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Karlshochschule International University

Karlshochschule International University

The modern, globalized world demands more sustainable and unusual solutions to complex problems. Today's generation wants to make its contribution to social and economic transformation – and Karlshochschule wants to be the place for this change.

The 650 students at Karlshochschule in Karlsruhe also want to bring about a change in management and society. The young people from 70 countries are working together to find solutions to global challenges. With the help of alternative approaches to thinking and teaching in the fields of economics, politics and psychology, the state-recognized private university brings together cosmopolitan and motivated people so that they can actively shape a better world.

More than 10 bachelor's degree programs are offered in economics, social sciences and psychology, as well as two master's degree programs in management and social transformation - politics, philosophy & economics. The study programs at the award-winning university stand out due to their interactive teaching, small learning groups and individual support. With English-only degree programs, Karls also sees itself as an intercultural meeting place that promotes a critical perspective and has transformative goals. The result is a holistic approach in which ideas are reconsidered in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary manner.

Values such as sustainability, global justice, interculturality, and diversity are brought to the forefront and lived out at the independent foundation university. With interactive and (co-)creative teaching, the non-profit university not only offers a sound higher education, but also focuses on the students' personal development.

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