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Masters Degrees in Public Relations, Italy

We have 3 Masters Degrees in Public Relations, Italy

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The Master in Corporate Communication is partnered with LABCOM (Research Lab on Corporate Communication) at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Read more
The Master in Corporate Communication is partnered with LABCOM (Research Lab on Corporate Communication) at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

Learning objectives

The Master will enhance the potential of young brilliant professionals to tackle all the complexities of communication management. Each module of the Master training is designed to strengthen the students chance to become a sought out professional in the communication field. The Master training is centered on the most current and significant strategic and operational issues of communication in all its business configurations, in order to make students acquire the professional, interpersonal, and language skills necessary to be effective communicators in organizations.

Career opportunities & professional recognition

The Master graduates will gain 360 degrees of communication knowledge of strategic and operational management of communication (marketing communications/brand management, accounting and strategic planning, interactive/social media communications and community management, corporate public relations, internal communications, stakeholder relations). The Master supports students’ career openings by:

● Empowering students’ self-branding capability organizing classes focused on effective resume writing, job interview training, teamwork advice, as well as diversity and cross-cultural management;

● Supporting encounters between students and professionals directly in the classroom. Many of the professors are top executives that may hire students for internships

● Involving students in field trips to companies and agencies;

● Challenging students with a real consultancy field project. An opportunity to take on the full responsibility in managing a project and delivering a result by activating the knowledge developed in the classroom. Consultancy projects are a realistic and direct bridge with potential employers;

● Sharing students’ profiles with the Master’s partner companies and business liaisons beyond partners;

● Partnering with Università Cattolica Stage and Placement Office which collects and posts job opportunities. Over the past editions, students have been hired for internships at: BMW, FIAT, Ketchum Inc., L’Oréal, Leo Burnett, Mediacom, MSL Group, Pandora, TBWA Worldwide, and Vizeum Spa.


The 4 E of the Master in Corporate Communication excellence:

Learning objectives
● Setting the foundation of the profession
● Offering a conceptual overview of the disciplines which inform the practice
● Corporate Communication (4 ECTS/CFU)
● Consumer & Industrial Marketing (4 ECTS/CFU)
● Consumer Behavior (3 ECTS/CFU)
● Stakeholder Relationship Management and Negotiation (4 ECTS/CFU)
● Communication Skills - (3 ECTS/CFU)
● Advanced English for Relationship Management (3 ECTS/CFU)
● Italian Language and Culture (3 ECTS/CFU)

Learning objectives
● Nurturing the distinctive competences of the profession
● Challenging and sharpening the critical abilities to manage communication
● Branding & Consumer-Brand Relationships (4 ECTS/CFU)
● Market Insights & Account Management (4 ECTS/CFU)
● Advertising Creative & Media Strategy (4 ECTS/CFU)
● Unconventional Interactive & Social Media Marketing Communications (4 ECTS/CFU)
● Corporate & Marketing Public Relations (4 ECTS/CFU)
● Retail Experience (4 ECTS/CFU)

Learning objectives
● Refining communication skills in specialty areas
● Strengthening analytical thinking to interpret markets and society
● Business-to-Business Relationships (3 ECTS/CFU)
● Internal Communication & Employer Branding (3 ECTS/CFU)
● Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research (4 ECTS/CFU)
● Far East culture and language (3 ECTS/CFU)

Learning objectives
● Activating the competences acquired during in-class training
● Bridging Master studies and the profession
● Creativity Lab
● Consultancy Field Project

Ongoing professional training
● Individual assessment interviews
● Self-branding sessions
● Team-working support
● Diversity management training
● Job interview simulation
● Field trips


Milan boasts extraordinary beauty. The city has inspired the creativity behind some of the world’s iconic fashion and design labels. Milan is recognized as a fashion and design capital, and has a major global influence in commerce, industry, music, sport, literature, art, and media.

We support you

Students receive support through comput- ing platforms including teaching, discussion forum, group work and tutorship. There is a tutor tailored for every consultancy field project group. Within the program there is a strong involvement of student group works and meetings with companies.

Placement & career service

With 6,900 internship opportunities per year and over 7,100 local and international partner companies, Università Cattolica’s Career Service will help orientate students along the paths of research, internships and employment.

Our companies

Supporting Companies: Leo Burnett, MSL Group

Partner Companies: ABC Production Agency, Henkel, International Advertising Association, Intesa Sanpaolo, Italian Brand Factory, Iterion, Mediacom, MSL Group, TBWA, Vizeum Aegis Media Group, We are social

Consultancy projects: Google, Disney, Leo Burnett, Lovable, Mars, MSL, Vizeum, 3M (previous editions of the Master)

Liaisons companies: Coop, Ecor Naturasi, Heineken, Lego (involved in class presentations and assignments).


All scholarships are assigned on a merit basis and will be mostly given to students who apply by the priority deadline. Some scholarships may also target specific geographic regions.

Scholarship value: €4000

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The Rome Business School’s Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communications is the ideal academic course for professionals seeking a world-class degree programme in these disciplines, leading to a successful global career in the field. Read more

The Rome Business School’s Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communications is the ideal academic course for professionals seeking a world-class degree programme in these disciplines, leading to a successful global career in the field..

The programme’s quality teaching, its international paid internship offerings and its career and networking services all contribute to make this programme the perfect fit for anyone who is looking to rise to the top in the world of business.


The Master’s Degree is designed for all those who are seeking their first exposure to the world of marketing and communications or for all those who are already working in this environment, but are seeking to expand their knowledge of their own field, all within a structured environment.


• Expanding the knowledge and ability to apply the most cutting-edge marketing and business communication strategies.

• Recognizing individual market components and using this understanding for better marketing management.

• Learning how to launch and manage the most effective marketing strategies.

• Forming an effective integrated marketing plan.

• Understanding the process of defining and implementing streamlined communication strategies aligned with business objectives.

• Mastering the use of communication tools and channels.

• Applying marketing and communication knowledge to a variety of business contexts.


Part 1 – Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process

1. Introduction to Marketing

2. Company and Marketing Strategy

Part 2 – Understanding the Marketplace and Consumers

3. The Marketing Environment

4. Marketing Information Systems and Research

5. Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behaviour

6. Business Markets and Business Buyer Behaviour

Part 3 – Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing and Communication Strategy and Mix

7. Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation and Positioning

8. Product, Services, and Brands

9. New-Product Development and Life-Cycle Strategies

10. Pricing: Understanding and Capturing Customer Value

11. Pricing Strategies

12. Marketing Channels

13. Retailing and Wholesaling

14. Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy

15. Advertising and Public Relations

16. Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

17. Direct and Online Marketing

Part 4 – Competing on an international scale, ethically

18. Creating a Competitive Advantage

19. International Marketing and The Global Marketplace

20. Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility

Part 5 – Special Contents

The technical/professional teaching is enriched by:

• Company tours, to get to know managerial systems and players from the inside

• Artistic-cultural programmes, aimed at stimulating creativity, innovation capability and complex system understanding

Training in interdisciplinary competencies, such as:

• Business English

• Self-marketing

• Interpersonal communication techniques and PNL

• Public speaking



Interested attendees may take part in paid internships in numerous Countries at major companies and organisations.


The Rome Business School prizes intercultural exchange as a source of personal and professional development. Students from more than 140 countries regularly attend its courses.


The Rome Business School employs a wide array of teaching methods:

• Lectures

• Case study analysis

• Exercises

• Assisted private studying

• Guest speakers

• Videos

• Company tours

• Complementary cultural initiatives


The Rome Business School’s Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communications can be attended, based upon preference, either on campus or by distance learning, with the following options:

- Full-time (from Monday to Thursday)

- Executive (on Saturday)

- Professional


- All applicants must have a three-year degree (or be near completion).

- Applicants for English-taught Masters must demonstrate English language proficiency.

For both the on-campus and distance learning options and in order to ensure a high quality training course, classes can consist of a maximum of 15 attendees.


Rome Business School is an International Institution that has already hosted students from more than 140 countries.

Rome Business School employs university lecturers, company trainers, consultants, managers and entrepreneurs chosen because of their proven experience and skills. The faculty has a strong multicultural inclination, with representatives from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. It will synergistically leaves you with a patrimony of knowledge for your personal development.

Our selected renewed and highly competent formators are always assessed and rated by students, thanks to our quality assurance system.

Rome Business School is developing an International didactic and corporate Network, thanks to several partnerships with business schools, universities and companies

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