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NEOMA Business School, Full Time Masters Degrees

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Join the NEOMA BS Master in Management and become a high-level manager, with solid cross-functional skills, a cutting-edge specialisation, and the ability to unite people and rethink dominant models. Read more

Join the NEOMA BS Master in Management and become a high-level manager, with solid cross-functional skills, a cutting-edge specialisation, and the ability to unite people and rethink dominant models.

This exceptional programme benefits from all the expertise of a “Grande Ecole” with a rich history and tradition and a strong network of professional and academic partners and alumni throughout the world.

Available on both our Rouen and Reims campuses, it will offer you a broad range of possibilities in terms of tracks, specialisations and work environments.

When you join the programme you will develop an overall vision of the company and understand how its different functions combine to enhance its performance. This cross-functional approach is central to the educational philosophy of the Master in Management programme. It will make you an expert in management, capable of leading specialists effectively in marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, etc.

Providing genuine employment possibilities, the programme will boost your prospects of being rapidly recruited as a specialist. At the same time, throughout the programme you will acquire cross-functional, flexible skills, enabling you to gain rapid promotion to senior management positions. These same qualities will guarantee your employability throughout your professional life, in France or abroad.

A career that will live up to your expectations.


  • A cross-functional approach covering every department in the company and how they interact.
  • Innovation teaching methods promoting leadership and personal development : seminars, simulations, long-term case studies, etc.
  • International outlook and a broad range of skills, with academic exchanges, double diplomas, the English track, and multicultural student cohorts.
  • Customised curricula, with an extensive choice of tracks and specialisations
  • Employability and fast-track career prospects, in France or internationally.


Our Master in Management includes several tracks, both traditional and alternative, with one fundamental objective: to offer you a curriculum that fits your career plan perfectly.

Depending on your level of English, from the outset you can follow most of your courses in English.

Find out more


Professional experience during your studies is essential because it will:

  • Provide you with the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice
  • Help to develop your career plan
  • Give excellent added value to your CV


The Master in Management provides for at least 10 months of internships :

  • A 6-month internship during the second and third years, will confirm and refine your career plan and may well help you find your first job

You can apply for the numerous offers that companies advertise directly through the School, or you can look for a business or contract that suits you best.

Our entrepreneurship track

Do you have an entrepreneurial project in mind? The entrepreneurship track is made for you. Offered in your second year, this selective track allows you to focus on your own entrepreneurial project.

Your specially adapted timetable enables you to follow courses in the morning and work on your entrepreneurial project in our incubator in the afternoon.

By choosing this track, you can:

  • Put your skills to everyday use
  • Take on responsibility
  • Participate actively in School life and promote inter-cohort links

This track is also offered to high-level athletes


In today’s globalised economy, you need to acquire the skills to lead your career in a multicultural environment. 

This is why the Master in Management guarantees you a strongly international outlook. This commitment is implemented on and off campus in various forms.

Study in a multicultural environment

When you join our School, you choose to study on our multicultural campuses as one of a student cohort comprising of dozens of nationalities. You will work every day in small groups with these international students, learn new methods and learn to overcome communication problems caused by different languages and culture. At the end of the programme, you will be perfectly capable of working in a multicultural environment.

Spend 6 months abroad

You can spend one semester in a top-tier academic institution as part of your Master programme. The Master in Management makes this possible tthrough a top-quality international network of nearly 300 possible destinations (depending on the semester), no matter what campus you are studying at.

The internships in the Master in Management programme can also be carried out in the country of your choice, as part of your international experience.


Become a professional that companies are looking for

The Master in Management Programme at NEOMA BS chooses to employ transversality in its curriculum: during your studies, you will come in contact with different areas of corporate management and learn about their different functions and interactions.

Through this exposure, at the end of the programme, you will be able to take charge of projects from A to Z, and manage specialists from different areas of the business thanks to your transversal outlook. 

This transversality opens the doors to professional placement and a continually evolving career path. Therefore you will find graduates from the NEOMA BS Master in Management programme holding a variety of positions at the different companies from various sectors of activity.

A solid alumni network is at your disposal after your studies

NEOMA Alumni is an association of NEOMA Business School graduates, one of the largest networks to come out of the Grande École programmes in France.

At the end of your studies, NEOMA Alumni and its Career Centre are there to support you throughout your professional career in all its phases.

Every year NEOMA Alumni organises more than 300 events (conferences, networking workshops, etc.) through its 26 professional clubs (sectorial or functional). The network also helps to drive the careers of graduates through promotional activities and the various networks of major companies that are always recruiting. Learn more at: http://www.neoma-alumni.com/

Business creators? NEOMA BS Incubator is there to assist you

If you are a student heading a project for either business creation or business takeover, our multi-site incubator provides you with a comprehensive support programme: 

  • Work space
  • Individual and comprehensive coaching
  • Personalised mentoring
  • Networking connections with our expert graduates
  • A web development team

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The MSc in Global Management is offered as a single degree in Reims, or as a double degree with the prestigious . D'Amore Mc Kim School of Business, Northeastern University Boston. . Read more

The MSc in Global Management is offered as a single degree in Reims, or as a double degree with the prestigious D'Amore Mc Kim School of Business, Northeastern University Boston. In addition, it is a partner of the International Partnership of Business Schools [IPBS] Master of International Management [MIM].


Single Degree Option

  • Be exposed to real-time business activities with a European study tour, company visits and conferences
  • Immerse into a professional context with an end-of-studies internship in France or abroad and an optional study period in China (additional fees apply).
  • Forge your intercultural skills thanks to a multicultural team of professors and students with an open-door policy facilitating student guidance and tutoring.
  • Consolidate your original training thanks to core management modules to build a solid, competitive professional profile, by expanding your key skills in strategy, finance, marketing and logistics.
  • Add some language proficiency with the preparation for the French Chamber of Commerce Language Certificate for international students.

From the NEOMA Business School you will earn a Master of Science in Global Management (MSc).

Two-Year Degree Option

This adapted curriculum offers students who want to gain or enhance their business management knowledge and skills the opportunity to earn a Master of Science in two years.

  • Build a strong background in leadership and management
  • Earn a 4-month professional experience
  • Gain maturity, test yourself in new situations and go beyond your comfort zone
  • Improve your communications skills in English
  • Benefit from an international environment: cross-cultural agility all taught in English, multicultural body of students and professors on both campuses (Reims-Rouen)

From the NEOMA Business School you will earn the Master of Science of your choice:

Double Degree Option

Bringing together their respective complementary expertise in entrepreneurship and leadership, D’Amore McKim School of Business and NEOMA Business School thrive to deliver a curriculum that will equip you with the mindset and the tools to raise global and complex challenges, and become global leaders.

  • Gain a double degree in under two years and become part of two worldwide alumni networks
  • Benefit from complementary skills honing in on the expertise of each school
  • Stand out in the global market and boost your employment opportunities across France and the USA.
  • Build a comprehensive professional experience from two different cultures
  • Take advantage of the guidance and support of two leading business schools

If you choose to study at NEOMA Business School in France and D’Amore-McKim School of Business in Boston, you will earn two master's degrees from two elite business schools across two different continents. 

From the D’Amore-McKim School of business you will earn a MS in International Management.

From the NEOMA Business School you will earn a MSc in Global Management.


In an increasingly uncertain environment, the key to a solid career is the capacity to navigate increasingly complex ethical dilemmas and take intelligent risks in a globalised and localised arena. 

The curriculum provides hard and soft skill training, it is strongly experiential and case study based. Advanced seminars cover the main corporate functions: business statistics, finance, accounting, marketing, strategy, innovation, supply chain management, human resources. Particular attention is given to developing soft skills: cross-cultural awareness, communication and negotiation, team management and leadership.

More importantly, beyond standard business modules the curriculum pays particular attention to current socio-economic and geopolitical events, and how they guide business and management practices. Specialised modules highlight the responsibility of business managers toward the great global concerns: the environment, technology, human rights, peace.

The programme is designed to form agile and operational managers, who are aware of the global forces that drive business as well as the future of humanity, and who are prepared to face them with bold action.

For a detailed description of the Single degree, Double degree and Two-Year Option curriculum, please visit the website


An obligatory end-of-studies internship or other professional experience in France of abroad concludes the programme. The duration of this internship ranges from min 4 to max 6 months ending 31st December. 

The NEOMA BS Teaching and Learning Center and Career Center support students during in their internship search with specialised workshops and face-to-face meetings. The NEOMA BS Corporate Club and Alumni Association provide internship opportunities across the globe.

To complete their degree, students present a Master’s thesis under the supervision of NEOMA BS staff.

Following graduation students may apply for an extension for their visa for 12 month sunder conditions in order to search for a job in the EU.


The M.Sc. in Global Management is geared to providing you with advanced professional skills to become an international manager with solid practical experience and an expert in intercultural business relations with a global vision and outlook.

A variety of international corporate functions to which you can aspire:

  • Account Manager
  • Accounting and Finance Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • International Development Manager

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Market analysts and industry experts all agree that Luxury Goods firms perform better than others even in turbulent times. The reason for this lies in their ability to fulfil the need for the exceptional expressed by a growing number of customers all over the world. Read more

Market analysts and industry experts all agree that Luxury Goods firms perform better than others even in turbulent times. The reason for this lies in their ability to fulfil the need for the exceptional expressed by a growing number of customers all over the world.

The International Master in Luxury Management is a unique double-degree programme created jointly by NEOMA Business School and MIP Politecnico in Milan. We have combined our academic and professional expertise and practice to deliver a curriculum specialised in how to understand, create and manage value in the luxury sector.

Associating French and Italian expertise, and with the support of our prestigious partners GUCCI and Champagne Taittinger, the programme covers the creation and the management of value in the luxury sector, from the product design to distribution.

The programme trains specialist managers in the luxury industry for senior positions in Luxury Goods companies.

Thanks to our interactive approach based on active learning with numerous case studies, business seminars and company visits, you will acquire hands-on knowledge of the major aspects of luxury management.


The International Master in Luxury Management is a cross-disciplinary programme delivered in English, in partnership with Gucci and Champagne Taittinger, through which you will:

  • Obtain an internationally recognized double master's degree (NEOMA BS and MIP Politecnico Di Milano).
  • Enhance your professional skills thanks to the professional project.
  • Benefit from dual experience in two countries with an outstanding reputation in the luxury sector: Italy and France.
  • Benefit from the contributions of luxury industry professionals (from international groups and smaller firms).
  • Ensure your employability in the luxury job market: 71% of IMLUX graduates find employment within 3 months in top management and marketing positions.


Taught entirely in English, the curriculum reflects the complementary expertise of NEOMA BS and MIP Politecnico di Milano and of our corporate partners, Gucci and Champagne Taittinger.


NEOMA BS, Reims (France) from September till December.

This phase will give you an overview of the competitive structure and business models in the Luxury sector. It focuses on the key values of luxury assets. You will learn to understand value creation foundation, discover the fundamentals of luxury management and leadership, and then gradually move on to luxury markets (multicultural perspective) and understanding luxury company assets (turning brands into assets). 

Study tour in Paris :  

At the end of November, the students will benefit from visits of companies and businesses related to the luxury industry in Paris, culminating with a challenge. 

This first term ends with case studies on exploiting assets in luxury markets (defining the potential for growth) before you move on to Milan.


MIP POLITECNICO DI MILANO, Milan (Italy), from January till June.

You will explore the creation and delivery of value. You will work on with value management in production, the transformation of cultural products into luxury products and collections, and of superior craftsmanship into outstanding products. You will also study how to convey the luxury experience through communication and retail (Digital Communication, Product & Collection Design, Operations & Quality Management, Supply Chain & Purchasing Management, Channel & Retail Management, and Communication & Promotion).


NEOMA BS, Reims (France), and MIP POLITECNICO DI MILANO, Milan (Italy), from July till December

You will undertake a Project or a Professional Thesis. This is also when you may develop professional experience in a firm involved in luxury management, though an optional internship (4 to 6-month, either in France or abroad).


The programme trains specialist managers in the luxury industry for senior positions in Luxury Goods companies.

A few of the possible jobs to which you can aspire:

  • Product & Brand Manager
  • Retail Merchandising Manager
  • Purchaser
  • Management Controller
  • Packaging and Development Manager

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The programme is designed so that you work on a project from conception to its implementation. Thus, you will gain analytical and management skills to develop growth opportunities all over the world (new markets, new ventures, etc.). Read more

The programme is designed so that you work on a project from conception to its implementation. Thus, you will gain analytical and management skills to develop growth opportunities all over the world (new markets, new ventures, etc.). You will use project management methods to implement expansion plans and motivate the team.

With the Case Study Competition, you will work on a concrete corporate project during the programme, with highly strategic, political, financial, and environmental aspects to deal with.


With over 10 years of experience, the MSc in International Project Development is a unique project based programme that gives you strategic managerial skills:

  • Become an expert in project development: train in MS PROJECT, gain PRINCE2 Test® (PRoject in Controlled Environments) certification in project management.
  • Experience an international field study involving real business situations with companies such as Intel, Curver, Boeing, DCT, Sunreef Yachts as well as local start-ups.
  • Enhance your strategic skills with the Case Study Competition: all along the course, you are immersed in a genuine, multi-dimensional corporate project.
  • Learn by doing: design and implementation of projects with local and international companies.
  • Enrich your cross-cultural skills in a diverse, multi-cultural environment: nearly 90% of students are is international, the faculty is international, the field study seminar takes place in a European country, and you can undertake your internship abroad.


As a cross-functional activity, project development is crucial to business development. The MSc in International Project Development encompasses all the different phases from the genesis and design to its timely implementation.

September to April :

  • Development Strategies across Countries and Cultures
  • Financial Analysis of Multinational Companies
  • Assessing Investment Projects
  • Managing the legal dimensions of business
  • Managing individuals and teams : an experimental approach
  • Project Management Methodologies (PRINCE2®, MS PROJECT)
  • Project Management Life Cycle: the art of project leadership, using PMI methods and mechanisms
  • Business Planning and new venture development
  • Multi-dimensional project management
  • PRINCE2® seminar: An intensive session introduces you to this internationally recognised method, aimed at all types of projects. At the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to obtain the PRINCE2 international certificate in project management
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Managing financial Risks in an International Context
  • International Project Development case study
  • Negotiation Strategies and Dispute Resolution
  • Making the Transition from Academia to the Business World
  • International field study: working closely with managers from companies such as Intel, Curver, Young Digital Planet, Sunreef Yachts, Boeing, or local start-up firms, you address genuine business issues. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the situation and your expertise in concepts and methods, you provide professional recommendations, for instance on ways to grow business, CSR, strategy, or a business model.

From May to December :

  • Internship: 4 to 6 months, in France or abroad
  • Final dissertation and oral defence


The MSc in International Project Development prepares future managers to develop international business projects, from design to implementation, and to progress fast during your career in Business Development.

A few of the possible jobs to which you can aspire in the field of project management and business development:

  • Business Development Executive
  • Project Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Area Manager

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The MSc in Marketing French Excellence prepares students from any country for a career in International Marketing. WHY JOIN THIS PROGRAMME ?. Read more

The MSc in Marketing French Excellence prepares students from any country for a career in International Marketing.


The MSc in Marketing French Excellence prepares students for a career in international marketing by:

  • Focusing on French centres Excellence as benchmarks for the development of wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of France's outstanding position in international marketing.
  • Analysing in detail marketing strategy and tactics in different French industries to develop distinctive applicable techniques.
  • Providing managerial and operational skills required to excel in the world of international marketing.
  • Studying recent developments in French academic research and practical problem solving to develop the ability to adapt and innovate in real-time.

France occupies a unique position, excelling in cultural diversity, scientific endeavour, hospitality, and business acumen. The programme uses examples from global industries in which France excels to teach advanced marketing theory and techniques. The curriculum also includes an internship and a final dissertation. It provides a unique challenging experience for students, while maximizing their opportunities for long-term personal and career development.


The MSc in Marketing French Excellence programme starts with the fundamentals of Marketing and culminates with the internship and a final dissertation. It is organised in semesters:

SEMESTER 1 – October to December, Fundamentals of Marketing

  • Millenial Marketing

Discover how the digital revolution has changed the field of marketing, and how the most cutting edge tools are impacting marketers globally, as well as how those tools are used, both by and in an attempt to target, the current generation. Topics include, but are not limited to: web marketing, social media marketing, big data, apps, netnography, and more.

  • Operational Marketing

Marketing tools, theories, and knowledge required for the successful planning and execution of effective marketing activities.

  • International Strategic Marketing

Definition of frame for a comprehensive marketing analysis, including the global environment, culture and customer and competitor analysis. Choice of market and integration of different variables within an overall international strategic approach.

  • Quantitative Tools for Marketing

Use of quantitative information as an essential element in marketing decisions. Understanding and interpreting key marketing statements within the business.

  • Consumer Behaviour

Motivation and the buying process from a French sociocultural perspective.

SEMESTER 2 – January to May, French Marketing

  • Brand Management

Understanding how brand marketing works and examining the actions and responsibilities of the marketing team, to maximize the potential of the major brands they control.

  • Market Intelligence

Mastering and implementing sophisticated research techniques related to data collection and analysis to address complex marketing problems with the most appropriate methodology

  • Luxury Marketing

Learning the tools and techniques that maintain France’s position as a global leader in the luxury goods sector

  • Retail Marketing

Since the invention of the original hypermarket concept, France has consistently excelled in the development of innovative retailing and merchandising solutions.

  • High-Tech Marketing

Study the dominance of the French aerospace, nuclear and rail transport industries.

  • Cultural Marketing

What makes France different and special? This module focuses on the concept of National Brand Identity and examines how French marketers integrate culture as a positioning tool to gain competitive advantage and differentiate themselves.

  • Service Marketing

Focus on France’s status as the world’s most visited country and the success of leading French service companies in the tourism, hotel and hospitality industries.

SEMESTER 3 – June to December, Marketing in practice

  • Internship (4-6 months)

Provides an essential opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical skills learnt during the first two semesters to a professional environment. You are free to carry out your internship in France, or abroad, subject to approval by the internship director, based on its relevance to the MSc programme and course content.

  • Research Dissertation

You will be assigned a research tutor and choose a research topic that you will study throughout the semester and present to a panel of professors.


The M.Sc. in Marketing French Excellence prepares students from any country for a career in International Marketing.

A few of the possible jobs to which you can aspire:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Event Manager
  • PMarketing Operations Manager

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MSC IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. Thanks to a solid and intellectually challenging programme, you will gain deep insights into technical, managerial and strategic skills, helping you to obtain positions as managers or consultants in the Supply Chain and Procurement sector. Read more


Thanks to a solid and intellectually challenging programme, you will gain deep insights into technical, managerial and strategic skills, helping you to obtain positions as managers or consultants in the Supply Chain and Procurement sector.

In a context of globalization, supply chain management increasingly requires vertical integration to optimize and coordinate industrial and logistics flows. This challenge is not only strategic but also managerial, leading to corporate alliances. 

Key networks are emerging from this new model to improve relationships between the different company departments and customers (accounting, production, human resources, quality control, SAP system.).


The MSc in Supply Chain Management prepares future leaders in international supply chain management and procurement.

Graduates will be able to use new technologies and methods to address ambitious issues in cross-cultural situations:

  • Become an SCM expert thanks to an innovative, intensive programme.
  • Discover SCM mechanisms during a 5-day intensive seminar (SNCF simulator, Le Havre Port visit, Rungis market visit, SAP training etc.)
  • Prepare for PMI (Project Management Institute) and Six Sigma qualifications through extensive use of information technology tools including SAP, Visual Basic training for SCM applications and professional courses.
  • Apply for membership of the Association for Operations Management (APICS) and of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Management (CIPS).
  • Develop leadership and project management skills in a varied multi-cultural environment.


The MSc in Supply Chain Management focuses on logistics, industrial marketing, purchasing and operations management (OM).

The curriculum is structured in three main phases organised in intensive weekly modules. Mornings are spent on theory, while afternoons are devoted to workshops and practice.

This progressive structure is essential to the course and to student learning. The programme culminates with a 4 to 6 month internship (either in France or abroad) and the professional thesis (oral defence).

PHASE 1 - Introduction to the Programme

  • Introduction to Management Sciences
  • Strategic Purchasing
  • Industrial Organisation and Technology Innovation
  • Talent and leadership management

PHASE 2 – Core Courses

  • Operations and Process Management
  • Introduction to Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Information Systems for Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Revenue Management
  • Research Methodology

PHASE 3 – Professional Courses

  • Risk and project Management
  • Managing Quality for Supply Chain Management
  • International Procurement

Training and Seminars

  • SAP Training
  • VBA Training
  • Maritime transport seminar (including le Havre visit)
  • Sales seminar (including Rungis visit)
  • Pharmacy Logistics with a visit to a pharmaceutical Company
  • Railway Transportation Seminar
  • How to write a paper Seminars


4 to 6 months, France or abroad. 

Company visits and conferences.


The programme trains future specialists in international supply chain management and procurement.

A few of the possible jobs to which you can aspire:

  • Procurement Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Forecast Coordinator
  • Information Systems Manager

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