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Masters Degrees in Retail Management, Italy

We have 4 Masters Degrees in Retail Management, Italy

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The Rome Business School’s Master in Food and Beverage Management is the ideal academic course for professionals seeking a . Read more

The Rome Business School’s Master in Food and Beverage Management is the ideal academic course for professionals seeking a world-class degree programme in these disciplines, leading to a successful global career in the Food & Wine industry.

With the Rome Business School’s international perspective, the programme offers a unique learning experience and a global professional exposure, enabling participants to study in one of the best cities of the world or online. The programme’s quality teachingand networking services all contribute to make it the perfect fit for anyone who is looking to rise to the top in the world of food and beverage industry.



In particular, on completing the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and develop effective managerial strategies for food & beverage industry companies
  • Develop a business plan for food & beverage industry companies
  • Utilise the most advanced marketing techniques to promote food & beverage industry companies and products
  • Apply planning, financial management, and management control principles to the food & beverage industry
  • Understand and utilise project management techniques
  • Understand and apply process and supply techniques to the food & beverage context
  • Master the use of new technologies within food & beverage industry companies
  • Understand the food & beverage industry start-up ecosystem


Target Recipients

The Master in Food and Beverage Management is a course of excellence designed for young persons who wish to start a career in the Food & Wine industry, and to professionals in the food & beverage production chain and restauration industries —or in other sectors closely linked to them—who aspire to set out on a path to grow within their organisation, to start up an enterprise in an opportunity rich but ever more complex context, and/or to complete their training path by obtaining a certification specifically conceived for the food and beverage industry.

On completion of this training course, the attendees will be able to work, among other profiles, as:

  • Consultants for the creation of start-ups within the restauration industry
  • Consultants for corporate repositioning
  • Food & Wine Managers
  • Banqueting Managers
  • Hotel chain Retail & Sales Managers
  • Public Relations Managers


Introduction and Scenario

The Food and Beverage and Agri-Food System

Food and Beverage Industry Management

Basics of management: elements of corporate strategy and organisation

Economics and food company management

Marketing management and digital marketing

Accountancy and management control

Basics of Project Management

Business Planning

Human Resource Management

From the concept to the project: defining a project’s guidelines through the creation of the Concept

Geomarketing analysis

Aesthetic and functional design: identifying structural needs/required spaces and their distribution / defining a layout

Administrative requirements to set up a business / verifying the suitability of a location

Job Health and Safety: regulations and documents


Food Management

Retail & sales management

Supplier selection

Food cost control

Menu engineering

Restaurant and Kitchen layout

Practice Lab: visits to producers


Beverage Management

Retail & sales management

Supplier selection

Beverage cost control

Wine and beverage list engineering

Wine cellar layout

Practice Lab: visits to producers


Marketing and Communication for Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage industry marketing

Restauration services marketing

Digital marketing

Brand management – Image and Brand Identity

Food, Wine, and Mass Media – communication tools (food guides, industry publications/websites, newsletters)

Storytelling applied to Food & Wine products and services

Content management

Social media management for the Food and Beverage industry

Food & Wine audio-visual communication

Customer care

Food and Beverage events and the role of Public Relations

Case studies

Agri-food product marketing and brand management

Wine marketing and brand management

Marketing strategies applied to industry contents: case histories and testimonials

Food and Beverage industry innovation and strategies

Internationalisation strategies

New technologies: from production chain to service

Launching a start-up in the Food and Beverage industry

Extracurricular activities

As part of the course, a Cooking Teambuilding and/or Gastronomic Walking Tour event is organised in Rome’s Old Town to understand the cultural context within which the various made in Italy Food and Beverage service and restauration of excellence activities insert themselves, with the aim of understanding its various formats and business models.


Structure (12 months)

The Rome Business School’s Master’s Degree in Food and Beverage Management is structured in:

  • 6 months of lectures (twice a week)
  • 6 months of international internship and project work
  • Company visits
  • Personalized career services
  • Cultural programme
  • Seminars and events

Attendance formulas

The Master in Food and Beverage Management may be attended in the following formulas:

  • On Campus, at the Rome Business School Rome headquarters.
  • Online (Distance Learning), through a cutting edge e-learning platform with live lectures and a great teacher-student interaction.

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The Master in Luxury Goods Management - EMLUX is aimed at those students who wish to begin their career path in the luxury industry, a sector that requires both an understanding of the process of creativity and a solid managerial approach in order to succeed in an international multifaceted environment. Read more

The Master in Luxury Goods Management - EMLUX is aimed at those students who wish to begin their career path in the luxury industry, a sector that requires both an understanding of the process of creativity and a solid managerial approach in order to succeed in an international multifaceted environment. With a concrete approach, EMLUX allows you to understand the peculiar logic and strategies of luxury companies, who master the ability to craft products that are desired by clients worldwide.

Learning objectives

Starting from the necessary cultural foundations of luxury and the understanding of the utmost importance of craftsmanship and of the Métiers d’Art which are vital for this industry, EMLUX proceeds to unravel the managerial tools that dominate the functions of a luxury company, with a particular focus on brand and marketing management, communication, retail, finance and accounting, which are key to obtain economic stability and long term growth. Our cross-functional approach is the key for future managers who need to understand the implications and impact of company decisions.

Career opportunities & professional recognition

EMLUX allows you to acquire an overview of all the different functions of a luxury company so you will be able to under- stand the peculiarities of the companies that operate in this sector and choose the path for the professional growth that best suits your interests and passions.

Participants will therefore be exposed to the fundamentals needed to start the following careers:

● Marketing or brand manager

● Product manager

● Licensing manager

● Retail/wholesale manager

● Communication manager

● Area manager

● Buyer/merchandiser


● Luxury: definition, environment and characteristics – introductory course

● Sociocultural analysis of luxury

● Human resource management & business organization

● Cross cultural management & organization

● Marketing management

● Brand management

● Global integrated marketing communication

● Research techniques in the luxury industry

● Accounting, financial management and performance measurement

● Pricing and retail in the luxury industry

● Sales and customer relationship management

● Legal issues

● Supply chain strategy and network design

● Manufacturing, distribution & operations

● Product design and development

● Innovation & trends

● Basic Chinese course

● Beginner Italian or French language course

The teaching method is based upon lessons, case analyses, company visits and presentations, group and individual work sessions, out-of class assignments and finalized by a Project Work with a practical approach to a managerial issue pertaining to the luxury industry. To complete the perspective on the luxury environment EMLUX activities include visits such as Baglietto (yachts), Damiani (jewellery), Van Cleef&Arpels (jewellery), Atelier Pino Grasso (fashion), Excelsior (concept store), etc.

Session in Paris

In addition, true to its international vocation, EMLUX has developed a session in Paris, France, with a focus on French luxury that during the past edition was in collaboration with the University of Sciences-Po. The session included not only lectures by French brands such as Lanvin and Chloé, but also a focus on the Champagne and jewellery market, with a visit to the Van Cleef&Arpels atelier and boutique.

Partner companies

EMLUX has been developed in collaboration with the Cologni Foundation of the Métiers d’Art and with the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie.

Faculty & teaching staff

The following have lectured in the Master:

● Paolo Balistrieri, Head of Anti-counterfeiting for Southern Europe at Louis Vuitton Mallettier- LVMH Fashion Group

● Christopher Berry, author of The Idea of Luxury: a Conceptual and Historical Investigation

● Davide Castelvero, head of CRM Bottega Veneta

● Alberto Cavalli, Lifestyle and Luxury Goods Correspondent by Vedomosti, the leading Russian financial newspaper

● Michel Chevalier Professor at University Paris Dauphine; author of Luxury Brand Management, Luxury China: Opportunities and Market potential and Luxury Retail Management

● Marco De Angeli, Clients and External Relations Director at ABC

● Alberto Festa, President of Bulgari USA

● Pino Grasso, Haute Couture Embroiderer winner of the Prix Talent du Luxe et de la Création of the Centre du Luxe et de la Création Paris

● Paola Leoni, Founder and Managing Partner at Corporate Advisors

● Matteo Marzotto, President of Fiera di Vicenza, former CEO of Valentino and Vionnet

● Uché Okonkwo Executive Director at Luxe Corp, author of Luxury Fashion Branding and Luxury Online: Styles, Systems, Strategies

● Carl Rohde, Head of Science of the Times, Professor of trend-watching at Fontys University of Applied Sciences

● Andrea Rossi, CFO of Valextra

● Stefano Turconi, Sloan Fellow and Strategy Research Associate at London Business School

● Alessandro Varisco, General Manager of Moschino

International environment

EMLUX full-time, now in its third edition, is taught entirely in English by an international faculty to an international class of students. A key element to compete in the luxury environment that is international by nature and definition.

Cross-functional approach

Our program allows students not only to study all company functions through the lens of a company operating in the particular environment of luxury goods, but also to explore different sectors from fashion to jewelery & watches to yachts to accessories.

Leading professional faculty

Our program’s approach is aimed at teaching concrete strategies and tools.

Our faculty, which is a mix of academics and professionals from the luxury industry, is the ideal setup to obtain this objective.

Focus on luxury

All of the courses focus on both the peculiar strategies and approach of luxury companies in terms of marketing, communication, sales and retail, product development, customer care and operations, which differ highly from those of mass market goods.


All scholarships are assigned on a merit basis and will be mostly given to students who apply by the priority deadline. Some scholarships may also target specific geographic regions.

Scholarship value: €5000

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Milano Fashion Institute is the interuniversity Institute set up in 2007 by the 3 leading Italian Universities. Bocconi University, Polytechnic of Milan, and Cattolica University for realizing University Masters in Fashion Direction. Read more
Milano Fashion Institute is the interuniversity Institute set up in 2007 by the 3 leading Italian Universities: Bocconi University, Polytechnic of Milan, and Cattolica University for realizing University Masters in Fashion Direction. An innovative didactical method thanks to the interdisciplinary approach provided by the partners qualifies MFI as a unique in the whole European scenario.

If brand management and how to develop a fashion collection are your source of inspiration, this Master is the source of your competitive advantage.

The Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Business Management aims to provide students skills and competences strongly needed by brands and companies. How to manage an omnichannel strategy? From the understanding of the most diffused tools and practices, to the field and deep knowledge of retail processes affecting every touch point with the Client. That’s fashion retail.

The Master will explore the management of retail strategies, main business models, merchandising and buying processes and visual merchandising practices, for concluding with the digital strategy and the CRM policies.

Therefore, the professional figure that is formed is the marketing and retail manager, connecting strategy to customer, integrating the digital environment to the retail formats and experience design.

Fashion Communication. More than a process, a compelling challenge to involve the customer. Fashion brands are leading the innovation, from the digital opportunity to the engagement challenge.

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