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TRIUM Global Executive MBA

About This Masters Degree

Course Description

The TRIUM Global Executive MBA is one of the world’s leading degree programs for global leaders jointly issued by New York University Stern School of Business, London School of Economics and Political Science, and HEC Paris School of Management.

TRIUM provides students a transformational learning environment and access to a remarkable group of global business leaders, developing personal and professional connections that last a lifetime.

"To make the most of TRIUM, you need an open mind and a desire to be challenged. It’s certainly not for everyone. TRIUM was created for people looking to transform the way they see the world both professionally and personally. ”

Professor Oliver Gottschalg
TRIUM Academic Dean


Business and social leadership today requires perspectives that go far beyond traditional MBA education. As a program we are dedicated to providing you with the tools you need for the C-Suite. Beyond that, we will engage you in the kind of intellectual activity that will inform your strategic thinking, for the future of your organization, and for your own development. TRIUM learning is about the “how” and the “why” as much, or more so than the “what.”

Our learning experience will be organized around collaboration and discussion. We are dedicated to providing you with world-class professors, leading thinkers and access to resources and materials supported by the expertise of three of the top providers of management education in the world. These tools will provide you with the insights to ask the right questions in a world of uncertainty informed by changes in the geostrategic, digital, entrepreneurial, and global environment.



Our ever-growing community make the TRIUM Executive MBA program a uniquely transformational learning experience. By joining our program you will enter a remarkable network of high achieving global business leaders, and develop invaluable professional and personal connections with senior peers.

While every TRIUM student is unique, they also share a number of common characteristics. Our program is geared towards successful senior executives or business owners with an open and inquisitive world view. Individuals who are innovative thinkers looking to change direction or make a significant step in their careers, with future aspirations to have an impact and make a real difference through their work.



As a TRIUM student you will benefit from our unique combination of three diverse and highly respected schools, whose focus is on challenging your ability to think differently – by balancing research and analytical rigour with real-world application.

New York University Stern School of Business - http://www.stern.nyu.edu/
NYU Stern is ranked among the leading business schools in the world for its strength in finance and international business.

London School of Economics and Political Science - http://www.lse.ac.uk/home.aspx
LSE is one of the foremost social science universities, with worldwide credibility for global socio-political economics.

HEC Paris School of Management - http://www.hec.edu/
Ranked the number one business school for executive education by the Financial Times in 2013, HEC has a long-established tradition of training future managers and leaders.



TRIUM uses an executive-friendly blended learning format (in-person classroom time and independent study between modules) comprising of 6 on-site modules at multiple global locations over a 17 month period. Time out of the office is only 10 weeks.

MODULE LOCATIONS (weeks spent at)

There are 500+ live classroom hours taught in English. Between modules students complete between 15-20 hours per week of independent study which includes pre-and post-module reading, assignments, case studies, groupwork and the final strategic global Capstone project. See module dates - http://www.triumemba.org/program/module-date/


Graduates are awarded the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) jointly issued by NYU Stern, LSE, and HEC Paris.


Our program is designed to bring out your entrepreneurial spirit: something our students find to be a truly transformational experience. During the program you will learn to think differently, to be more innovative, and to consider ideas, experiences and events in their true global context.

As a result, our alumni go on to achieve extraordinary things – from career acceleration in their current roles to outstanding new business success.

Joining our program also enables you to connect with a remarkable network of high achieving global business leaders and peers, and develop relationships which will quite literally last a lifetime.

TRIUM Network - http://www.triumemba.org/trium-network/

You will benefit from:

- Our truly global perspective
- The diversity and seniority of our cohort
- The expertise, experience and diversity of our faculty
- Our modular program structure
- The opportunity to test your most creative business ideas through the Capstone Project
- The unique social, political and economic dimension offered by LSE
- The combination of the TRIUM alumni network with those of our three outstanding schools

Visit the TRIUM Global Executive MBA page on the HEC Paris website for more details!

All Available Videos:

(Student Profile)

Bernardo Ricci Armani

"The class was full of smart, talented and experienced people sharing their opinion and experience."

(Student Profile)

Fadi Halout

Undertaking module study in five different locations, with international cohort groups, requires efficient organisation, dedication, discipline, and culture tolerance. Working with senior level executives of varying expertise develops an open-mindedness and diplomatic ability to listen and debate despite differing viewpoints and leadership styles

(Student Profile)

Willfried Guerrand

The convenience of concentrating all the on-campus time within 10 weeks helped me to organize my time in a very practical way.

(Student Profile)

Jerome Charlez

The Leadership course is a red thread for the whole TRIUM journey that makes the link between modules

(Student Profile)

Peter Flade

TRIUM corrals the best and most appropriate teachers irrespective of where they teach


Entry Requirements

See Course Description - View Website

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