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Masters Degrees in Business & Management, Finland

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Application period/deadline. March 14 - 28, 2018. An internationally comparable degree in Economics from an AASCB accredited business school. Read more

Application period/deadline: March 14 - 28, 2018

• An internationally comparable degree in Economics from an AASCB accredited business school

• Cutting-edge research-based knowledge in international business management

• Global outlook and inspiring international environment with industry involvement for professional growth and personal development

The international master’s degree programme in International Business Management (IBM) is a two-year research-based programme that focuses on developing, managing and leading international businesses by combining various topics through a multidisciplinary approach. The distinctive nature of the education stems from the combination of management and international business especially from the viewpoints of strategy, innovativeness, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility. The education concentrates on the complexities in international for-profit companies and non-profit organizations, their relationships, and wider business networks or economic areas, such as states and nations. Understanding of these complexities is essential for the social, economic, and ecological sustainability of businesses and organizations.

A close connection between theory and practice is maintained in research, teaching, and company projects. During the studies, students have a possibility to perform assignments for small and large companies. The programme aims to give students the tools needed in managing, creating, and developing a variety of international organizations, including new ventures. Teaching that combines theoretical and practical aspects both in the contents, and teaching methods, provides tools and skills to manage growth-oriented, knowledge based business in dynamic and global business environments.

The programme provides the basis for expertise in areas such as:

• Business designing, venture growth strategies, and international entrepreneurship

• Developing an innovative mind-set and new businesses

• Strategic thinking

• Responsible business management and leadership

• Leading multinationals, mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures

• Legal issues related to international business

The skills gained in the programme offer you a solid academic training and essential knowledge on managing and leading international businesses. General learning outcomes of the programme are:

• Analytical thinking, economic problem solving, and business decision making

• Deep and coherent understanding of international business management

• Ability to use, process and analyze economic and/or business information

• Ability to act as future generators of sustainable value for business and society

• Ability to conduct research projects independently

The IBM graduates will be awarded a Master of Science degree, majoring in International Business Management. The degree provides a good qualification for doctoral studies in the fields of management and international business, and opens career paths that may lead to different managerial positions and entrepreneurial activities.

Possible job titles include:

• Business Development Manager

• Management Consultant

• Key Account Manager

• Sales Manager

• Entrepreneur

Students applying for the programme must possess an applicable B.Sc. degree, most often from the field of business, social sciences, or engineering.

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Application period/deadline. March 14 - 28, 2018. The only master’s programme in Nordic Countries focusing on Product Management. Read more

Application period/deadline: March 14 - 28, 2018

• The only master’s programme in Nordic Countries focusing on Product Management

• Multi-disciplinary degree that combines technical knowledge, economic methods, and understanding of human behaviour

• Close collaboration with the industry and business

Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) combines technical knowledge, economic methods and the understanding of human behaviour. The students will learn to explore phenomena and to solve problems from the three aforementioned perspectives. Product Management major focuses on the development and management of products and services throughout their life-cycles. Product management major is designed to provide the student with the ability to:

• Analyse, design, and develop different technologies, products, and services

• Manage technologies, product life-cycle and product development processes

• Understand product management and product portfolio management’s principles, goals, processes, and information systems

• Master the phases of productisation, including requirement management, design, delivery, maintenance, and removal

Product management major in the master’s programme in Industrial Engineering and Management can be complemented with the courses related to production management, organisation and knowledge management, project management, and engineering studies.

The degree programme involves close collaboration with industry and business, meaning that lectures include practical cases that improve the learning experience. Guests from various organisations are often invited to speak in the lectures. Assignments are typically connected to practical industrial problems and challenges, allowing students to gain industry experience as they start building networks within the business world. The language of instruction in the degree programme is English and many exchange and international degree programme students participate in the courses. In addition, exchange studies abroad are recommended for the students. A lot of cooperation exist with other universities in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Graduates typically work in technical economic development and management positions in companies or other organisations. The graduates will have expertise in new product development, rapid development and productisation. They will be competent in different areas of product management such as strategic fit, value maximisation and balancing the product portfolio, and they can use their knowledge when solving challenging problems in various, especially technology-intensive, industries.

Possible titles include:

• Product manager

• Product Data Manager

• Product Development Engineer

• Product Portfolio Manager

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Application period/deadline. March 14 - 28, 2018. An internationally comparable degree in Economics from an AASCB accredited business school. Read more

Application period/deadline: March 14 - 28, 2018

• An internationally comparable degree in Economics from an AASCB accredited business school

• Analysis of accounting information for internal decision-making and outside investors

• In-depth knowledge of firm valuation, auditing, cost accounting, and capital investment planning

The International Master’s Degree Programme in Financial and Management Accounting (FMA) is a two-year programme concentrating on the analysis of accounting information for the needs of a company’s internal decision-making as well as for outside investors. The programme will give you relevant expertise and core knowledge towards the adaption of an international financial reporting system, and help develop skills matching the growing need for management control and accounting of internationally operating firms. In particular, you will go through at least the following topics:

• International financial reporting

• Corporate governance

• Econometrics

• Management control

• Auditing

• Firm valuation

• Cost accounting

• Financial analysis

• Globally responsible business

The 2-year programme has two specialization options:

• Financial Accounting

• Management Accounting

After the first semester, each student decides to pursue with a focus on courses of one of the two specializations.

Financial Accounting explores profit and loss accounting, usage of financial statement data in decision-making, incentive compensation of top management, auditing, and firm valuation.

Management Accounting focuses on cost accounting, budgeting, capital investment planning, and management control.

Optional modules make it possible to widen your expertise into:

• The respective other specialization option

• Finance

• Economics

• Practical expertise (internship)

The programme is part of several international Master’s programmes at Oulu Business School. Studying at OBS has become a genuinely multicultural experience, as international degree students, exchange students from all over the world, and of course Finnish students are attending the courses of the FMA programme. A firm connection to working life is given through real-life projects, case studies and national competitions you can participate in in the scope of your studies. The mix of lecturers being OBS professors, guest professors and practitioners guarantees that you will develop a diversified perspective on current issues in accounting.

Whether you aim at pursuing an academic career or working in the industry after finishing your studies, you will be well-prepared for both options.

Possible titles include:

• Chief Financial Officer

• Controller

• Auditor

• Financial Analyst

• Consultant

Students applying for the programme must possess an applicable B.Sc. degree in one of the following fields of study: business studies, social sciences, education, natural sciences, mathematics, or engineering.

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Application period/deadline. March 14 - 28, 2018. An internationally comparable degree in Economics from an AASCB accredited business school. Read more

Application period/deadline: March 14 - 28, 2018

• An internationally comparable degree in Economics from an AASCB accredited business school

• Students get familiarised in servitisation, strategic marketing practice, organisational buying behaviour, consumer behaviour, supply chain management, and digital marketing within global markets

• Relevant skills of the latest marketing knowledge, practices, and technologies

At the Oulu Business School (OBS), the primary focus in marketing education and research is in business-to-business relationships and networks. The studies offer a broad understanding of the interaction and processes between the organisations in business networks. As part of their studies, the students develop expertise in fundamental marketing areas such as campaigns, branding, procurement and logistics, and digital marketing practices.

OBS is one of the first Nordic business schools to earn AACSB International business accreditation. Only some 5 % of the world’s business schools have fulfilled the AACSB quality standards.

OBS offers four focal research areas in marketing: industrial marketing, electronic business, logistics and supply chain management, and service and service business management.

The education is based on high-quality research and active co-operation with local and global companies and organizations. Education in marketing will help students to develop not only the professional capabilities necessary in customer and network relationship management but also abilities to apply scientific knowledge in the practice of marketing.

Possible titles include:

• Account Manager

• Customer Service Manager

• Marketing Manager

• Marketing Planner

• Sales Manager

• Product Manager

• Project Manager

• Head of Supply Chain Management

• Retail Development Manager

Students applying for the programme must possess a bachelor degree in marketing, business studies, social sciences, engineering, or IT studies in business.

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Application period/deadline. March 14 - 28, 2018. An internationally comparable degree in Economics from an AASCB accredited business school. Read more

Application period/deadline: March 14 - 28, 2018

• An internationally comparable degree in Economics from an AASCB accredited business school

• In-depth understanding of finance theory and financial markets

• Special insight into alternative investments and individual investor behaviour

The international master’s programme in Finance is a two-year programme that covers the core areas of finance, investment management, and corporate financial management. The program includes such courses as:

• Asset pricing

• Portfolio management

• Alternative investments

• Corporate finance

• Corporate governance

• Financial risk management

The program also includes a module of core courses which covers fundamental theory, mathematical methods, and research methods.

Students gain special insight into the areas of the management of alternative assets and individual investor behaviour. The Finance Department of Oulu Business School has unique databases which allow top-level research in these areas.

The programme has a double degree programme with HEC School of Management, University of Liege, Belgium. A limited number of qualified students accepted to the programme complete their first year of studies in Oulu and the second year of studies in Liege. Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded the degrees of M.Sc. Finance from the University of Oulu and Master’s degree in Management, Banking and Asset Management, from the University of Liege.

Students are also eligible to go abroad on an exchange programme during the two-year programme in Oulu.

Graduates understand finance theory and have the technical skills to apply theory to practice. The programme prepares students for such positions as:

• Asset Manager

• Financial / Market Analyst

• Investment Banker

• Corporate Financial Manager

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Application period/deadline. March 14 - 28, 2018. Become an expert in global education policy, education systems and curricula, quality, ethics and leadership. Read more

Application period/deadline: March 14 - 28, 2018

• Become an expert in global education policy, education systems and curricula, quality, ethics and leadership

• We educate students for socially responsible leadership in complex and diverse societies, environments, and work communities

• A truly international group that ensures multiple perspectives

Education and Globalisation is a full-time two-year international master's programme. The programme emphasises North-South-East-West dialogue and includes studies in international education, interculturalism, globalisation and their effects on various sectors of education.

The programme focuses on the following areas in education on both local and global levels:

• Ethics

• Policy

• Planning

• Curriculum

• Evaluation

• Comparative research

Students major in Educational Sciences. The programme includes a minor subject (Education in Transition) for those who have not studied Education in their previous studies. Other relevant minors can be chosen if student has studied education in previous studies.

To strengthen the work-life relevance and students’ professional development, the programme includes a mandatory internship period. Internship can be done in Finland or internationally in a variety of different settings, such as intergovernmental agencies, non-governmental organisations, or educational institutions.

After completing the programme, students are awarded a Master of Arts (Education) degree which enables them to continue their academic studies at doctoral level. This degree does not constitute a formal teaching qualification as such but students’ educational background, working experience and own interests affect the career paths of the graduates.

Future Career Opportunities

The professional foundations of the programme are related to tasks in research, planning, administration and teaching in the field of education, and also tasks in different organisations offering consultation and guidance. During the studies, students gain competence for working in national and international contexts in the public, private and civil society sectors, as professionals, such as:

• Project leaders

• Coordinators

• Educational consultants

• Evaluators

• Researchers

• Teachers

• Administrators

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Welcome to the MUrCS Erasmus Mundus Joint Master!.  Now open for application! Deadline. 22 February. This 2 year . Read more

Welcome to the MUrCS Erasmus Mundus Joint Master!

 Now open for application! Deadline: 22 February

This 2 year Master in Urban Climate and Sustainability (MUrCS);

  • gives you a critical understanding of the complexity of urban sustainability and the need for local action to combat global climate change.
  • offers several professional pathways in leading sustainable urban climate change adaptation/mitigation
  • enables you to operate in senior positions – in both the public and the private sectors – to lead sustainable and climate oriented planning.
  • is open for both existing urban professionals as well as those with multidisciplinary environmental backgrounds.

The curriculum is designed to inter-link three thematic areas:

  • Thematic Stream 1: Planning
  • Thematic Stream 2: Management
  • Thematic Stream 3: Science
  • Core Module: Basics & General

The programme language is English.

Course structure

Mobility of both students and staff is instrumental to a rich learning experience and is a key added value to the already well-established postgraduate education pathways at partner institutions. MUrCS offers a range of mobility experiences under different educational, professional, geographical, socio-cultural and language environments along the study path. The overall objective of creating a new skill/profession by integrating knowledge to manage the complex task of leadership in Urban Climate and Sustainability makes interactions between the streams necessary throughout the whole course. Even if students focus on their respective specialisms during different parts of the programme, the cohort is kept together as much as possible, to encourage cross-subject activities – crucial for an integrated approach. This will be further strengthened by the continuity of the transverse skills modules.

Each intake is structured as follows:

  1. Semester 1 at GCU in Glasgow, starts with core modules, common for all students and offered with the participation of all partners and selected experts. This semester also includes research methods and transverse skills (professional orientation) blocks.
  2. Semester 2 takes place at LAMK in Finland for all students. This semester includes 30 ECTS offered by the host partner (core or elective for different streams) and a further 15 ECTS of modules accomplished by teachers from the other partners.
  3. Semester 3 offers students the first choice of study place. It is recommended to attach to the specialism HEI, while several modules are still offered by other partners. These may adapt in time to the actual demand, or may be offered in ‘distance learning’ mode.
  4. Semester 4 is devoted to thesis work, preferrably at the partner institution best aligned with the primary specialism. This work will be supervised by two teachers from different institutions reflecting students’ primary and secondary specialisms. It is also possible to conduct the thesis research work at one of the Associate Partner Universities.

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