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   Tel Aviv, Israel  TAU International Graduate School of Social Sciences

TAU International Graduate School of Social Sciences


Tel-Aviv University is the largest and most comprehensive university in Israel. Its 1,000 researchers and 30,000 students are expanding knowledge daily across the academic spectrum. TAU is the intellectual engine powering Israel's startup culture and successful economy, and is ranked among the top 10 most innovative educational institutions in the world. TAU’s researchers are creating innovative groundbreaking knowledge and systems and technologies, as a matter of routine. The Gershon H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences is one of TAU’s prominent faculties, which attracts young bright faculty members, as well as an increasing number of students.

The TAU International Graduate School of Social Sciences, (or IGS3) is the focal point for all international activity at the faculty, hosting world renowned guest faculty from leading universities around the world and offering international students 5 attractive MA non-thesis programs, as well an option to proceed as research students. All our programs offer both Thesis and Non-Thesis tracks.

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Why choose us?

The IGS3 enables academic collaboration and enhances the synergy between our various international programs, putting an emphasis on inter-disciplinary thinking and innovation in teaching and research, focusing on creating the next generation of bright young researchers, experts and policy makers, to be taught and guided by the best researchers of the world’s top universities.

Tel-Aviv – the non-stop city

Tel-Aviv is Israel’s cultural, academic and commercial capital and one of the most vibrant, yet safest cities in the world. It is an international innovation hub, carachterized by a diverse, open and free-spirited lifestyle. TAU and IGS3 have a vibrant international student community, and a student life team of experienced guides who will welcome you to TAU and help you maximize your experience on campus and in Israel.

We offer a variety of funding opportunities, to make your decision to study at TAU easier.