produce language, and linguistic phenomena such as metaphors, and the stories behind them.

This one-year MSc program offers four different specializations: Business Communication & Digital Media, Communication Design, New Media Design and Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence.  

Career Prospects Communication and Information Sciences

After completing your MSc program in Communication and Information Sciences, a broad range of career paths in business, research and education will be open to you. You will be able to analyze and consult on internal and external communications. With a Master's degree, you can start your career as a scientific researcher in this field. And remember that these opportunities are worldwide because your studies are internationally-oriented.

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Rapid changes in information and communication technology and its applications over recent years have caused major changes for individuals, organisations and industries. Read more
Rapid changes in information and communication technology and its applications over recent years have caused major changes for individuals, organisations and industries. The internet, and information systems and communication technology in general, have radically impacted our personal and professional lives. New business models have emerged, as well as new types of entrepreneurship and new forms of leadership.

This two-year programme aims at providing a deeper understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities in this area, with a specific focus on the alignment of ICT and management. The programme combines the knowledge and expertise of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) with those of professionals from the field.

Visit the website: http://en.mastersinleiden.nl/programmes/ict-in-business/en/introduction

Course detail

The ICT in Business programme consists of around 20 courses and a 38ects thesis project. The master’s thesis research project is not necessarily but often based on an in-company project.

The courses cover business fundamentals, core ICT & Business topics, research related courses and electives:

Business Fundamentals
A set of courses that will bring students onto a basic level of business understanding. Examples: Marketing, Finance and Managing People.

Core courses: ICT in Complex Organisations
Advanced courses that focus on the interrelationship between organizational processes, management and ICT. Examples: ICT Architectures, Strategy and Software Engineering.

Research Courses
Courses to develop research skills, necessary for your master thesis research project. This project is not necessarily, but often based on an in-company project in a complex organization like a Governmental Institution, a multinational or a bank. Duration: 6 months.

The electives allow you to individualize your programme and accommodate special interests. Examples: ICT in the Public sector, legal aspects of ICT and Data Driven Marketing. Taking electives abroad is encouraged.

The programme schedule is intense, allowing participants to complete the programme (regular course load: two academic years) in around 22 months of full-time study.

Reasons to Choose ICT in Business in Leiden:

1. The programme offers a managerial focus on ICT and Business, combining the reputation of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) with that of the RSM Erasmus University (ranked in the top-3 in Europe)

2. Both the faculty and the department have a strong international focus:

– world-class international faculty and focus on global issues
– small groups (30 students), diverse international student population (50%)
– cross-cultural team work
– study-abroad exchange and in-company research thesis opportunities

3. This master’s offers a seamless transition from most bachelor’s programmes in Computer Science.

4. Graduates of the master’s programme have excellent career opportunities, and typically multiple employment offers upon graduation.

5. Students benefit from the department’s strong links to industry with guest lectures, in-company research projects and placement opportunities.


After finishing M.Sc. ICT in Business, job opportunities are excellent and diverse, ranging from consultancy to IT management and from entrepreneurship to PhD research. Graduates of our programme are particularly suitable for a career path leading to Chief Information Officer in large organisations. They have found jobs in all the above categories, both within Europe and outside, in industry, government and universities.

How to apply: http://en.mastersinleiden.nl/arrange/admission


For information regarding funding, please visit the website: http://prospectivestudents.leiden.edu/scholarships

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