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The Institute of Environmental Sciences at the University of Kaiserslautern-Landau (RPTU Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität Kaiserslautern-Landau) on the Landau campus conducts basic and applied research focusing on the diverse and complex interactions between humans and the environment. The institute combines the expertise of 14 working groups and thus current research from molecules, to ecosystems, to human society. The loss of biodiversity, human-induced global change, and increasing emissions of pollutants are among the most pressing problems of our time. The study of these processes and their effects on ecosystem functions requires a high degree of interdisciplinarity and are central research topics at the Institute of Environmental Sciences Landau. With its research focus on "Land-water interactions under the influence of new anthropogenic stressors", the Institute contributes to the profile of the RPTU as part of the research initiative of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Why study at The Institute of Environmental Sciences?

Acquire a solid understanding of the natural and social dimensions of environmental problems with a unique blend of theoretical courses and hands-on practical training

Two interdisciplinary, English-taught master programmes Environmental Sciences and Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology)

Excellent conditions for studying and individual academic support thanks to a great student teacher ratio and study facilities on- and off-campus


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About The Institute of Environmental Sciences

The Natural and Environmental Sciences Department on the Landau campus stands for excellent studies, interdisciplinary teaching, and innovative projects. It is our aim to sustainably contribute to science with our teaching and research on the highest international standards. Promoting young academics is elementary to us.

Within the shortest possible time, the study area Environmental Sciences has become a key area for our department and the campus. Environmental Science related aspects gain in importance with regards to limited resources of our earth. We need active and well-trained young people, who are able to evaluate the consequences of our actions in the sense of sustainability and enable examinations that link the different systems. Studying Environmental Sciences or Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology) at our department, hence, offers excellent career opportunities in leading positions with employment outlooks in scientific facilities and research institutes, authorities, public offices and ministries, non-governmental organizations, industry, and consulting enterprises.

Landau – a city to enjoy

More than 46,000 people plus around 8,000 students live in the southern Palatine city between the Rhine River plains and the Palatinate Forest. The region shaped by viticulture is also called the "German Tuscany" because of its mild climate with 1,800 hours of sunshine per year and a great number of castles. Besides historic sights, it offers various attractions such as modern galleries and museums, concerts ranging from rock to classical music, lectures and festivals all year round. The Palatinate Forest, the largest forest in Central Europe and part of a transborder biosphere reserve with France, provides excellent possibilities for outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing or mountain biking. It is a paradise for nature lovers. Larger cities like Heidelberg, Frankfurt or Karlsruhe are within easy reach, either by train or car, and France is only 20 km away.

The campus in Landau (Southern Palatinate) is located in green but central surroundings near the former French fort, which is listed as a historic monument.

Students find excellent conditions for studying and individual academic support thanks to a great student teacher ratio and study facilities on- and off-campus. Many extra-curricular activities are organized by the university, the student union or other student organizations for our diverse and open-minded student community with students from more than 80 countries worldwide.

German universities are heavily state-funded. Students do not have to pay a tuition fee. There is only a semester contribution every student has to transfer for each semester of the enrollment at the university. In Landau it sums up to ca. 185 euro/semester. We estimate that students require 900 to 950 euro per month to cover their costs of living (including housing, health insurance, bills, internet, food, clothing, studying materials etc.). Of course, this depends on the individual style of living, the type of housing etc..

English: The program is conducted in English. Therefore, good active and passive English language skills on at least a B2 level are essential to study successfully. However, no formal proof of English proficiency (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL) is required. German: Proficiency of German is not a requirement for application. However, we recommend learning some basic German for daily life. While Germans also speak English, you will generally find life in Germany easier if you speak German.

This will be checked during the application process. For inquiries on the content of the study programme, please contact our programme advisors Dr. Sören Weiß: (M.Sc. Environmental Sciences) and Dr. Jakob Wolfram: (Environmental Pollution Management – Ecotoxicology).

Applicants who apply with a non-German degree apply through uni-assist. You upload all application documents online and transfer the handling fee to uni-assist before the deadline 15 June. However, due to the long visa process, we strongly recommend applying before 15 May! uni-assist checks your documents formally and forwards them to us, where they are checked by the admission committee. You will be informed about the decision by e-mail.

Students can apply for an apartment in our student halls through the Welcome Center or look for accommodation on the private housing market (e.g., flat shares).

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