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Monash University, Full Time Masters Degrees in Environmental Sciences

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Our future hangs in the balance. Humanity is developing at speed causing widespread environmental, economic and social challenges for sustaining life on Earth. Read more
Our future hangs in the balance. Humanity is developing at speed causing widespread environmental, economic and social challenges for sustaining life on Earth. It’s vital for us to change and adapt in all aspects of how we work and live.

If you’re future-conscious and want to transform society through sustainable solutions, this is your chance to learn the skills you’ll need. It’ll give you the training, language and tools to be a leader in a rapidly growing field. You’ll explore the trends, issues and science underlying global sustainability problems, and learn how to evaluate, analyse and collaborate across sectors to influence, motivate and effect positive, sustainable change.

Get hands-on, real-world experience through an internship, interdisciplinary or research project to help drive innovation, and be taught by global and professional experts from multiple disciplines and sectors, who are leading the environment and sustainability agenda in Australia and internationally.

Combine your industry experience or previous study with a strong foundation in understanding sustainability challenges, and use it to advance sustainability solutions in your sector. You’ll have the skills to provide strategic leadership in policy formulation, governance and regulatory advice, management and capacity-building in sectors as diverse as business, government and not-for-profits.

Visit the website http://www.study.monash/courses/find-a-course/2017/environment-and-sustainability-s6002?domestic=true


The Master of Environment and Sustainability allows you to specialise in one of five areas.

Please select a specialisation for more details:

Corporate environmental and sustainability management

All organisations are impacted by social and environmental sustainability issues to some degree. To enable them to respond they need to understand the national and international regulatory environment, the business case for sustainability, effective strategic responses and sustainability measurement approaches.

The Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Management specialisation explores the complex mix of social, environmental and economic sustainability challenges and opportunities faced by organisations. You will explore how global and national environmental regulation influences organisations’ transition to sustainability. You will learn how to design, implement and facilitate strategies and solutions in corporate management for sustainable and accountable development.

Environment and governance

Governments, markets and civil society play important and inter-related roles in the governance of the environment. The term environmental governance is used to capture the full range of actors and organisations involved. Understanding how change occurs from the scale of the individual through to the broader society, and from local to national and international scales of governance is key to effective environmental governance.

There are a broad range of contexts in which transitions to more sustainable practices are needed, including environmental policy and analysis, planning, consulting, education, advocacy and management.

The Environment and Governance specialisation will develop your understanding of policy and governance to enable change and responsible action to support sustainability. You will learn to critically analyse problems of environmental governance and sustainability to enable informed solution development.

Environmental security

The challenges of global environmental security are diverse—from energy shortages, loss of biodiversity, extreme temperatures, emerging infectious diseases and food and water insecurity. Society must be equipped to deal with these challenges, with solutions supported by the best scientific evidence.

Globally there is a growing need for professionals with science literacy skills to interpret and translate the evidence about environmental security that is crucial to a wide variety of sectors and stakeholders.

The Environmental Security specialisation will provide you with the knowledge and understanding to guide the sustainable use of resources and protection of the natural environment, and to integrate this into policy and management.

International development and environment

Some of the hardest hit by changes in our environment are in developing nations. This requires tailored solutions that encompass economic change, social equity and environmental protection. To achieve sustainable development in poor and developing societies we need to move beyond conventional approaches toward transdisciplinary solutions that bring together academic and other kinds of knowledge, human rights, social justice and goals of ecological sustainability.

There is a growing demand for a new generation of practitioners to work in the sustainability and community sector, who are engaged and committed to sustainable development in a global context.

The International Development and Environment specialisation will develop your knowledge and skills to analyse the causes of poverty, disadvantage and environmental change, and work effectively with a wide range of groups to plan and implement development that is environmentally sustainable.

Leadership for sustainable development

The grand challenges that our society faces require innovative solutions and transformative change. Now and in the future, we need people who embrace complexity, inspire action and influence behaviour to develop solutions for a better world.

Worldwide there is a growing demand for professionals from a range of disciplines, organisations and sectors that are able to collaborate, lead and deliver change for sustainability.

The Leadership for Sustainable Development specialisation will equip you with cutting-edge theoretical insights, analytical skills and practical capacities to guide, influence and lead processes aimed at creating positive social, environmental and economic outcomes.

For more information visit the faculty website - http://www.study.monash/media/links/faculty-websites/science

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