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Idstein  Germany

Hochschule Fresenius blends tradition with innovation. Digital transformation, demographic change or skills shortages: we know what makes people, societies and economies tick. We are constantly developing our study programs to train the next generation of specialists and managers. Join us and help shape the future with your specialist skills, creativity, agility and empathy.

Why study at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences?

Total flexibility when choosing your location and model of study in Germany and our integrated semesters abroad

Personal attention: The group size has a maximum of 25 students. Our staff and lecturers will be happy to help you at all times.

Teaching is practical: Most of our lecturers work in their area of specialization. Courses often also feature guest lectures to relate theory to practice



Idstein  Germany

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Medicine (26) Computer Science (8) Business & Management (5) Biological Sciences (4) Finance (14) Economics (10) Sociology (33) Creative Arts & Design (9) Environmental Sciences (13) Mathematics (25) Engineering (12) Chemistry (6)

About Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

Hochschule Fresenius is part of the Carl Remigius Fresenius Education Group, one of the largest private and independent education groups in Germany. This group includes, among others, AMD Akademie Mode & Design, Carl Remigius Medical School, Charlotte Fresenius Hochschule, Charlotte Fresenius Privatuniversität, escosign and Ludwig Fresenius Schulen. Through close cooperation within our network, we cover the entire educational landscape from training to further education and university studies. In this way, we offer people a wide range of opportunities and enable them to engage in lifelong learning.

We have currently 18,000 students and 30,000+ alumni.

As a student at Hochschule Fresenius, you'll be part of our "FreseFamily." We prioritize constant communication and opportunities for engaging with fellow students, lecturers, and our dedicated staff. By maintaining small class sizes, our program directors establish genuine connections with each student, creating an environment that fosters individual strengths while addressing areas that may need improvement. Our approachable lecturers are eager to share their expertise, supporting not just your academic progress but also your personal development.

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Fresenius University of Applied Sciences