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3 COUNTRIES, 3 LANGUAGES, 3 INSTITUTIONS, 1 JOINT DEGREE. Prepare to thrive in today’s constantly changing global business environment. Read more

About this course


Prepare to thrive in today’s constantly changing global business environment. Join the elite one-year European and International Business Management Master (EIBM) programme for complete trilingual training in international management and entrepreneurship.

Joint degree from these top European institutions:

Bradford University School of Management, United Kingdom
Deusto Business School, University of Deusto, Spain
Audencia Business School, France

-Tripled networks & services across Europe
-Corporate connections of three respected institutions
-Internship opportunities in France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and more
-Career services support from Audencia, Bradford and Deusto
-Access to three large international job boards
-Alumni connections and optional network membership from all three

You’ll be studying with top faculty members through French at Audencia, Spanish at Deusto and English at Bradford during this trilingual one-year programme, giving you the knowledge and adaptability you’ll need throughout your career.

Depending on your level of French and English, you will start your EIBM programme at Audencia or Deusto.

Course content

Period 1 (October to December) at Audencia or Deusto

Whether your international study begins in France or Spain, you’ll learn the foundational principles of management and develop relevant language skills. Core courses may include:

Organisation and Management
Project Management
Corporate Finance
Change Management
Management of Global Responsibility
Languages (French and Spanish and English)

Period 2 (January to mid-April) at Deusto or Audencia

Moving from France to Spain (or vice versa) will expand your managerial knowledge with an emphasis on European and international perspectives, and sharpen your language skills. Courses may include:

European Environment and Community Management
European Marketing
Purchasing Management
European Financial Analysis
Export Techniques
Law or European Business Law
Corporate Strategy in Europe
Communication Skills
European Management
French and Spanish

Period 3 (mid-April to late June) at Bradford

Once in the United Kingdom, you will select courses to train as a specialist in one field of management. Example electives may cover:

European Business Management
Managerial Leadership
Corporate Social Responsibility
Global Supply Chain
International Marketing
Business Simulation
International Financial Management

*Available electives may vary.

Final Project

Concurrent with periods 1 & 2 (October to May)

Your international study of a business and management area will influence the trajectory of your career. The final group project allows you to showcase what you have learned and how you will apply it, culminating in a comprehensive report and oral defence. For the final project, you will:

- Work in a group composed of Audencia and Deusto students from a variety of nationalities and educational/professional backgrounds.
- Choose amongst available topics provided by programme directors and updated yearly to reflect pressing social and economic issues.
- Receive guidance from a project supervisor with specialised knowledge in the project subject field.
- Write the final report in English.

Comprehensive oral examination (end of period 3, June)

Your group will present the final project to a panel composed of the EIBM programme’s three directors. A Q&A session in English, French and Spanish will follow your presentation, allowing you to demonstrate your subject knowledge and language skills.

Internship (Mandatory)

Period 4 (July to December) worldwide

Build connections with our corporate partners around the world! Job boards at Audencia, Deusto and Bradford will help you secure an internship that will be both a hands-on and academic experience. Internships can be done anywhere in the world. Internships in France are paid; this will vary from country to country, depending on local laws.

EIBM students have interned for multinational corporations, including:

Bank of China
Club Med
Société Générale
Internship facts & figures

International Partners

Reach your goals – and the world

Audencia generates international leadership talent, and our international connections extend beyond the campus to our corporate partners. Enjoy all of the advantages of Audencia in addition to the resources and recognition of two leading universities in the United Kingdom and Spain during your study abroad.

Bradford University School of Management is one of Europe’s oldest and largest business schools, combining rapid growth with continual review and enhancement of its teaching and research programmes. It is also amongst the 1% of business schools worldwide to hold triple accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA) – as is Audencia. Bradford provides housing for approximately €100/week in Wardley House, or you may choose alternative housing options.

Deusto Business School – University of Deusto, accredited by ANECA and ranked No. 8 in the Best Master & MBA category (Eduniversal ranking), is a pioneer in management training. Deusto is known for its international environment, with up to 70% of its graduate students coming from outside of Spain, and has an alumni network of over 16,000.

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Join a program into international reach, including the intercultural problems met by the managers of the whole world. This Master's degree is internationally recognized, and is exclusively taught in English. Read more


Join a program into international reach, including the intercultural problems met by the managers of the whole world. This Master's degree is internationally recognized, and is exclusively taught in English.


The mission of the Master in International Business program is to provide employers worldwide with interculturally aware graduates who have developed key skills and competencies in international business and management.

The MIB provides a truly international and multicultural learning environment which makes its graduates very attractive to potential employers worldwide.

Internationally recognized (http://en.grenoble-em.com/rankings), the MIB is regularly ranked by the Financial Times among the top Masters in Management in the world, and 5th in international mobility for 2014.


Students have the opportunity to follow the MIB program in the following locations:

- Grenoble - http://en.grenoble-em.com/grenoble-vibrant-and-welcoming
- Paris - http://en.grenoble-em.com/paris
- London
- Singapore - http://www.mdis.edu.sg/academic-programmes/mdis-business-school/master-in-international-business
- Berlin


- An internationally recognized program (ranked 20th in the Financial Times Global Masters ranking) - http://rankings.ft.com/businessschoolrankings/masters-in-management-2014
- A generalist program with a special focus on international aspects of business and management to meet the changing needs of today's global companies.
- A personal, enriching and learning experience in a truly multicultural environment.
- A program developing and practicing the innovation-based nature of business and management.
- A program recognizing the high demand for intercultural awareness and skills.
- A program utilizing both practitioner and academic expertise within its faculty and teaching staff.


The MIB is a high-quality comprehensive program of business administration subjects, studied from an international perspective.

The program focuses on the knowledge required by managers in different sectors to work in international companies and environments.

It is a strong generalist program that integrates all the core management courses and uses cross-functional approaches to apply these key fields while providing students with an international specialization.

Foreign language skills are essential in business today. The program is taught in English. No prior knowledge of French is required to attend the program.

The program requires full-time attendance during the first academic year of instruction followed by a period of one year to complete the mandatory Final Management Project.

Students can carry out this project while on an internship or take on full-time employment anywhere in the world.


- Academic Writing and Presentation Skills
- Case-based Group Learning
- Introduction to IT and Online Library and Learning Platforms
- Excel skills Training & Examinations


- International Negotiation
- The Legal Environment of International Business
- Global Business Operations - The Serious Game
- Global Trade Relations


- Strategic Management
- Project Management
- International Operations and Supply Chain Management


- Global Marketing Management
- Business Analysis and Consulting


- Intercultural Management
- Managing People and Organizations


- Managing Technology and Innovations
- Information Systems for digital Business


- Managerial Economics
- Corporate Finance
- International Financial Risk Management
- Microeconomics of Competitiveness


- International Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
- Budgeting and Controlling


- Research Methodology for Managers
- Quantitative Methods for Business Research

* Content subject to change.

French Ministry of National Education Recognition

MIB graduates are also awarded a certificate conferring the title of “Manager d’Affaires Internationales”. This provides international recognition through the VISA d’Etat. For students planning to work in France following their studies, this recognition presents a competitive advantage.


”The Masters of International Business (MIB) Program is a convergent degree program welcoming students from over 50 nationalities. The curriculum for the MIB program is very intensive and students are trained by a pool of internationally acclaimed academics and professional experts who help them develop skills and knowledge required for successful global careers. The MIB program is solid launching pad for your global careers in every sector of business. We hope to welcome you as part of this unique, dynamic and enriching experience”

Nick Sanders
Program Director


Graduates from the MIB program hold many different positions in a variety of sectors all over the world: human relations, marketing, banking, public relations, general management and consulting.


- Microsoft
- First Direct
- McKinsey
- Glaxo Wellcome
- Price Waterhouse Coopers
- AC Nielsen
- Britannic Assurance
- Shanghai Bank
- Pfizer
- Accenture
- Hewlett-Packard
- Coca Cola
- Lucent
- Eurosport
- Unilever
- Procter & Gamble
- Cap Gemini Ernst & Young


This postgraduate Master's program is designed for young graduates from any field with no or limited prior work experience.

Recruitment for this program is on a worldwide basis. Students come from a wide variety of backgrounds: science, humanities, languages, technical and engineering.

The average age of the participants is around 25 years old. There are at least 30 different nationalities every year on the MIB program and there are usually over 79 countries represented in total on the different programs at Grenoble Ecole de Management - http://www.grenoble-em.com/


- Bachelor-level, undergraduate degree in any subject with good grade average.
- Work experience is not compulsory.
- Fluency in English (see test requirements below).
- GMAT is not required for this program.

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The new all English 15 month Master of Science will span the SCM, logistics, industrial marketing, purchasing and operations management (OM) domains, reflecting both the critical importance of these subject areas for students and their future employers, and the mix of academic expertise that is represented within the Rouen Business School. Read more
The new all English 15 month Master of Science will span the SCM, logistics, industrial marketing, purchasing and operations management (OM) domains, reflecting both the critical importance of these subject areas for students and their future employers, and the mix of academic expertise that is represented within the Rouen Business School.

Fast Facts programme
• 15 month programme (including internship of 4-6 months)
• Full time starting October 2012
• School fees (2012-2013) 13 000€
• Excellence Scholarships available of up to 15% for accepted students
• Student assistant posts on campus available (variable hours)
• A truly international and diverse learning environment

Programme overview
• Phase 1: providing the ‘building blocks’ of Supply Chain Management,
• Phase 2: focusing on the strategic side of International Supply Chain Management plus Individual Projects
• Phase 3: internship and professional thesis

Examples of course modules
1. Strategic Management of Supply Chains
2. Business Logistics Management
3. Operations and Process Management
4. Procurement Management
5. Transport Economics
6. Contract Management, (Interaction and International Negotiations)
7. Information systems for SCM and Process redesign
8. Finance for Supply Chain Managers
9. Accounting for Supply Chain Managers
10. Change management and project management
11. Innovation & international supply chains
12. Leadership and Ethics for Supply Chain Managers

Teaching methods
• Interactive seminars, focused on applied including case discussion and simulation
• Academic and professional based tutorials with highly qualified professors and business executives

Future Careers
The MSc in Supply Chain Management is designed for high-performing individuals who have an established interest in following a managerial career in one or more of the functions included in supply chain management: Supply chain strategy, outsourcing, contract management, procurement management, logistics management, production planning and control, warehouse management, transportation and distribution, information systems and e-commerce.

Graduates will be able to apply for membership to the Association for Operations Management (APICS) and to Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Management (CIPS).

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The Master in Management at ESC Clermont in France is a 2-year programme . taught entirely in English and . accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Read more

The Master in Management at ESC Clermont in France is a 2-year programme taught entirely in English and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. The first year provides students with strong knowledge in various business and management discipline and the students specialise in the area of interest during the second year. The programme prepares graduates to excel in their career and take on the high-level positions in France, Europe or internationally.


Students are proived with solid insight into different business and management areas while consolidating the expertise of the specialisation of interest. There are also vast opportunities for international exposure and practical training through the different tracks available (semester exchange, dual-degree, gap-year and internships).

A wide choice of tracks

Students may choose from a wide-range of tracks according to their personal career goals.

  • Study abroad tracks lasting from 6-36 months
  • Dual degree programs or dual-skill qualifications, in France or abroad.


International experience is an integral element of our programme. Students of the master degree are subject to various international experiences during the period of the programme. The students have the opportunity to spend up to 33 months abroad.

5 opportunities to gain an international cultural experience

  • One semester of studies abroad in a partner university
  • An optional gap-year either working or studying in a partner institution abroad.
  • A 6-12 month specialization project.
  • A dual skill qualification obtained from an international partner university in a particular field (sciences, art, social sciences, fashion, cuisine…).
  • A dual degree from a partner institution abroad.


The specializations offered to the students aim to equip the students with full awareness and concrete knowledge of the specilisation area granting the students a competitive advantage in today's dynamic labor market.

Specialisations that are entirely in English:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Management and Purchasing

MSc Tracks (as a dual degree) entirely in English

Students may opt for one of our Master of Science Tracks during the final year and obtain both the Master in Management degree and an MSc.

Specialisations in French:

  • Digital Marketing and Communication
  • Supply Chain Management and Purchasing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Development
  • Managing Companies in the Health Sector
  • Management Control
  • Entrepreneurship
  • HR & Management of Mobility

Excellence tracks in French:

  • Banking track
  • Audit and Experise track


Various flexible payment plans and scholarships are offered to international students.


Our main goal is to ensure that the graduates of the Master in Management programme grasp the business knowledge while acquiring valuable professional experience and building strong managerial skills. Each student is required to do a 6-month executive internship during the last semester of the programme. Taking a gap year is also available between the second and third year of the programme to permit students to take on longer internships and work placements that consolidate their expertise in management.

ESC Clermont believes that carrying out professional experiences throughout the educational course is vital for:

  • Putting theory into practice.
  • Deciding on the right career. The student can use their work experience to develop and affirm their career project.
  • Getting a foothold in the job market.
  • Becoming creative and responsible managers of the future.

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ALL COURSES ARE TAUGHT IN ENGLISH. Graduates with degrees in pharmacology and the life sciences are finding a challenging and changing landscape when it comes to their careers. Read more



Graduates with degrees in pharmacology and the life sciences are finding a challenging and changing landscape when it comes to their careers. Companies are increasingly searching for people who are not only strong technically, but can also understand, lead, and manage, different business functions. This requires a broad skillset and a practical mentality, which is becoming harder and harder to find.

The people who enter this program come with a scientific background and already have completed advanced degrees (PhD, PharmD and MSc in biological and chemical sciences). This program allows the participants to develop real-world business skills, develop professional networks, and exchange with senior business professionals who have deep industry experience.


- To master and understand how the forces driving science, technology, and business interact in the real world to influence decisions.
- To enable graduates to gain practical knowledge and skills in biotechnology management to become more valuable to employers, enhance their career prospects, and develop their core competencies.
- To train a highly qualified managerial staff capable of analyzing and appreciating the relationships between technology and productivity along the value chain of the organization.
- To develop key analytical thought processes to not just understand the complexities of current situations and challenges, but also how to apply those results in unfamiliar and new circumstances, regardless of what the future may bring.
- As participants in the program come from around the globe, it is essential to learn how to work in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural setting where English is the primary language.

Located in the heart of the French Silicon Valley, Grenoble Ecole de Management has built its reputation through the education of the world’s most creative, talented and ambitious individuals for the nano / biotechnology and high technology industries.


Grenoble Ecole de Management has been offering the Advanced Master in Biotechnology Management since 2002. Since its inception, the school has offered an industry-focused program that truly is interdisciplinary in nature.

The program was designed to respond to the growing need in the biotechnology industry for professionals who are trained in management and decision making.

The curriculum includes essential skills for the successful manager and focuses on the body of knowledge that is unique to the business decisions that exist in the life-science industry.

Students will develop not only the skills they need to effectively manage in technologically complex workplaces, but also the vision to becoming leaders in their fields.


In teams, the program participants work on a real-world innovative project designed to highlight the current challenges and decisions facing managers and business leaders.

They undertake a feasibility study and market analysis of a subject matter for a period of 6 months. They develop industry contacts and make full use of professional networking opportunities to learn more about their chosen projects. The objective of the simulation is to underscore the relationships among the business functions as well as develop an appreciation of the complexities and challenges of strategic management.

Graduates will be able to analyze and appreciate the relationships between technology and productivity as well as business opportunities along the value chain of the organization within a context of dynamic and uncertain environment.

They should be prepared to challenge the conventional assumptions and paradigms while actively seeking new technologies and strategies to strengthen the value creating and competitive processes within their organizations.


Graduates of this program are qualified for a wide range of positions with scientific research firms and pharmaceutical companies.

They can advance an existing career or transition to new opportunities in the life science industry (http://study.com/articles/Life_Science_Degree_and_Certificate_Program_Summaries.html). Entrepreneurial and management-level positions are available to Advanced Master’s degree holders in the following:

- Business development
- Product development
- Project management
- Venture capital
- Consulting
- Marketing
- Investment banking


This program accommodates individuals with both technical (MSc, PharmD, PhD) and non technical Bachelor’s degrees (with a minimum of 3 years of professional experience) who are seeking graduate education to advance into managerial and leadership roles in the life science-based economy. It is also designed for or entrepreneurs willing to develop and manage technological and business opportunities.

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Courses are taught on our Paris campus. As companies around the world face the challenges of a digital transformation, the Digital Business Strategy Advanced Master's provides students with the keys to understand, manage and lead change. Read more


Courses are taught on our Paris campus

As companies around the world face the challenges of a digital transformation, the Digital Business Strategy Advanced Master's provides students with the keys to understand, manage and lead change. At its heart, this advance master's is 100% digital-oriented. It combines topics in management sciences, information technology and other web-related fields of study to create a top-notch international program that meets the needs of learners who are passionate about the digital world.

The degree focuses on digital strategy topics and tools that are essential to be on the cutting-edge of the digital revolution. From web management to digital transformations, participants benefit from courses taught in English by highly-qualified teachers as well as professionals currently working in digital fields. The program's transversal approach gives students the skills they need to manage challenges in digital technology and digital transformations. Join the Digital Business Strategy program to drive innovation, develop your digital management capacities and be on the forefront of future business transformations.



- To provide digital business strategy training for managers within an international context.
- To provide training for future managers and directors in charge of digital business transformations over the medium and long term.
- To enable middle and top management as well as future managers to make the right technology choices for a digital transformation and deploy them effectively within their organizations.
- To meet the needs of companies for postgraduate professionals with competitive skills in digital strategy projects and change management.


- A cutting-edge program ahead of the latest trends in digital and internet project management
- A program entirely focused on digital strategy
- Courses taught in English through a mix of innovative and digital pedagogic tools: live business cases, blended learning, MOOCs, video interviews, and a web platform, among others
- Partnerships with leading companies worldwide
- An enriching and multicultural learning environment
- International career opportunities with competitive salaries
- A modern and comfortable campus for your learning experience

The Digital Business Strategy program begins in September with an introduction week. Students then follow classes three days per month. Classes end in June. During the program, participants may continue to work or do an internship. A final thesis is required to complete the program.


Earning an Advanced Master's in Digital Business Strategy will highlight your abilities in this realm thereby facilitating your evolution towards a variety of career opportunities worldwide such as:

- CDOs (Chief Digital Officers) and CDMOs (Chief Digital Marketing Officers), for exec and more experienced students
- Digital and social media directors and digital managers
- E-marketing and e-business managers
- Consultants in digital strategy
- Web agency directors
- Project managers for more junior users
- Web entrepreneurs


Our graduates are

- leaders who can drive your digital transformation.
- managers who know how to identify and implement opportunities for growth created by the internet and digital worlds.
- team members who have the required team spirit and global vision to develop and implement your digital business strategy.


Candidates should have either a graduate degree OR an undergraduate degree with three years' relevant work experience. Advanced proficiency in English is required. The program welcomes students from all academic and cultural backgrounds as well as all nationalities.

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An American M.A. and a European LL.M. in three years. Read more
An American M.A. and a European LL.M. in three years

Thanks to a partnership between AGS and the Law School of Université de Cergy-Pontoise in France, students enrolled in the Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy program at AGS may choose a dual-degree option whereby they earn two Master's degrees over the course of three years:

- A U.S.-accredited M.A. (Master of Arts) in International Relations and Diplomacy
- A Europe-accredited LL.M. (Master of Laws) in French & European Union Law and Business Ethics

In addition, students in this program earn a Certificate in Anglo-Saxon Law from AGS.
This dual program takes place entirely in France, in the Paris area. All courses are instructed in English; additional French language and culture courses are offered to non-French speakers.

Detailed description of the program

:M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy at AGS:

All information about the Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy program at AGS can be found here - http://www.ags.edu/international-relations/degree-programs/master-in-international-relations

:Preparatory courses in Law:

In order to be eligible for the LL.M. program, students who do not have a legal background are required to take four preparatory courses while pursuing their M.A. at AGS:

- Introduction to Common Law
- American Tort Law
- American Contract Law
- American Criminal Law

Students who successfully complete the four preparatory courses earn a Certificate in Anglo-Saxon Law from AGS. Near completion of these preparatory courses and the AGS degree, qualified students may apply to the LL.M. program at Cergy (see below for details).

:LL.M. in French & European Union Law and Business Ethics at Université de Cergy Pontoise (UCP):

The LL.M. program is a one-year full time program. Courses are taught in English. They take place in the greater Paris area, on the campus of Université de Cergy-Pontoise, accessible by public transportation (RER) from the center city.

The LL.M. in French & European Union Law and Business Ethics at Université de Cergy-Pontoise provides specialized knowledge in French, European Union and International Law for students preparing to work for or in relation with Intergovernmental Organizations, NGOs, European institutions, and International Corporations.

The faculty in the LL.M. program is composed of both academics and lawyers or other professionals. In some cases, seminars are taught by and within international law firms based in Paris. Through this setting, the program provides its students with a network of contacts among the international legal community in Paris.

In addition to the optional French language courses offered at AGS along with the M.A., students follow a course in French Language and Culture at UCP along with the LL.M. courses in the last year. This course is specifically designed to allow foreign students to develop their communication skills in French and learn about French culture - http://www.ags.edu/international-relations/degree-programs/optional-french-language-courses

More about the LL.M. program - http://www.droitucp.fr/formations/master/m2-recherche/droit-llm.php

The UCP Law School ranks among the top five law schools in France (see SMBG and Juristudiant rankings).

Université de Cergy Pontoise is a leading center of education and research in France and internationally. It is a young dynamic university with an international scope. There is a student body of 20,000, including 3,000 in the law School. The faculty is composed of 1,000 members. UCP offers all levels of undergraduate and post-graduate studies in various disciplines around five major poles: law, languages, literature and social sciences, economy and management, science and technology.

More about Université de Cergy-Pontoise - https://www.u-cergy.fr/en/index.html

Steps of the Dual Program

1. In their first two years, students complete the M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy, as well as - for those who do not already have a legal background - four preparatory Law courses at AGS.

Note: although the application process for the LL.M. part of the dual program does not start until the fourth semester, students are strongly encouraged to express their interest in pursuing this dual option as early on as possible so as to schedule the preparatory Law courses as evenly as possible over the four semesters of the International Relations program.

2. In their fourth semester at AGS, students apply to the LL.M. program at UCP.

Thanks to AGS-UCP partnership, students who do not have a legal background are eligible for this program as long as they successfully complete the M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy as well as the four preparatory courses in Law. However, admission is not automatic; students have to apply directly to UCP (see UCP website.) AGS provides consultation on the application process. - http://www.droitucp.fr/formations/master/m2-recherche/droit-llm.php

3. In their third year, students follow the LL.M. in French & European Union Law and Business Ethics program at Université de Cergy-Pontoise.


Tuition - http://www.ags.edu/international-relations/admissions/tuition/double-degree-programs

Applying - http://www.ags.edu/international-relations/admissions/applying/double-degree-programs

Note: AGS offers this dual program in partnership with Université de Cergy-Pontoise. AGS is not responsible for the operations and contents of the LL.M. part of this dual program, which remain under the sole responsibility of the partner institution.

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- 90 ECTS credits, 460 hours taught exclusively in English. - Multicultural team of professors and students with an open-door policy for access to faculty and staff. Read more

Key Points

- 90 ECTS credits, 460 hours taught exclusively in English.
- Multicultural team of professors and students with an open-door policy for access to faculty and staff.
- Preparation for the French Chamber of Commerce Language Certification for international students.
- Possibility to study in China or South America in the spring term in our partner Universities
- Ranking among the top 10 programs of its category for the past 5 years.


- Build an international profile with a wide range of managerial skills in finance, logistics, marketing and strategy.
- Graduate in just over a year with career paths open to you on an executive level.
- Develop intercultural competence and global management skills.


- Courses from October to April on Rouen campus, and from May to June in Rouen, China or Latin America
- Full time degree course
- 460 h of courses in English
- Intensive French language tuition
- Optional Internship in France (or abroad)

Orientation week
FALL TERM – October to December
Ethics, Global Leadership and Human Resources
Global Economics
WINTER TERM – January to April
Ethics, Global Leadership and Human Resources
Logistics and Costing
International Finance
Professional and Academic Development
SPRING TERM – May to June
Prepare the French Chamber of Commerce language certification
Participate in the European Entrepreneurial Living Case
Study in one of our partner institutions in China or South America
SUMMER TERM – June to December
Professional thesis

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- Full-time programme from fall to spring in Rouen. - 100% of courses taught in English. - Interaction with working professionals with up-to-date industry. Read more

Key Points

- Full-time programme from fall to spring in Rouen
- 100% of courses taught in English
- Interaction with working professionals with up-to-date industry
- Abroad field study involving real business situations with companies such as Intel, Curver, Boeing, DCT, Sunreef Yachts as well as local start-ups
- Preparation to PRINCE2 certification in project management
- Over 10 years of experience
- A truly diverse and multi-cultural environment enriching global business skills


The M.Sc. in International Project Development prepares future managers for evolving careers in business development and
- To deliver a project from its conception to its implementation
- To gain analytical skills and management competences in order to internationally develop growth opportunities (new markets, new ventures, etc.)
- To use project management methods to implement expansion plans
- To confront participants to diverse teamwork occasions


- Full time courses in Rouen from October to April
- Professional thesis and internship in France or abroad from May to December
- 100% of courses taught in English

- 5 core courses, along with the preparation for PRINCE2 certification in project management – October to December on our Rouen Campus
- 8 core courses, along with an abroad field study addressing real business issues from companies – January to April on our Rouen Campus
- Internship, along with the preparation and defense of a professional thesis under the supervision of an expert - May to December in France or abroad
- language courses
- Job and internship search (shaping your career workshops)

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The MSc. Read more
The MSc. Marketing French Excellence provides the specialist tools and techniques opportunities to maximize the strengths of cultural diversity, scientific endeavour, hospitality, and business acumen on the world stage, and is intended for students interested in working for a French Business, nationally or internationally, and for those seeking to acquire skills and know-how applicable to the strategic development ambitions within developing economies.

13 010€ course fees
420 h of courses in English
3 semesters from October until December
Intensive French language tuition
Internship in France (or abroad)
Academic dissertation and professional report

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Young fashion designers have become the key element in reshaping today’s fashion panorama. Read more
Young fashion designers have become the key element in reshaping today’s fashion panorama. From the appointment of JW Anderson as Creative Director to Loewe to the acquisition of stakes of Christopher Kane by Kering Group, all events seem to indicate that now more than ever fashion creation remains essential for the activities of large luxury brands and mass-market brands.

Despite an apparent return to a pure and fresh creativity, the components of fashion design related jobs have dramatically changed. Imagining garments in an intuitive way is only one aspect of a designer’s responsibilities. A head designer or a creative director must not only anticipate social and aesthetic changes, but also understand the strategic issues faced by brands in terms of positioning, market potential and communication.

Our Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design was specifically designed to address these changes and is aimed at Fashion Design graduates who want to go beyond product design and development.

The program has 3 main objectives :

- Enriching our students’ fashion and creative culture with modules especially designed for this course. For instance our ‘Fashion Cross Culture’ module was developed with the Musée des Arts Décoratifs to provide a more sophisticated approach towards the analysis of cultural discrepancies and their effect on fashion. Another key module would be “Fashion Product Semiology”. It uses semiology as a methodology to decode a garment and to decrypt its aesthetic aspect in order to better understand how it is perceived.

- Developing student creativity with modules such as « Creative Process» that helps students become more aware of their own “creative logic” and increase their potential. The addition of practical workshops will provide students with a new approach on known production and designing techniques. For example the “Pattern and Draping Development” module introduces new research methods based on experimentation and opens new perspectives for students when it comes to finding inspiration.

- Helping our students understand how the fashion industries work and how brand strategies are crafted on a global context. Marketing, organisational issues, financial challenges as well as image and communication strategies will be discussed in a series of various modules

The course ends with students developing their own collection project with the guidance of a tutor. This project includes creating a garment and/or an accessories collection. The process involves designing prototypes for 12 silhouettes as well as developing marketing and business plans. This collection is then examined by a jury of professionals and the best students receive the opportunity to show their work to fashion professionals at the IFA Graduate Show that takes place during The Haute Couture Fashion Week. Students are also tutored to take part in several international contests that represent a great platform for young fashion designers.

As with the other IFA Paris courses, the Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design benefits greatly from its Paris location. With its rich cultural life, its two museums dedicated to fashion, its 6 annual fashion weeks, hundreds of showrooms and textile fairs as well as the vicinity of small-scale crafts industries, the city of lights remains the undisputed fashion capital of the world.

All our programs are articulated around the ECTS framework as defined by the Bologne convention. After completing their course, students receive a total of 120 ECTS that can easily be transferred if they decide to study further. This program also received the IDEL/IDEART accreditation and is certified as an “International Master.”

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