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 Dundee, United Kingdom

Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education

Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education

Al-Maktoum College opened its doors in 2001 and has seen students from over 30 different nationalities graduate. We aspire to grow as an independent, internationally recognised centre of Higher Education working to educate the next generation of professionals, both nationally and internationally.

The College is a private institution located within the dynamic city of Dundee; a Scottish city in well known for its contributions to life sciences, research, arts, and hi-tech manufacturing. Our vision for high-quality teaching and learning is enriched by a multicultural perspective and makes for a rewarding educational experience.

Why study at Al-Maktoum College?

Al-Maktoum College students are achievers - thinking differently, challenging, examining, defining, and provoking positive change within societies and communities from local to global.

Reflected in our teaching is our commitment to embracing difference, tolerance and breadth of understanding as the key to meeting the challenges of the 21st Century.

Cultural and social events form a key part of student life- including cinema visits, food tasting, fundraising for charity and voluntary work. Such activities encourage a sense of community spirit and contributes to a positive image of College in the wider community.

We aim to bring students together to ensure their time spent in the College is as positive and as enjoyable as possible.

Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education

Strong local and international links

The College holds partnerships and is in collaboration with the University of Dundee, Trinity College Dublin and Abertay University, with plans to expand further.

Students studying Moral Economy & Finance courses have the opportunity for internships, support and networking through our extensive alumni network which totals over 1,500 students and covers multiple countries.

Our academic staff are research-led and experts in their field which feeds into the high quality teaching and unique experience at Al-Maktoum College.

Excellent facilities

Al-Maktoum College has an open and friendly atmosphere, making it a fantastic environment for learning and studying. There are a range of teaching and learning spaces, providing you with an ideal learning environment, and enhancing your learning experience.

The College has an established library, housing a collection of over 23,000 volumes and is available to both students and visitors alike.

Students studying any of our joint masters programmes have full access to the College facilities as well as their partner institution.

Why Dundee?

  • Scotland’s fourth-largest city and is home to as many as 45,000 students per term time
  • Dundee named most affordable city in UK for students (Oxford Royale)
  • Dundee is fast becoming one of Scotland’s most diverse, modern and dynamic cities
  • A compact and easy to get around city
  • Dundee boasts its highly scientific, historical and culturally orientated heritage

Department / School information and available programmes:

The College focuses on lifelong learning through academic, technical, and customised programmes, all SCQF credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). In addition to this, we also enjoy strong collaborations with the University of Dundee, delivering joint MSc and PhD programmes in Islamic Finance, as well as Trinity College Dublin, in delivering the MPhil in The Middle East in a Global Context

Programme List: