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Masters Degrees in Cologne, Germany

We have 20 Masters Degrees in Cologne, Germany

Cologne is a historic city in Germany, situated in the Rhineland, near the western border with Belgium. Also known as Köln, it is one of the largest German cities and is home to a range of universities with around 95,000 resident students.

What’s it like to study a Masters in Cologne?

Built across the River Rhine, Cologne has some of the oldest buildings and most impressive architectural works in western Europe. Its earlier history is closely associated with its importance as a trading hub in the Rhineland, and the wealth generated by this economic activity is responsible for establishing the city’s political and cultural prominence. Landmarks include the famous Cologne Cathedral, which traces its origins to the 13th century and is now a World Heritage Site.

Cologne is also well-known, of course, for its association with ‘Eau de Cologne’ – a variety of perfume originally developed in the 18th century and still manufactured in the city (worth remembering if you’re ever stuck for gifts to take home in the holidays).

Postgraduate students in Cologne have the chance to explore and appreciate a historic city, while also taking advantage of modern festivals and events, including Europe’s largest street festival: the Cologne Carnival.

Travel to visit other parts of Germany and Europe is also made convenient by good road and rail connections and the proximity of borders with Belgium and the Netherlands.

Universities in Cologne

Cologne’s most famous university, the University of Cologne, is one of the oldest in Europe, having been originally founded in 1392. It is also one of Germany’s largest universities, with over 40,000 students – many of them international.

In addition to the University of Cologne, the city is home to other prestigious universities. These include the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (the largest such professional and technical training institution in Germany) and Cologne University of Music and Dance, which is the largest ‘conservatory’ (specialist music school) in Europe.

Careers in Cologne

Cologne is a major centre for the automotive industry, with Ford’s European headquarters based in the city. Car manufacturers such as Toyota, Volvo and Renault also have significant presences in the surrounding area. Cologne is also known for hosting many international trade fairs and conventions throughout the year, and has large insurance and media sectors.

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