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Neapolis University Pafos is one of the leading private universities of Cyprus - a member of the European Union - based in the vibrant and World Heritage-listed city of Pafos on the southwest coast of the island.

Why study at Neapolis University Pafos?

Neapolis University Pafos offers scholarships and special discounts in all Programmes, depending on academic and socio-economic criteria.

Recognitions and Certifications from widely known and International Organizations that confirm the high quality of education of Neapolis University Pafos.

Cyprus is one of the safest countries internationally, surpassing countries such as Denmark and Germany.


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Paphos  Cyprus

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About Neapolis University Pafos

Under the leadership of its Chairman, Mr. George M. Leptos, the strategic goal and vision of the late founder of Neapolis University Mr. Michalakis G. Leptos, is to develop a human-centered educational organization of international quality standards, of heightened social responsibility and of excellent academic practices. NUP aims to contribute: to social cohesion and evolution;to the progression of science via processes of interactive and innovative learning pedagogies and the development of research;and the development of high-level new scientists and professionals of contemporary fields of knowledge.

With the use of the most modern IT tools, the use of new educational technologies and interactive teaching methods, the continuous interest of the administration and all the staff­ of our university for your progress, you will explore, get to know and love the fields of knowledge of the Study Programmes you have chosen.

To ensure the best quality of knowledge provision, the University's Study Programmes are designed according to the real needs of the labor market, while ensuring the necessary feedback with the data of the constantly changing economic and social conditions and the adaptation and response to the new requirements, which they set the technological challenges of the markets of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, etc

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The student community at Neapolis University Pafos is a dynamic and culturally diverse environment that thrives within both the campus and the lively city of Pafos. Our institution's commitment to excellence in education is reflected in the vibrant student life that flourishes on campus. Within the university's secure campus, students experience a safe and supportive atmosphere. Equipped with 24-hour surveillance and alarm systems, the campus ensures a secure environment that promotes focus and learning. Our diverse student body fosters an atmosphere of multicultural exchange and mutual respect, enriching the academic experience for all. Pafos, a city known for its rich history and stunning landscapes, complements the academic journey perfectly. As a safe and welcoming destination, Pafos offers a blend of traditional Cypriot charm and modern amenities. Students can relish year-round sunshine, contributing to a comfortable and inspiring living environment. The relaxed pace of life in Pafos aligns with the Cypriot lifestyle, fostering a sense of well-being and an excellent quality of life. The city's excellent connectivity, including the proximity of Pafos International Airport, ensures easy access for students from all over the world. The country's National Healthcare System, providing free medical care, underscores our commitment to student welfare. Together, the vibrant campus life and the inviting city of Pafos create a holistic student experience. Whether engaging in academic pursuits, cultural explorations, or forming lifelong connections, students at Neapolis University Pafos are part of a warm, supportive, and diverse community that embraces learning, growth, and well-being.

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