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Berlin  Germany

Established in 1998, IU International University of Applied Sciences has accumulated over two decades of expertise in delivering top-notch education. With a student population exceeding 100,000, the university has successfully cultivated a diverse and lively learning community. IU offers a comprehensive array of programs, featuring an extensive range of bachelor's and master's programs spanning disciplines such as business administration, computer science, engineering, and health management. The university places a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on learning experiences, ensuring that students acquire the skills and knowledge essential for success in their chosen fields. IU International University of Applied Sciences has consistently adapted to the evolving demands of a dynamic world, empowering students to excel in their respective domains and make a significant impact on society.

All our courses are also available fully online.

Why study at IU International University of Applied Sciences?

Tailored with the busy professional in mind, IU's programs introduce a new level of flexibility, enabling individuals to balance their studies with work, personal life, or family commitments.

Acknowledged with a 5-star rating by QS, IU's online degree programs empower students to attain a German degree from any location globally, whether pursued full-time or part-time.

The institution offers state-accredited Bachelor, Master, and MBA degree programs delivered in English, featuring an innovative approach.


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Berlin  Germany

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Business & Management (5) Computer Science (8) Engineering (12) Finance (14) Information Services (20) Education (11) Nursing & Health (27) Psychology (31)

About IU International University of Applied Sciences

Established in 1998 with the vision of empowering individuals to thrive in a digital era, IU International University of Applied Sciences has evolved into Germany's largest university since obtaining accreditation from the German Council of Science and Humanities.

The university's mission revolves around creating inclusive, global, and universally accessible education. IU has been a pioneer in online learning for over a decade, facilitating the ability for individuals to learn from any location and at any time. This achievement is made possible through IU's fully integrated digital platform, innovative learning tools, and virtual classrooms, aligning with their commitment to providing education that transcends geographical and temporal boundaries.

The university's fully integrated digital platform, coupled with cutting-edge learning tools incorporating AI technology such as ChatGPT and Syntea, allows students to customize their learning journey according to their needs and schedule.

At IU, you can study better with an AI tutor - Syntea. It is a unique AI-powered tool developed by IU International University of Applied Sciences, specifically for their students. Linked to the AI Learn app and available in all of their courses, Syntea is a first-of-its-kind AI tutor, offering you a new and exciting way of learning and practising new information.

As a campus-based student, individuals will attend tutorials on campus 2-3 days per week, with the remaining days available for personal use. This flexibility allows students to independently manage their study sessions, work commitments, and leisure time to explore and appreciate what Germany has to offer. Even before embarking on their academic journey, prospective students can seek guidance from study advisors to address any inquiries.

Once enrolled in the program, students will have access to comprehensive study guides tailored to the needs of international students. Additionally, they will receive learning guidance and motivation from study coaches and career coaches, who will assist in preparing them for entry into their chosen career paths. The student office is also available to address any questions or requests related to their studies.

Being a student in Germany comes with various perks, including discounts throughout the academic journey. For instance, students can enjoy reduced rates on subscriptions like Spotify or Amazon Prime. As part of the IU community, students can enhance their skills through complimentary access to LinkedIn Learning, offering over 5000 courses, and avail themselves of free access to programs such as Microsoft 365 and Adobe Cloud to facilitate collaborative work on class projects.

• IU is International: IU is proud of its large international network which continues to grow.
• IU is Digital: IU are experts in innovative, online learning and allow students to study easily from any device with digital tools, a large online library, and learning materials.
• IU is Flexible: Students who study online with IU, can choose between full-time or part-time study models and choose when they want to learn—great for people who have work or family commitments.
• IU is Practical: In addition to practical knowledge, students have access to advisors, a huge network of international students and alumni, and connections to 6,000 IU partners.
• And, of course, quality: IU and its programmes are certified and accredited and have won many awards. It has achieved top ratings on the CHE ranking and top marks for online studies in the QS Stars ratings. At a teaching level, professors at IU all have at least five years’ industry experience in their field to ensure students gain relevant and insightful knowledge.

Value of Scholarship(s)

Up to 67% in Scholarships


IU has always aimed to enable as many motivated students as possible, from any background, to access further education. They continue to offer scholarships to students who are high academic achievers, female leaders in technical fields, great contributors to society, and more. For online students at IU, scholarships of up to 67% are available! So, students can save a huge amount on tuition fees, not to mention the costs saved by learning at home without the need to travel or pay for accommodation.

Application Procedure

1. Complete and submit your online application
2. Get contacted by your personal study advisor within 48 hours
3. Discuss your scholarship or discount opportunities based on your work experience and academic performance with your study advisor

Halim Takhedmit, 30, is from Algeria and has a background in engineering. An Inside Sales Engineer with Fife Tidland GmbH (part of Maxcess), his hobbies include cycling and travelling.

"Starting the programme online offered me invaluable flexibility: I was able to remain at home in Algeria and study in parallel with my job, so I could prepare my next career step without taking a professional gap."

With ambition, drive and commitment to success, IU alumna Nienke Baas fulfilled her dream of working for a multinational company. Immediately after graduating, she joined Nestlé Professional as Junior Brand Manager, where she is responsible for brand management of food service brands.
"The international perspective that I developed during my studies at IU helps me tremendously in my everyday professional life."

"As an investment banker, IU alumnus Benjamin Mehran was involved in developing the Investment Bank N+1 Deutschland GmbH (now Alantra Deutschland GmbH), which was founded in 2013. After almost five years he left Alantra and now works as Investment Manager - Private Equity at the stock exchange listed company Aves One AG.

""The degree programme at IU is an excellent preparation for a career as an investment banker.”"

Turning a hobby into a profession: IU alumnus Max Euler realised this dream when he founded R3PREZ3NT, an agency focused on professional gamers and corporate consulting. He developed the concept during his studies at IU and wrote his bachelor’s thesis on eSports.

"My degree programme at IU gave me the tools to start my own business."

Main campus

IU International University of Applied Sciences


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