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Erasmus School of Economics Masters Degrees in Econometrics

We have 2 Erasmus School of Economics Masters Degrees in Econometrics

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Become an indispensable expert in effectively combining economic theory and quantitative analysis. Econometrics is paramount for decision-making in business and economics today. Read more

Become an indispensable expert in effectively combining economic theory and quantitative analysis

Econometrics is paramount for decision-making in business and economics today. Do you already have a strong background in mathematics, statistics and econometrics and would you like to take it further? With the Econometrics programme, you can.

Financial firms, statistical offices and international governmental organisations successfully apply econometric models and methods on a daily basis. No matter where your ambitions lie, this Master specialisation in Econometrics will give you the edge. The programme will not only provide you with in-depth knowledge of econometric theory, but will also train your skills to use advanced quantitative methods and techniques, perform empirical econometric analysis and develop and apply new models.

Rotterdam, the start and centre of Econometrics

If you want to extend your econometric knowledge beyond linear regression, instrument variable regression, limited dependent variables models and time series analysis, Erasmus School of Economics is where you want to be. Together with the Econometric Institute, we offer a high-quality advanced curriculum that combines advanced theory with extensive case-based training.


The quantitative skills you acquire in this programme are your ticket to a great starting position on the job market. Records show that later in their careers, many of our graduates become board members at leading industrial firms and banks or highly-positioned civil servants. With the right attitude and rigour, you too can have a prosperous career anywhere you want. Possible employers include: 

  • multinationals
  • public offices
  • international economic organisations
  • academia

"Surrounded by smart and motivated students from all over the world, I have become skilled in applying advanced methods to real-life economic problems"

Do you share our Econometrics students’ broad interest in economics? Do you have a demonstrable quantitative background and plenty of curiosity, ambition and determination? Then you should definitely meet some of our students here.

Download the brochure here.

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Advanced quantitative training squared. Read more

Advanced quantitative training squared

Do you want your work to involve revenue management, transport planning and scheduling in railways, shipping lines and airlines or supply chain design? Or would you rather excel in science? Do you have sound academic training in econometrics, mathematics, physics, industrial, mechanical or systems engineering? Then you should seriously consider the Operations Research and Quantitative Logistics programme.

Operations Research is a broadly applicable discipline in which advanced quantitative methods are used to help make better decisions. Quantitative Logistics studies the application of quantitative techniques to design, plan and control logistics systems. This programme trains you in both fields, while addressing real-world problems.

Taking decision making further, in logistic epicentre Rotterdam

This specialisation focuses on areas in transport and logistics requiring strong quantitative skills. It differs from other standard logistics or supply chain management programmes in the sense that you also learn all about the methodology underlying advanced decision support systems. Giving you the edge.


With this specialisation, you can easily secure employment in sectors that are in increasing need of quantitative skills, like logistics / transport, healthcare and utilities. Records show that the analytical skills acquired in this programme will give you distinctive hiring and starting salary advantages over many other graduate programmes. Today’s need for data-driven management is fulfilled by our graduates. Examples of companies include:

  • Air France-KLM, Schiphol Airport, Europe Combined Container Terminal (ECT)
  • Shell, Siemens, Netherlands Railways, KPN Telecom, TNT
  • consultancy firms like CapGemini, Deloitte and Ortec Consultants
  • NASA, Quintiq USA, TNT Post UK

"During my internship at an express carrier, I was sent to South Korea to do a complete network redesign"

Do you share our students’ sound academic training in a quantitative domain? Does the transport/logistics sector appeal to you, too? Are you ambitious and analytical just like they are? They will gladly share their thoughts on the programme with you.

Download the brochure here.

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