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Hamburg  Germany

KLU, the Kühne Logistics University, is the world's top university educating leaders and change-makers with strong operations mindsets. Concentrating on logistics and leadership in research and teaching, and with a skillset built upon KLU's focus areas digital transformation, sustainability, entrepreneurship & value creation, KLU offers various programs and courses that prepare students to take on international leadership positions.

Why study at Kuehne Logistics University - KLU?

KLU is the world’s top university educating leaders and change-makers with a strong operations mindset

Excellent professors, and student to professor ration 13:1

400 students

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Hamburg  Germany

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About Kuehne Logistics University - KLU

- we rely on the Hanseatic characteristics of our hometown Hamburg: cosmopolitanism, reliability and networking skills,

- we value internationality and diversity as enrichment and source of inspiration,

- we embrace fact-based, data and evidence-driven decision-making,

- we are a people’s place cultivating an atmosphere of collegiality and community, mutual trust and understanding,

- we foster ethical behavior and an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

KLU is dedicated to its students, fostering close interaction between professors and students to ensure they gain the best knowledge during their studies. The program is carefully designed to provide students with a balanced mix of theoretical learning and practical experience through both classes and internships. International exposure is a significant component of student life, which is why our exchange program offers valuable experiences when students choose to study abroad.

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Kuehne Logistics University - KLU