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Masters Degrees in International Marketing, Italy

We have 4 Masters Degrees in International Marketing, Italy

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The Master in International Marketing Management (MIMM) provides a broad learning and training experience that helps students enter in the job market. Read more

The Master in International Marketing Management (MIMM) provides a broad learning and training experience that helps students enter in the job market. The program aims at preparing students for a successful career in international marketing management, whether in a large multinational firm, a smaller company, or their own business.

The Master is characterized by active learning and student interaction, aimed at developing individual skills of analysis and decision-making. In particular, the traditional teaching methods will be integrated by the presence of academics of international standing and managers, case discussions, role playing, individual group projects and seminars.

Learning objectives

The Master aims at developing knowledge, competences and abilities in order to analyze the international markets and to assume managerial, commercial and marketing responsibilities. It enables to operate in international contexts thanks to original, dynamic and unique approaches, culture and knowledge coming from a training process that virtuously integrates the economical-managerial disciplines with the psychological-organizational ones. A classroom mix of different competencies will benefit the learning environment and allow students to share different perspectives of the marketing field. The Master aims at training professionals able to comprehend and put into action a cross-cultural approach in the negotiation and strategy development phase. The learning objectives are to develop an open culture, flexible to changes and a long lasting set of competences able to continuously adequate themselves to various and dynamic economical contexts. Students will complete the program by taking an internship at one of the Master’s partner companies, either in Italy or abroad.

Career opportunities & professional recognition

Graduates from the Master will gain full marketing management knowledge and practices. They may take positions in any company or agency to carry out tasks related to marketing and customer management and marketing research. Graduates from the Master can take positions in market research centers and institutes or marketing offices of multi- nationals as well as smaller companies, as market analysts, marketing managers, product and brand managers etc.

Curriculum Propedeutic courses

● Propedeutic psychology course* (10 ECTS/CFU)

○ Fundamentals of social sciences and psychology for marketing

○ Principles of applied social research methodology

● Propedeutic economics course** (10 ECTS/CFU)

○ Fundamentals of business and management

○ Principles of marketing

* Those courses should be considered mandatory only for students coming from faculties other than Psychology.

** Those courses should be considered mandatory only for students coming from faculties other than Economics.

Core courses (32 ECTS/CFU)

● International Business

● Understanding international markets

● Consumer behavior

● International marketing research

● Marketing strategies in an international setting

● Evaluating companies and markets for action

● Managing the international marketing mix

● Managing psychology in an intercultural context

Field projects and seminars (6 ECTS/CFU)

Teaching method includes seminars and conferences from guest speakers and practical activities:

● Field works implemented by small groups and coached by partner firms

● Project works

Internship and final report (12 ECTS/CFU)

Problem solving

The Master is structured to guide students in developing strategic capabilities in the search for innovative and creative customer-based marketing strategies for enterprises’ competitiveness. Students will be able to introduce a new and effective way of approaching and managing markets internationally.

World class faculty

Academics, professionals and key note speakers with international profiles will enhance students’ learning experience in the Master.

Interdisciplinary approach

The Master has a methodology and a cultural approach which embraces two different scientific fields of study: Management and Psychology. This extends and enriches students’ perspectives and capabilities to understand markets and customers in greater depth.

A 360 degree experience

The strong relationship among the students, their involvement in different activities and the specific contexts, as well as the city of Milan, and Università Cattolica will make the Master an extraordinary living experience.

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The Master in International Business (MIB) provides a relevant training experience that allows participants to join the next wave of dynamic business leaders. Read more
The Master in International Business (MIB) provides a relevant training experience that allows participants to join the next wave of dynamic business leaders. The program will train you to have the skills needed to succeed in the global marketplace. Contents are designed according to firms’ requirements, allowing companies to select up-to-date competencies to successfully face global business perspectives in rapidly changing economies. MIB challenges its students through rigorous coursework and practical work activities, training its students to place concepts and theory into practical application. Set in diverse global contexts and in a global classroom, MIB students don’t merely think global, they simply become global.

Learning objectives

Students will be asked to use all the acquired knowledge and skills to solve international management problems, consolidating them and applying them to the real world of business. One of the most important components of the course is the strong collaboration with an impressive network of firms. This provides participants with first-hand access to professional expertise to prepare them for the international business world. Several practical work activities are offered with the aim to turn academic experience and theoretical knowledge into a professional, multicultural experience. Acquired skills include change management, customer-driven transformation, group negotiation and intercultural communication, project management, business process analysis and management.

Career opportunities & professional recognition

The program prepares students for a range of diverse careers, providing students the opportunity to work in varied roles and geographies. Many take management positions in departments of multinational companies and SMEs, in areas including general management, human resources, accounting, foreign trade and international marketing. Others find roles in the field of business consultancy.


● Economic and financial Analysis
● International finance
● Industrial economics
● International marketing
● International banking
● International people management
● International brand management
● Legal system and international contractual law
● International business strategy & international entrepreneurship
● Social skills and negotiation techniques
● Transportation and logistics
● International economics

Partner companies

One of the salient features of the Master in International Business is the tight cooperation established with more than one hundred partner firms worldwide. This network intends to help businesses and organizations improve their competitiveness and capability to infiltrate international markets by effectively exploiting knowledge and skills that reside within the know- how and expertise offered by the MIB partner universities. The Master in International Business enjoys the valuable support of a business network, which includes:

● 3M
● Accenture
● Altran
● Aran Cucine
● Atlantyca Entertainment
● Auchan
● Bain & Company
● Baker & McKenzie
● Brembo
● Cinecittà
● Continuum Innovation
● Dolce & Gabbana
● Eataly
● Fratelli La Bufala
● Halldis
● Innocenti Depositi
● Moleskine
● NH Hotels
● Peroni
● Poliform
● Sky

Professional experience

Company and cultural visits, business games, field work and internship activities all allow students to come into immediate contact with the work world whilst being exposed to some of Italy’s rich culture. Students attend around 20 conferences with outstanding speakers; entrepreneurs, top managers and professionals of large multinationals and bright SMEs that allow students to share ideas with the business players.

Innovative method

One of the significant features of the Master is the tight cooperation established with more than 100 partner firms worldwide. This strong partnership gives students the outstanding specialization opportunities related to internationalization process of the firms as well as working and living experiences in the most dynamic and relevant market areas of the world.

From theory to practice

In an increasingly challenging job market, Università Cattolica takes great pride preparing its students with the adequate knowledge, skills, and motivation to make an impact and become leaders in a global context. MIB students are in the ideal position to put into practice the knowledge gained in the program that are so valued and sought.

Peer-to-peer learning

MIB supports students in designing their own career, which is aided by the diverse skills, backgrounds, and nationalities that make up the study body. This fosters peer-to-peer learning whilst at the same time provides a versatile learning context. Additionally, students will be exposed to the strong community of alumni, business professionals, academics and entrepreneurs for career support and development, which will help students set the foundations to becoming culturally-astute business leaders for the global field.

Candidates must prove proficiency of the English language. Accepted certificates include:
● TOEFL: internet- based (iBT) of at least 80 points; computer- based (CBT) of at least 213 points; paper- based (PBT) of at least 550 points
● IELTS: of at least 6 points
● PTE: of at least 53 points
● CPE/CAE: any successful results if available

The certificate is not required for neither English mother-tongue applicants, nor for students who have obtained an English taught bachelor.


All scholarships are assigned on a merit basis and will be mostly given to students who apply by the priority deadline. Some scholarships may also target specific geographic regions.

Scholarship value: €2400 - €7200

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Politecnico di Milano I level Specializing Master in partnership with . International University of Monaco (IUM). . . The Specializing Master can be achieved individually or as. Read more

Politecnico di Milano I level Specializing Master in partnership with International University of Monaco (IUM)The Specializing Master can be achieved individually or as Double Degree option within the Master of Science in Luxury Management.

The Specializing Master will be delivered in English.

The Specializing Master involves the deepening of issues related to the design of a new kind of marketing and management in the luxury sector, with the involvement of transversal disciplines and according to themes and strategies belonging to the two fields of Design and Economic Management.

The market of luxury goods and services, in particular, with its recent trend of commercialization of experiences, rather than just products, offers a unique meeting ground between the theoretical and practical areas related to the design, and the analyzes and studies related to the world of marketing and business management.



Aim of the Specializing Master is to train key figures able to mediate instances of management and corporate marketing with the needs of products, spaces and services characterized by high or very high quality of design.

For more informations, visit http://www.polidesign.net/en/premium

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As public sector funding for the arts has become restricted, there is an increasing need for well qualified arts administrators, who are able to work at the interface between artistic creativity and sound business practice. Read more
As public sector funding for the arts has become restricted, there is an increasing need for well qualified arts administrators, who are able to work at the interface between artistic creativity and sound business practice. The growth of the arts and the creative industries has created a need for well qualified arts administrators. This MA has the potential to shape a new breed of professionals in the arts management field by offering Liberal Arts, Humanities, Fine Arts, Film, Media and Communication graduates the opportunity to acquire the appropriate management and business skills, thus enabling them to capitalize upon their previous grounding within the arts.

Thanks to AUR’s connections and collaborations with numerous artistic and cultural institutions both in Rome and in Italy, this MA also offers the opportunity to gain invaluable professional experience. Rome and Italy are especially attractive for the study of arts, in general, and arts management in particular, given enormous resources that are available to scholars, art world professionals and students. Italy has a long and rich tradition of collecting, sponsoring and exhibiting visual arts. A special advantage available to students of Arts Management in Italy is a possibility to study some of the world’s oldest private collections and a specific system of patronage in the arts. Students will have an opportunity to conduct their research and internship in Roman and Italian arts institutions, some of which exist for centuries and manage the world’s most prestigious collections. This creates a unique academic experience and study environment, in which students can grow both professionally and intellectually.

Potential career paths
With this MA, students will be able to either seek employment with art-related organizations or management, or to pursue research at the Ph.D. level.

• Duration: 15 months
• Start date: Fall 2015
• Credits: 36

Courses and thesis
• Six core courses: 21 credits total
• Three electives: 9 credits total
• Internship and Thesis: 6 credits total

The complexity of today’s globalizing art world requires a diverse set of knowledge and skills. The range of potential responsibilities of arts administrators requires a graduate program which will give future art managers in depth knowledge about the structure of the contemporary art world, the nature of artistic and cultural values in general in connection to their market value, a solid knowledge of the business and market principles, in their application to the sphere of artistic and cultural production, as well as high level skills that will make future professionals in the arts management desirable candidates for a variety of posts in particular institutions of the art world, such as museums, galleries, art fairs and media reporting on art and analyzing the current artistic scene. The AUR’s MA in Arts Management enables students to acquire basic skills in the fundamental areas of art management and art administration, giving them an opportunity, through the selection of elective courses and internship experience to specialize in a particular area of their interest.

Learning Outcomes
With the MA program in Arts Management, AUR’s mission is to educate future professionals with an advanced knowledge of the contemporary art world and art administration/art management, who would be able to apply their knowledge in the global society. Upon completing the program students will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in all areas identified as the needed in the contemporary art world and art market. Students will be able to demonstrate:

• Advanced skills in the sphere of institutional management, which includes: in-depth knowledge of the way in which the key institutions of the contemporary art world (such as museums, galleries, art fairs, auction houses, art dealers and private collectors, and art media) function, the ability to design and carry out institutional strategic plans, and the ability to organize teamwork and recognize individual potentials of team members

• Advanced skills in the sphere of art project management, in particular: capacity to design and carry out demanding projects, such as international exhibitions, art fairs, logistics in realization of major art projects, artistic projects of the alternative artistic production and emerging artistic scenes, fundraising abilities (the ability to locate potential donors, such as art foundations, governmental and non-governmental organizations that sponsor art projects, and individual contributors), knowledge of basics of the financial management, which enables future professionals to design budgets and work with multiple financial sources

• Advanced knowledge of art market principles, including: market, social, political and cultural factors that structure the art market, specific features of the art market and institutions of art in Europe, USA, and emerging art markets across the globe, structure of the market price of artworks and factors that influence the price of artworks

• Advanced knowledge of relevant art theories, that explain and contextualize the complex artistic production and functioning of the contemporary art world, with the focus on: the value of art and how the cultural and aesthetic values are related to the market value, the broader social status of creativity and creative inquiry and the ways in which creative works are valorized, understanding the dynamics of the globalizing art market and the complexity of theoretical issues that the globalizing art world and art market pose, that involve ideological, economic and political issues, in addition to aesthetic ones

• Advanced knowledge of the social and cultural role of particular institutions of the art, such as museums, galleries, art fairs, public art projects and art publications

• Advanced knowledge of curatorial practices and exhibition design principles

• Students will also be able to clearly demonstrate that they have acquired the following abilities and skills: research skills, necessary to study at the graduate level and to write research papers, the ability to plan and execute an extensive research project, high level analytical skills, and the ability to communicate ideas and arguments effectively.

A vital aspect of the learning process will also be the exposure of students to the cultural diversity of Rome and of Italy, and to make the most of the opportunities for on-site teaching visits.

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