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At Bath we are known for excellence in teaching and research; our welcoming community; and for providing students with outstanding preparation for the workplace. We are top 10 in all national league tables, ranked 5th for career prospects after 15 months, by the Guardian University Guide 2024, among the top 10% of universities worldwide, according to the QS World University Rankings 2025 at 150th. Our academic programmes are designed to provide both rigorous intellectual challenge and real-world relevance, giving you the opportunity to study with researchers who are leaders in their field. 92% of our research is world leading or international excellent (according to REF 2021) so your studies will be informed by some of the most exciting and innovative ideas across all fields. The University’s campus is set on attractive rural grounds overlooking the historic city of Bath. You don’t have to walk far to reach facilities like the Library, postgraduate common rooms, shops, and a post office or our superb sports facilities.

Why study at the University of Bath?

Ranked 4th for graduate prospects in the Complete University Guide 2024

Top 10 in all national league tables including top 5 in the Complete University Guide 2024

Among the top 10% of universities worldwide, according to the QS World University Rankings 2024 at 148th


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ranked in the Guardian University Guide 2024 (for career prospects after 15 months)

Bath  United Kingdom

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Business & Management (5) Economics (10) Anthropology (2) Geography (17) Politics & Government (30) Architecture, Building & Planning (3) Engineering (12) Materials Science (24) Computer Science (8) Mathematics (25) Finance (14) Languages, Literature & Culture (21) Biological Sciences (4) Psychology (31) Sociology (33) History & Archaeology (19) Medicine (26) Social Work (32) Nursing & Health (27) Linguistics & Classics (23) Education (11) Chemistry (6) Environmental Sciences (13)

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About the University of Bath

The University offers a broad range of master’s courses and research degrees. Subjects include engineering, design, humanities, social science, management and science.

Postgraduate students benefit from:

  • Excellent teaching and research facilities.
  • Support for your research from internationally recognised supervisors.
  • Opportunities to enhance your employability via targeted skills training or, for selected programmes, work placements.
  • Access to our library, open 24/7, working around your studying schedule.
  • Funding is available in many different forms, from studentships offered by our departments and scholarships to career development loans.

We offer the highest quality of teaching in outstanding learning facilities, with access to a wide range of skills development opportunities. You will be taught by teaching staff, researchers, and practitioners who are leaders in their fields using their research and industry links to inform course content and teach you the most up-to-date topics. Our learning approach combines in-person activities on campus, online elements, and structured independent study. In-person teaching and engagement takes place each week on campus, making sure that learning is worked through in practice. In addition, the online teaching provision includes both interactive learning sessions and independent self-study.

We carry out research that makes a difference to society - from developing a sustainable alternative to palm oil, creating a new way of storing vaccines without refrigeration to keeping us safe from cyber threats.

Postgraduate Taught Admissions:

School of Management Admissions:

Postgraduate Research Admissions:

Scholarships for September 2024 study at the University of Bath are open for applications. You need to be an offer holder to be eligible, so apply for a master's now if you want to join a top 10 UK institution and be considered for a scholarship.

We have a number of scholarship schemes available for postgraduate students with a range of eligibility criteria, including our Global Leaders Scholarship and Deans Award for Academic Excellence worth £5,000 each, open to all nationalities.

Choosing Bath for your postgraduate study gives you loads of opportunities to explore your interests and make new friends while studying.

You’ll have access to our:

  • Students’ Union (The SU), offering more than 190 student-led groups, clubs and societies.
  • Outstanding Sports Training Village (STV) including an Olympic legacy-swimming pool, and a gym and fitness centre expanded across three floors.
  • Creativity and well-being hub, The Edge, for performances, classes and wellbeing activities.

As a postgraduate student, you’ll be living in a city full of opportunities. Bath is a lively, friendly, and historic city, surrounded by beautiful countryside. The city is home to global businesses and start-up companies, so you can find local employment opportunities while you study and when you graduate. Bath is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list twice; for its historic architecture and as one of the Great Spas of Europe.

The University has a vibrant international student community. 32% of students come from outside the UK, representing over 147 nationalities. We know that moving to a new country and experiencing a different culture can be challenging. Here at Bath our international Student Advice Team can help to settle you in, including an international orientation programme and mentoring scheme to help students relax in the UK life. University of Bath alumni can be found occupying positions of influence in many countries and we seek to continue our association with former students long after they have graduated.

'The MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine was strongly recommended to me from previous alumni, all who now work in elite sport.'

This is a part-time, distance-learning course, although there are residential weeks at the University. The course covers all the important aspects of SEM. The distance-learning bearing allows you to manage your own time, and fit study in around full-time work.

There is a lot of online content, and the course tutors are all experts in their fields. There are opportunities to complete pre-hospital care courses and the OSCE's really help focus your SEM specific examination skills.'

I would definitely recommend the MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine at the University of Bath, particularly to Junior Doctors with an interest in SEM. It will help you develop a broad knowledge base in the subject, whilst helping you develop skills for working in sport at any level.

Led by leading academics in their fields, the teaching quality on the MSc Economics is exceptional. It's the combination of theory with real life applications which most excites me. The course is providing me with top level skills for dealing with a wide range of theoretical and real-world issues in economics.

There were two reasons why I was drawn to doing an MBA.
As well as wanting to advance my own career, I wanted to
expand my family’s olive oil business.

Since graduating in 2018, I now work as Operations Manager
at Sioufas & Associates Law Firm, the leading Greek Law Firm
in the Non-Performing Exposures industry. I manage a team
of nearly 100 people and work with the management team to
decide the company’s strategy.

The MBA helped me to adjust the way I think. I now relate real
problems to models I am familiar with. The most important
thing is that now I know what business solutions to apply.
I use many tools I learned from the modules. In particular,
the MBA’s strategy module provided me with the necessary
knowledge for my current role. It helped me create strategies
that address all segments of the portfolios my firm manages.

My new job has meant I haven’t had time to focus on the
family business but I’m still working on expansion plans. I have
already built a marketing plan to change the customer base.
I know exactly what to do in order to increase profitability.
The entrepreneurship project helped me a lot because it taught
me that a key variable for success is the business model.
My business model is actually very common but, at the same
time, very innovative.

This was my sixth year as a student at the University of Bath, as I have already completed an MEng Mechanical
Engineering degree and placement here.
I chose the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Management to supplement my undergraduate degree with management
studies. The MSc in Entrepreneurship and Management not only provides you with the essential knowledge from the
compulsory units of the MSc in Management but it also dives deeper into how start-ups and new ventures can evolve
from a mere business idea to a viable business.

The highlight of my degree has to be my dissertation, which I chose to do in collaboration with an entrepreneur who
I met through a networking event at the University. By researching, exploring and developing her engineering start-up’s
business idea, I was able to witness the entrepreneurial process. Having direct contact with industry experts during the
process provided me with valuable insights and lessons.

Although I aspire to develop professionally within the field of engineering and technology, in the long-term I can leverage
my exploration of business, management and entrepreneurship through this degree to get involved with more business-oriented roles, especially if I get involved with an entrepreneurial venture.

I believe this MSc will help me achieve my career goals. it has developed my management and leadership skills and consolidated to skills I acquired from my Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degree to help me operate an engineering business.

Working as a marketing assistant in an international company triggered my interest in human resources. I realised the importance and complexity of managing human resources in an organisation. I was attracted to the University of Bath and the School of Management by their reputation for education and research excellence.

I also valued the various business activities offered by the School, which ensure we are well-prepared for the workplace. Studying human resource management will improve my commercial awareness, my teamworking and my communication skills.

I really enjoy studying the MSc in Human Resource Management and Consulting. The course is well-structured, and every module is highly applicable to the business world. You can always link theories to real business cases. Lecturers are engaging and bring lots of fun to lectures. In seminars, they explain theories further and answer our questions.

Working with peers from various cultural and educational backgrounds has been an incredible experience. You can always gain different perspectives and be inspired by the people around you.

The course has given me significant knowledge about the HR field. My experience in group discussions and teamwork has trained me to communicate confidently and to deal with stressful situations. My multitasking and time management skills have also improved through project work. Both the technical and soft skills I’m developing will equip me well for my future career.

Bath is the most beautiful city in the UK. Both the city centre and campus are well equipped. On campus I enjoy swimming in our Olympic-standard swimming pool. In the city, I enjoy a wide range of cultural and natural attractions. The Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and Royal Crescent are perfect places to visit and de-stress.

The knowledge and experience I've gained at Bath will help me in the corporate world and help me communicate in multicultural settings

I visited Bath in 2010 and it won my heart with its beauty. You can’t find another city like this as it has its own unique architecture and history. I wanted to study in a safe and beautiful city. Being close to the airports was also important so I had the opportunity to travel. Rankings were also a top priority and Bath is ranked highly for accounting and finance.

I really enjoy my degree in Finance with Banking. All the modules are really interesting and relevant for careers in the finance industry. The best thing about my course is the support from the professors. They will always give you a hand if you don’t understand something. So you can always keep learning and developing yourself. Bath is a place where you can become a better version of yourself. It’s amazing.

I really enjoyed the Practice Track because it offers the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. The company project was really challenging as we had to do an analysis of a very broad topic in a short time period. Organising a fundraising event for the charity developed our organisation and communication skills. And writing the reflective report enhanced our writing skills.

I definitely feel that I chose the right degree for my future career. All the technical questions that I was asked in interviews were covered during my degree. Having the right knowledge is key to getting a dream job.

Choosing to pursue my MSc in Management with a specialisation in Marketing has been one of the best decisions that I've made for my career. It has given me a great kick-start in the professional world of business and management and opened new doors of opportunities for me on an international level.

Throughout my MSc in Marketing, the University and the School of Management made it very clear to me that I could count on their support. I could tell that by offering a masters in sustainability and things like the Community Challenge the School cares about doing good things and inspiring students.

My degree has been a busy, interesting and amazing experience. I’m not just talking about the course, but also the many sporting activities I did, my work as academic rep, the Future Business Challenge, and many other things. I am beyond happy with my experience because the University makes it easy to seize opportunities and supports you in making the most of your time here.

The connection with the working world is something I find really unique about the University. It partners with a huge range of companies and lets us meet these organisations. Through competitions like the Future Business Challenge, we gain a clear view of what is happening in the workplace. This means we can apply what we learn on the course to the real world.

I’ve enjoyed living in such a beautiful city with so much history. The whole student atmosphere in Bath is very welcoming. The city has lots of beautiful places to discover and enjoy. What I enjoyed most is that Bath is kind of a hidden gem to me. I had never heard of Bath before and when I explored it for the first time, it was like a whole new world opened up.

My best experience has been meeting so many great and inspiring people from all around the world. I’ve also enjoyed gaining knowledge from amazing professors and most importantly broadening my horizons.

Studying the MSc in Accounting and Finance has been essential to my career path. It’s not only expanded my breadth of knowledge in a global context but also enhanced my business skills such as teamwork and analytical thinking. It’s also been a great opportunity to gain cross-cultural experience from making international friends and living in a foreign country.

Studying the MSc in Accounting and Finance has been essential to my career path. It’s not only expanded my breadth of knowledge in a global context but also enhanced my business skills such as teamwork and analytical thinking. It’s also been a great opportunity to gain cross-cultural experience from making international friends and living in a foreign country.

There is no doubt that studying the MSc in Accounting and Finance helped me to land my dream job at PwC UK. I gained knowledge that’s proved essential for applying for finance-related jobs. I also developed my teamworking skills, which are highly appreciated by employers. I also received great support from the School’s career service in preparing my application.

Choosing the MSc in Accounting and Finance is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve grown significantly, not only in terms of knowledge but also mindset. I’ve learned to embrace different perspectives, stay hungry for knowledge and adapt to another culture. Above all, I’ve found my second home with international friends who are always by my side.

The outcomes of the course and everything I have been able to apply since starting has been visible and PepsiCo can now see the benefits and understand that they made the right choice.

With a background in consultancy, I have always been interested in financial solutions, particularly creating and executing deals for clients in the healthcare industry, to create long term synergies, reduce costs and increase profit margins.

My interest in this was solidified while I was interning in the investment banking division at Rand Merchant Bank. I worked closely with ultra-high net worth individuals and family offices on deals, due diligence and capital raising (investment teasers).

During this time I realised that transaction advisory provided the ideal opportunity for me, to combine my keen interest for finance and problem solving skills to deliver unique solutions for clients.

While studying at the University of Bath, I was thrilled to receive a job offer from RSM UK as a Corporate Finance Executive. I was thankful to the School of Management MSc careers team, who helped me through the recruitment process. They looked at my cover letter and CV, to provide advice and guidance on how to make it suitable for finance roles in the UK.

There is no place like the UK, and especially London, for finance. The city is full of high-quality firms, banks and private equity houses who are always looking for mergers, acquisitions, or investments.

RSM UK serves the middle market and provides the opportunity to work with some high growth companies with lots of potential. This was something that really interested me. And thanks to RSM UK, who is currently sponsoring my Tier 2 General Visa, I was able to accept the position and stay working in the UK.

I have spent some time in the audit team for training purposes, and recently transitioned to the Corporate Finance team. In a matter of weeks, it has lived up to what I have hoped for. I have already assisted on multiple financial and vendor due diligence projects for acquirers over Europe, Scandinavia, and the US. The fast-paced environment suits me best and I am really enjoying the new job.

Working and living in the UK is something very special and I am enjoying every moment of it. The UK is full of industry veterans willing to help and teach, and the country is full of history and beautiful locations to visit. I am finding settling in a great experience so far.

I moved to Bath having never visited before. Coming from a place like New York, it’s fair to say that they are complete opposites. But I settled in quickly. I felt an immediate sense of calm and community here.

Bath’s city centre is small, but has everything you’ll need, from restaurants to shopping to culture. I enjoyed living in the midst of it all and being able to walk everywhere, including up to campus for classes. Bath has tons of cafés and potential study areas that make it really easy for postgraduate students to work off campus.

I had spent seven years working for various environmental non-profits in New York and was beginning to explore my next career move. As I began to search for a master’s course, I was drawn to the UK and Europe for their specialised degrees in sustainability. I was looking for the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture where I could learn from a diverse group of students, inside and outside the classroom.

I applied to the MSc in Sustainability and Management because I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of sustainability issues and how they relate to the corporate world. I knew this course would be a powerful addition to my professional experience. This course has given me the solid business and management foundation that I was looking for. The added lens of sustainability and corporate social responsibility is what brings the degree to the next level; these are the issues society is facing right now. The year is immersive and intense and goes by quickly.

One of the reasons that I chose Bath was to do the Practice Track, a practical alternative to a traditional dissertation. My group had the privilege of working with Unilever, a company that is striving to change the way business is done by considering its environmental and social impact.

We also worked closely with a local charity, Bath FoodCycle, to fundraise and help build awareness of their cause: strengthening the community by bringing people together around a healthy meal made from surplus food. This was a wonderful opportunity to get out into the community and plan an event from start to finish. My group also consisted of students from other management courses, so we tapped into our individual strengths and collaborated on these projects - not unlike a real-world experience.

I found out about the job when I went to a University careers fair. I met a Global Risk Analyst from the bank, and he talked me through a few different roles within their risk department. It was very useful.

It was a tough process to get the role. Merrill Lynch only take a handful of people on their graduate scheme each year. I believe the support I got from the School of Management helped me to succeed.

My master’s degree has helped so much. As well as developing my finance knowledge, I’ve also had help building the skills I needed to get a job and lots of advice about work visas. My course included regular career workshops. We all learnt about writing CVs and covering letters, as well as what to expect from interviews and assessment centres. We had a mock assessment centre as part of this, which was useful for learning about what they are and how they work. This helped ease my nerves about doing the real thing.

The Future Business Challenge (FBC) helped with this. FBC is a group activity for MSc students. We visited Ted Baker in London, Handelsbanken in Bath and Cheddar Gorge. We heard about the challenges they face as real businesses and spoke to employees about their roles. At the end of this, we did a presentation on our FBC work. Doing this presentation in front of representatives from the businesses really helped me with my public speaking.

Working with other students was great. I’m from a pure accounting and finance background, but I worked with students from Marketing and International Management. Even though we all study in the same School, it was interesting to find that people have such different perspectives on a given project. This, of course, is what real working life is like.

I would absolutely recommend doing a master’s with the School of Management. It’s very challenging academically, and has given me the technical skills I’m going to need in my future banking work. The teaching staff and Careers Team really care about students. That is one of the most important things that I recommend the School for.

There were numerous reasons why I chose to study at the School of Management. Not all universities provide a
Business Analytics course. I knew I wanted to work in consulting and this was the perfect degree to start my dream
career. I was also interested in the units. They cover many areas and I felt that, with this knowledge, I would be able to
tackle any challenge in my future work.

Business analytics is a new field and the skills acquired during this course are increasingly sought-after. It is becoming
an essential area for companies. I wanted a course that would teach me how to use IT for decision-making.
My lecturers are passionate, enthusiastic and are always ready to help. The lectures they deliver are energetic and very
interesting. I learned a lot and gained valuable skills. As a student in Business Analytics, I know software and methods
that are applied by analysts.

The career support is great as well. We are given plenty of opportunities to discuss our career choices, get support and
prepare for application procedures. I participated in mock assessment centres, interview preparation and presentation
skills sessions. When applying for jobs, I felt fully prepared for each step.
As a student at the University of Bath, I know that my degree has a lot of value and companies do take this into account.

I chose to study at Bath because the course contents were aligned with my chosen career. I was also offered a partial scholarship, which lowered my school fees to EU resident level, and it helped a great deal.

The cultural exposure from both the School of Management staff and my fellow students was an incredible experience. I truly enjoyed getting to learn more about different cultures, and different ways of solving the same problem.

My favourite memories revolve around taking my walk home every day through the field with the golden rays of sunlight brushing through the long grass and people walking their dogs, hoping that I could sneak in a belly rub here and a pet there. I loved it. My friends made the experience worthwhile and I cherish them deeply to this day.

My experience as an international student was full of curiosity. There was a lot to learn from those I interacted with, and I enjoyed it. My advice to other international students would be to take it slow, and to be completely present in their experience because it doesn't last very long. Here I am, nearly five years since I graduated, and I still have very vivid memories of Bath.

Since I graduated in 2017 I have worked in four different roles, current role included. The roles revolved around data science in consulting and resolving real business problems, which I truly enjoyed.

A typical day in my current role as a commercial planner at Copia Global (Nairobi, Kenya) involves managing a team of 21 field officers and one pricing analyst in their duties surrounding pricing strategies – a key deliverable for us. It also involves in-depth analyses on pricing structures, traction reports on price changes, running bi-weekly forecasts on demand, status reports on projected monthly demand, validating several outputs on the automation of key ongoing projects from my colleagues in India, and ensuring that anything and everything involving pricing is in place from a business standpoint.

The course itself exposed me to new ways of resolving complex optimisation problems. What I took away from this in particular is that if you can just reduce the problem to its building blocks, it becomes a whole lot easier to build a solution for a seemingly complex business problem.

I initially visited the University because of the reputation of the School of Management, particularly their careers team. I knew the University of Bath would help me build my network and enhance my employment prospects.

The promise of being able to learn with a diverse range of nationalities was also a major reason why I chose to study here. We all come from different countries, academic backgrounds and professional experiences. You don’t get that opportunity at most other universities.

The course keeps us really busy. We have corporate networking events, guest lectures from industry experts and business competitions. We have two-hour lectures for each module, and a compulsory seminar every other week. You can also expect a lot of group work assignments. But you’re also given time for self-study.

Our professors are really invested in helping us achieve our goals. My business ethics professor encouraged us to enter our essays into national competitions. With his help, I entered the PRME Writing Competition and came third.

The MSc in International Management attracted me because it combines practical experiences with developing understanding of the increasingly globalised marketplace.

I really enjoyed the Practice Track because it gave us the opportunity to take part in something other than a standard dissertation. We had the opportunity to present our own findings on gender diversity and pay and reward strategies to Deloitte. We also organised fundraisers around Bath for a local children’s charity. What made the Practice Track stand out compared to writing a dissertation is that we benefitted from putting our academic knowledge into practice. We also got to meet incredible people along the way.

I also really enjoyed taking part in the Future Business Challenge. This competition not only gave me practical experience in cross-cultural teamwork, but we were also able to question senior people from Ted Baker, Wessex Water and Arup on their industry knowledge. The highlight for me was meeting our mentor, Margaret Heffernan. The wealth of expertise we were exposed to was second-to-none. I am so grateful for this experience.

The School of Management’s Careers Team have been very supportive in every step of the job application process. They are very hands-on, organising skills workshops, one-to-one career development sessions and corporate networking events. Their help boosted my employability, and because of them I

I knew I wanted to do a doctoral programme that would combine theory and practice. As Head of the Library Information Systems Department at the Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon, I needed a doctoral programme that would suit my busy work schedule and life commitments. That’s how I ended up choosing the DBA in Higher Education Management.

I had been looking for a suitable DBA programme in Europe. A friend of mine was studying at Bath and she suggested I looked there, given its record of excellence in management studies. The Bath DBA stood out because of its specialisation in Higher Education Management.

The structure of the DBA takes my full-time job and heavy commitments into consideration. Another great aspect of the course is that after only a year of study I’ve been able to apply it to my work already.

My favourite part of the course has definitely been the residentials. Around 20 students from all over the world meet in Bath for a week, twice a year. My coursemates come from over ten different countries.

We learn about the latest research and practice, get exposed to new ideas, listen to leaders in the field and share our own experiences.

The residentials play a major part in bringing us closer together and developing a strong global network. Getting to know how each person thinks about a certain problem and approaches a solution has added a lot to my experience and broadened my knowledge. I particularly enjoy the residential dinner. It’s a great chance to connect and network with each other and the speakers.

Another great thing about the residentials is the support we receive from the administrative and academic staff. The team is always available to answer any questions and help us through any issues. Feedback is encouraged during the residentials, and our comments and suggestions are taken into consideration.

Bath is one of the nicest cities I’ve visited. It’s a fact that Bath is one of the safest cities in the UK and you feel it while walking its streets. I like taking walks from the hill where the University is down to the city below - the views are breath-taking.

With its global reputation and international network, a degree from Bath is highly recognisable and very well regarded. This adds to its graduates’ credibility in the workplace.

One of the biggest reasons why I chose this course was that it offers a unique practicum unit. This lets students participate in a real-life project and work with a client throughout the course in a controlled environment.

After graduating with a bachelor’s in computer science, I wanted to gain management knowledge and the skills needed for today’s business world. Doing a master’s in management was the best choice for me to learn more and develop my commercial awareness.

I was attracted to Bath by its reputation and top rankings. The School of Management provides lots of opportunities and business challenges. These let us gain practical experience outside the classroom and give us access to many organisations. The University provides lots of sessions such as career workshops to develop our employability. Some of these specifically focus on improving your soft skills. They’re really practical and helpful.

I’ve had a wonderful year living and studying in Bath. The city is beautiful, dynamic and safe and the campus is incredibly well equipped. The University is diverse with students from all over the world. This creates an international and friendly learning environment. I love working and studying with students from different backgrounds because I can learn a lot from them.

The School of Management Careers Team were invaluable in supporting my graduate employment search and applications.

“The programme has benefitted me in more ways than I could imagine and really contributed to me securing my two previous roles of which are both data orientated. In addition to this, it has allowed me to further thrive in my professional career.” - BUSINESS ANALYTICS ONLINE MSC STUDENT

“I chose the University of Bath due to its esteemed reputation in engineering education and its holistic approach to business management. The university’s commitment to excellence in both fields resonated with my goal to bridge the gap between engineering principles and effective business strategies.” - ENGINEERING BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ONLINE MSC STUDENT

“I think the opportunity to network with people from a variety of different international contexts and professions really broadens your awareness of different career options you could pursue. Furthermore, the MSc’s focus on developing business strategy, financial plans and drawing up organisational structures amongst other skills helps you develop crucial management skills.” - ENTREPRENEURSHIP MANAGEMENT AND INNOVATION ONLINE MSC STUDENT

“The best part of the program is that it does not feel like a virtual program. I enjoy the discussion forum where I can learn and share knowledge about any subject matter with brilliant minds from all over the world. The course incorporates technology in research and analytics, which has shaped my trading strategies and skills immensely.” - UNIVERSITY OF BATH ONLINE MSC APPLIED ECONOMICS STUDENT

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