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Masters Degrees in Netherlands

We have 537 Masters Degrees in Netherlands

As the spiritual home of the Erasmus programme, the Netherlands is an excellent destination for study abroad. Today, a Masters in the Netherlands means studying at historic universities in one of the world's most international university systems.

Why Study a Masters in the Netherlands?

The Dutch university system stretches back to the sixteenth century and has supported some of the most important developments in western thought, from the first electric battery to the origins of modern biology and taxonomy. The country also has a proud tradition of welcoming international students and scholars - reflecting its famously cosmopolitan culture and liberal social values.

Masters students in the Netherlands today have excellent opportunities to visit some of Europe's most beautiful university cities, from the picturesque canals of Amsterdam and Leiden to the striking modern skyline of Rotterdam.

How popular is Masters study abroad in the Netherlands?

Over 85,000 students study abroad in the Netherlands, making the country one of the most popular destinations in Europe and reflecting its focus on international education.

How long is a Masters degree in the Netherlands?

Masters degrees in the Netherlands can be one or two years long, depending on the course type and subject area. The Dutch academic year runs from September to June.

How much does it cost to study a Masters in the Netherlands?

The cost of a Masters degree in the Netherlands depends partly on student nationality. EU and EEA students typically pay around €2,000 per year. Fees for international students are higher, averaging around €8,000 per year. Costs will vary between specific programmes. For more details, take a look at our full guide to fees and funding for Dutch Masters degrees.

Are Dutch Masters degrees taught in English?

The Netherlands is one of the most multilingual countries in Europe and this is reflected in its university system. Dutch Masters degrees are taught in a range of languages, with many popular programmes available in English.

Will I need a visa to study a Masters in the Netherlands?

EU and EEA citizens won't need a visa to study a Masters degree in the Netherlands, but will need to be registered with the immigration authorities. Students from other countries will need to apply for an entry visa. Assistance with this will be available from Dutch embassies (as well as universities).

Learn more about studying a Masters in the Netherlands

You can read more about Dutch Masters degrees and studying abroad in the Netherlands in our full study guide. This includes an overview of the Dutch university system as well as more detailed information on student visas and immigration.

For advice on accommodation and living costs, see our guide to living in the Netherlands as a postgraduate student. You can also read our introduction to Dutch language tests for international students or our guide to Dutch university rankings.

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