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Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) is internationally renowned and a triple accredited business school: EQUIS, AMBA, and the AACSB. It is also known as a Business Lab for Society, in which 7200 students and 500 staff learn and strive each day to respond to both corporate and social challenges. With its Lab dedicated to innovation, GEM is a space for experimentation, reflection, and hybridization. The school boasts 50 Programs both in French and English, in Grenoble or in Paris Campuses. The school’s DNA is focused on the business ecosystem in which it operates.

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A triple accredited school and ranked 8th French Business School in Europe

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A Pedagogy based on experimentation, reflection, and hybridization


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Grenoble  France

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About Grenoble Ecole de Management

As both a nationally and internationally renowned Business School, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) is more than just a school. It is also known as a Business Lab for Society, in which 7200 students and 500 staff learn and strive each day to respond to both corporate and social challenges. It boasts 50 Programs both in French and English from undergraduate to the doctoral level, in Grenoble or in Paris Campuses. Its programs are regularly ranked by major international economic newspapers and magazines.

Sustained by its values of responsibility, high standards and benevolence, its mission is to combine Technology, Innovation and Society to train the future generations of managers by co-constructing skills and knowledge adapted to the challenges of the 21st century. With its Lab dedicated to innovation, GEM is a space for exploration, reflection, and hybridization.

The school’s DNA is focused on the business ecosystem in which it operates.

The main campus of Grenoble Ecole de Management is located in the center of Grenoble, the capital of the French Alps.The city is home to cutting edge tech industries, high-level international research and global businesses. GEM is ideally located in the Europole district, which acts as a business hub for the city.

This dynamic neighborhood boasts a variety of local shops, bars, restaurants, and offices. It also connects the train station to many means of public transportation.

Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) has a second campus "GEM Labs" located in the heart of Grenoble’s scientific peninsula. GEM Labs offers students, lecturers and partners a fantastic place for experimentation, where immersion and experiential learning take center stage.

Since September 2023, GEM students have access to the school’s brand-new eco-campus located in Newport Pantin. With its close proximity to Paris, the Newport district in Pantin is a unique place: marina, pedestrian walkways, public spaces, artistic spaces, places with an artistic dimension, offices....The neighborhood is home to such iconic companies as Chanel, Hermès, the BETC advertising agency, BNP, and the Banque de France.


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When I decided to pursue an MIB program, I was looking for a top ranked Business School that would give me the possibility to acquire the necessary tools in order to better face and manage today’s international business challenges.

The first academic year on campus proved to be of critical importance in enhancing my business acumen and managerial skills. Through an interactive teaching style that reproduces real life business scenarios we were given the opportunity to gain management experience and put to use the skills and knowledge we had acquired on the program.

Through the MIB job-portal I found a great Internship at Vodafone in Luxembourg, within the Procurement department. This enriching experience allowed me to see how an International Supply Chain works in the real life. After this six months’ work experience, I was offered a contract from Ferrero Trading Luxembourg, where I am currently working as a Business Analyst.

In light of the immense personal and professional benefits that I gained from the program, I can say that MIB Master Degree at GEM was definitely an investment worth making.

I currently work in digital marketing at Google’s European headquarters where there are Googlers from all over EMEA working together every day. The MIB program prepared me perfectly for working for, and together with, cultures from all over the world - both in understanding various business models and ways of working together as a team." - Malou Samuelsson, Sweden, MSc MIB 2019 Graduate, Digital Marketing Strategist at Google​

"As a consultant in a global firm, I work with colleagues in foreign countries, and I have to drive the performance of predominant leading firms of the industry. Which are all skills I could develop within the MIB." - Gabin Sesse, Cameroon, MSc MIB 2019 Graduate, Business Analytics Consultant at Nielsen

"Companies seek people who are flexible, open-minded and can adapt to all sort of situations. I could not have thought of a better way to prepare for that than choosing the MIB. The knowledge gained from my experience has prepared me for my current job with J.P. Morgan. I am proud to be an MIB alumnus." - Louise Loop, France, MSc MIB 2019 Graduate, Hedge Funds Operations Analyst at JP Morgan​

“When I decided to join the program, I was looking for a top ranked school, which could jump-start my career into an international environment. I currently work for global strategy consulting firm and the MIB definitely led me to where I am today. Supporting clients from all over the world in addressing most complex business problems requires adaptability and open-mindedness. These are the main skills I gained attending the MIB.” - Giuseppe Conenna, Italy, MSc MIB 2016 Graduate, Senior Associate Consultant at Bain & Company

“In addition to the comprehensive academic content offered (accounting, corporate finance, marketing, etc.), students are invited to participate in career development workshops and attend company presentations. During one of these presentations, I had my first contact with JP Morgan where I now work as a Control Management Specialist. All the skills I developed during the program have been useful to succeed in my job search, interviews and my current position.” - Elena Dagrada, MSc MIB 2017 Graduate, Control Management Specialist at JP Morgan

The MSc Business Development exposed to a very challenging environment in which I excelled both academically and personally. The study trip abroad to Japan was a real highlight of the program, combining an enriching cultural immersion and many corporate visits.

I also feel that being in group of 43 students from 23 nationalities greatly enhanced my interpersonal and intercultural skills as well as building my international network.
The Live Business Case was a very rewarding aspect of the program which involved working with consultants from real companies over the course of 7-8 months. I worked on the Schneider Electric business case and at the end of the first academic year of the program I received an internship offer from Schneider. It was clear that the MSc Business Development had already greatly increased my employability.

Since then I have been working as a Business Developer in an innovative department called Shore Connection at Schneider Electric. It has also been a great opportunity to practice my French. I am convinced that this Master’s program has provided a lot of added value in terms of career opportunities and opened doors for me which previously were inaccessible.

During the second semester of the MSc Business Development program I had the chance to participate in the Procter and Gamble Information and Decision Solution Challenge in Istanbul, Turkey.

During this event, I was able to put into practice the different learning acquired during the different modules at GGSB. Those learnings definitely boosted my performance at the business challenge where together with an amazing team, we managed to rank first. Based on my performance, I was offered a 6 month internship as a business analyst in a Customer Business Development team at P&G Paris.

The main highlight of this experience was the responsibility that was offered to me on trying to change the way business is done using deep data analysis and pitching new solutions to customers. After that, I joined GOOGLE EMEA HQ in Dublin for the role of Account Manager for Middle East and North Africa for the Adsense product. Supporting publishers from 19 different countries and helping them monetizing their websites is my daily task. That's definitely the biggest responsibility I've ever had!

I chose GEM's MBA program mainly because of its top ranking in Europe and in the World and due to its great reputation in the Middle East (I come from the Land of the Cedars, Lebanon). After reading more about the school and the program, I realized that it fitted in perfectly with my career aims because the program is not only theoretical, but also highly applied in content, with professors/consultants coming from a wide range of industries and students coming from all over the world.

After finishing my MBA, I took the role of Lead Product Manager in the biggest digital industrial company of the world, General Electric.

Today, I work in the Healthcare division of GE, based in Paris, and manage a wide range of Radiology IT products all over Europe, Middle East and Africa. Coming from a technical background (previously electrical engineer), the MBA program has given me an extensive assortment of skills ranging from finance and economics, to negotiations, innovation management and intercultural management in order to get the job and excel in my current responsibilities.

Prior to the MBA, I worked in the Indian pharmaceutical industry, handling doctor and patient programs integral to the marketing function. Though this rich experience, I realized how difficult it is to get even the most basic primary healthcare and medication in developing nations at affordable rates. This revelation inspired me to enroll in the GGSB MBA.

In order to get the most out of an MBA, beyond the course content, the setting, experience and type of interactions are of utmost importance. This is why I chose France, which has been at the forefront of building policies and structures for global healthcare, education, and human rights.

My most important MBA program criterion was a well-balanced, comprehensive curriculum taught by international faculty and offered by an accredited school of management with a good overall ranking. The class profile was another important factor. Experienced, mature individuals from different backgrounds add value by creating real understanding of the cultural nuances that play an important role in global business today. GGSB scored in these all aspects.

After my MBA, I intend to work with pharmaceutical companies wanting to establish mutually beneficial relations with developing nations – especially in Africa – to build efficient systems that make quality, affordable healthcare accessible.

“At MGE UPS, our policy is to promote the professional development of our managers. An MBA is a great way to reward managers for their commitment and success, whilst at the same time investing in their potential for the future of the company.

The part-time MBA offered by GGSB is a particularly interesting training proposal as it allows the manager to remain in his or her function while following the course. The structure of the Grenoble MBA course also allows the manager to integrate the theory and practical frameworks at work right from the outset of the course – there is no need to wait until the end of the MBA to see a return on the training investment.

The experience of Denis Coupé is a great example of this. He has achieved greater team efficiency and has a much broader perspective on the group’s challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, he has brought a new strategic perspective to our evaluation and selection of suppliers.

MGE UPS works with suppliers from across the world to source materials for our factories in Asia, North America and Europe; the strategic evaluation of these suppliers is critical for the long-term success of these relationships. The international management focus and high-level business understanding gained by Denis during his MBA has provided invaluable in this area.

The whole experience has been an outright success. The end result for MGE UPS is a manager who is deeply enriched by his MBA experience and who has even greater potential for the success of our company.”

Bruno Mesnard - Vice President, Europe and International - MGE UPS

Now working at Christian Dior Couture in Marketing, I realize that the MSc Fashion, Design and Luxury Management program contributed to my career success in many different aspects.

From a theoretical approach, the program develops core management skills in the fields of fashion, design and luxury which equipped me with a competitive outlook, highly employable skills and flexible career options.
From a practical side, collaborating with leading industry professionals and visiting companies in the luxury, fashion and design sectors, allows us to enhance our taste and creativity in these areas and gives us a real insight into the luxury world.
Finally, the program opens the door to fulfilling internships opportunities throughout the world. I was first selected as a Retail Trainee in Dior through on-campus recruitment. The MSC FDLM program offers invaluable resources and privileged connections with leading brands in the luxury field.

While I write these words, I am just finishing the Paris Haute Couture Show works and celebrating my 2nd Anniversary working in a luxury fashion house. I love my job and this career satisfaction comes from having achieved my career goals through the MSc FDLM program.

I was clear on what I wanted: A master program that intertwined the creative and business sides of fashion and luxury management. That is exactly what I found with the MSc. Fashion, Design & Luxury Management at Grenoble École de Management.
The school offers a unique combination of international prestige with excellent academic quality, while the program offers a cross-disciplinary approach and a diverse faculty with in-depth knowledge of the industry.
In addition, the International Residency, a weeklong study trip to a fashion capital, is an amazing opportunity to learn and experience first hand about the luxury lifestyle as well as engage with professionals from top companies.
One of the most rewarding parts of my studies was learning in an international environment that enabled sharing real life experiences across cultures, an essential quality for dealing with business on an international level. The FDLM program has equipped me with the right tools to tackle the challenges of the Luxury industry.
Currently, I’m working at Parfums Christian Dior as a Forecasting Intern for Travel Retail Americas and I find myself building on the discipline and skills acquired from FDLM in order to collaborate and contribute to the company’s success.

My motto has always been “No matter how hard it seems, don’t stop until you’ve achieved your dream”. That dream is what brought me to Grenoble Ecole de Management and where I am in my career today. I had been working at Mars Incorporated for almost two years when I decided to take a new direction and follow a 6 month Fashion & Design course in Milan.

This equipped me with an artistic understanding of the Fashion Industry, but I was keen to gain further specialist skills and knowledge in order to obtain a competitive advantage in this field.

My search for the right Master’s degree brought me to Grenoble Ecole de Management’s MSc in Fashion and Luxury Management.I was attracted not only GEM’s international rankings, but also by the program’s unique merge of both the artistic and the business side of Fashion and Luxury.

Being a student on this program provided me with infinite tools, know-how and possibilities. This master’s degree is not only about gaining academic expertise, but also about developing interpersonal skills and networking, which are both key for developing a career in this niche industry.

Currently, I find myself working in the International Retail Development Department of Louis Vuitton’s at their Central Headquarters located in Paris, France. My personal determination and commitment enabled me to fulfill this dream, but such an opportunity would also not have been possible without the knowledge, skills and network I acquired on this outstanding program.

I am currently working as a Credit Strategy Associate at Bloomberg LP in their London office. Grenobe Ecole de Management MSc Finance has helped me build a solid foundation of knowledge which I am able to apply practically in my current job, literally on a daily basis. I have found this job during the Career Fair where we get to meet top company's rep directly. The professors are highly qualified with great industry experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed this program. It has played a pivotal role in my career.

The MSc in Finance at GGSB gave me a solid grounding in finance thanks to the broad scope of the curriculum, combining both theory and hands-on practice. The diversity of the students, coming from all over the world, and their common interest in Finance contributed to make the atmosphere just awesome, with a strong team spirit and mutual help amongst us.

For me the MSc Finance program was enriching on so many different levels: developing myself and building up on my education and career whilst at the same time making lifelong friends all over the world and learning so much about other cultures.
The people surrounding me throughout the program, classmates as well as professors, became like a family to me and it was an extremely positive experience which opened many doors, both professionally and socially.
When comparing my experience with peers who followed a similar Masters course elsewhere, I realize the high value of this particular program and I feel that I made a very good decision to study at Grenoble Ecole de Management.
I had a science background with limited knowledge of management or economics so the MSc Finance was a great conversion course for me. The curriculum covered all major areas of finance, providing us with a broad perspective as well as more in-depth knowledge in each field. By the end of the program I felt that I was in a strong position to apply for jobs within different areas in finance and bring added value to these companies. I strongly believe that the MSc. played a very significant role in the career path that led me to my current position and equipped me with the skills and network necessary to achieve this.
In addition to the quality of the program and its lively international dynamic, Grenoble is a fantastic place to study and I felt lucky to have the opportunity to discover this beautiful region. If I could do it all again, I would!

“I am currently an analyst within the Private Wealth Management department of Goldman Sachs in London and I work within the Portfolio Management Group desk where we run discretionary portfolio mandates for wealthy clients. The MSc Finance at GEM helped me find my first internship thanks to its internal job posting (previous alumnus), and allowed me to be able to grasp a bit of every concept within different fields of finance which was very useful for the interviews and in starting my new role.” - Alessandro Toppetti, MSc Finance 2018 Graduate, Analyst at Goldman Sachs

As a graduate in International Relations with 5 years’ work experience promoting International Education in Mexico, I recognized that to enhance my business acumen and career opportunities, I would my need to follow a Masters degree.

The MSc Marketing at Grenoble Ecole de Management offered an ideal academic and cultural opportunity to study in English at a top business European School.
Over the first year I gained vast and invaluable knowledge from an excellent international faculty and enjoyed studying in such a multicultural group.

During the second part of the program I felt privileged to be able to access the European job market and find an internship at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, a French technology company operating in over 100 countries around the world.

An international career had now become open to me as my internship turned into a job offer and I joined the Marketing and Communications division at the headquarters in Paris.

Soon after, I was offered a promotion to the position of Network Partner Programs Director and moved with Alcatel-Lucent to Milan, Italy. Thanks to my experience at GEM I now felt equipped with the international qualification and network to drive my career forward and reach unimaginable places.

After having worked 8 years for a national insurance company in HR related positions, I decided to deepen my HR expertise at a top business school ranked by Financial Times, namely Grenoble Ecole de Management. The MSc IHRM program offered a great combination of HR fundamentals and specialized courses which met the expectations of both newcomers to the field and experienced professionals.

A small class enabled the professors to cater to each student's needs. A key highlight was the class diversity which empowered me to learn what cultural competency really means in practice and also equipped me with the skills to successfully work in a multicultural team. This cultural exposure prepared me perfectly for a career in a multinational environment.

In particular courses such as self-development, organizational development, leadership, change management, the organized outdoor team activities, and also the career service center, all supported me in securing my current job for one of the biggest consultancies worldwide, Accenture Consulting.

Working now as a Senior Management Consultant in Change Management and HR Transformation, I can state retrospectively that this program had a major impact on my professional career development.

Besides professional and personal growth, the intensive working groups helped established an interpersonal connection amongst the fellow students that remains strong even today.

The DBA was an opportunity to discover a new professional path in research and acquire significant knowledge in the academic domains I could work with. It also gave new professional opportunities. It opened doors in my professional life as a researcher and as a managing director. - Isabelle Chaquiriand, Dean of the Faculty of Business Sciences at the Catholic University of Uruguay, DBA 2020 graduate. - Isabelle Chaquiriand, Dean of the Faculty of Business Sciences at the Catholic University of Uruguay, DBA 2020 graduate

My DBA experience at GEM continues to enrich my professional and personal life, leading me to constantly ask, what will come next? It has afforded me opportunities to lead global projects, engage in multidisciplinary research, and develop new initiatives that would have otherwise been unimaginable. - Dr. Benjamin Powers, Director, Global Literacy Hub at the Yale Child Study Center, DBA 2017 graduate

Running my own business has always been my dream, which is why I decided to study entrepreneurship. I chose to do my master’s degree at GEM due to its notoriety in the field of innovation and its consistently high rankings among top business schools worldwide. Not only was I taught by excellent professors, but the atmosphere among students and teachers was both impressive and enriching, especially due to the diverse mix of nationalities and backgrounds.

The combination of entrepreneurship and innovation provided me a more advanced insight into the business world and in particular the startup community. Many of the professors lecturing on the program are deeply involved in the startup scene, which was a real selling point for me. The Silicon Valley trip was another major highlight, which included visits to major corporations such as Google and Facebook, as well as other leaders in the field if technology.

Overall this program was an invaluable experience that is already paying off for my career path. The automotive industry has always fascinated me and I am now working at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, selling cars to the region of Latin America. Furthermore, the knowledge I acquired on the program has enabled me bring innovative approaches to my own family business specialized in real estate. On top of that I am also working on a startup which I started with a friend I met during the program in Grenoble! All in all I consider that my time at GEM to be the most important in my life so far and I feel glad that I chose this business school and this program in particular.

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