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Student Profile(s)

Valerie Corradini

"TRIUM helped me become a much more versatile executive, with global exposure I hadn’t previously had.”

For Valerie, who had spent most of her career in traditional sales and strategy roles at such financial services firms as BlackRock and Barclays Global Investors, her first months in the TRIUM program were a revelation. “I met such impressive people in my cohort; they had global experience, well-founded outlooks and were from industries I’d not had much exposure to, like consumer goods, government and manufacturing. It was captivating.”

As she grew increasingly immersed in TRIUM, Valerie stood for class representative, and she laughs that the job has continued beyond her degree. “I’m still in communication with the other two class reps and with other alumni. Some of us get together every other month.” The alumni-organized “Module 7” reunion, to be held this year in Moscow, “is a wonderful event to get to know previous years’ alumni and to reconnect with your own cohort.”

Valerie became interested in the payments industry early in the program and reached out to Visa as the TRIUM program progressed. “I found the industry to be a fascinating convergence of technology and finance,” she says. Starting as the Global VP of Human Resources, she has since transitioned into a strategy and operating role in Visa’s Commercial Business, building out the Global Accounts efforts in advance of the Visa Europe acquisition. She works closely with Visa’s Financial Inclusion team, who design and execute programs to bring people, largely in developing nations, into the financial system. “The opportunity to democratize access to capital around the world is challenging and tremendously interesting,” she says.

“TRIUM helped me become a much more versatile executive, with global exposure I hadn’t previously had. Moving from single industry sales and strategy into this role, which is essentially a strategic operating function, is a big change. TRIUM gave me a great foundation from which to expand my skillset and the benefit of a global network of experienced colleagues."

To read Valerie's full alumni profile, visit:

Narasimha Kodihalli

"There is no one factor or quality that makes anyone successful. This is especially true in an entrepreneur scenario. It’s the holistic nature of skills and approach that one needs to take on any startup journey. The TRIUM program is ideally designed to create this holistic skillset.
The ability to hold it all together and not be overwhelmed is a true leadership quality, and I couldn’t have asked for a better program than TRIUM to nurture such leadership qualities along with all skills I needed to take on the entrepreneurship journey."

To read Narasimha's full alumni profile, visit:

Gonta Kashio

"I was drawn to TRIUM because it was uniquely positioned as a global program that leverages on three world-class business and graduate schools with respective disciplines and strengths in Macro-Economics and Socio-Political Science (LSE), Strategic Management (HEC) and Strategic Finance (NYU). It was the ideal global program that I believed would best equip me with a new vision, knowledge, skills and the needed confidence in preparing for my next professional challenge."

"The combination of TRIUM’s academic rigour, stimulating debates and interactions with the professors and highly accomplished executives contributed much to my learning and development both professionally and personally. The outcome for me was a deeper appreciation of the corporate values of Shiseido, expressed in the company motto: “In Heritage, Excellence, In Diversity, Strength & In Challenge, Growth”. This embodies strong parallels to the TRIUM journey."

To read Gonta's full alumni profile, visit:

Laurie Fuller

"I was drawn to a Global EMBA program comprised of three top-ranked universities with a focus on analyzing business through a geopolitical and socioeconomical lens. The highlights of TRIUM for me were a world-class global MBA education and enduring global friendships."

"I love the TRIUM community! They are some of my closest friends. Our class had a wonderful turnout for our 5-year reunion. We see each other whenever we can. As an example, one of my classmates was married recently in Thailand and many of us traveled to attend the wedding. I look forward to celebrating our 10th anniversary next year."

"TRIUM reinforced my desire to think about decisions and related impacts globally; to take roles which continue to shape and deepen my international perspective; and increase my scope of influence."

To read Laurie's full alumni profile, visit:

Elaine Tan

"What really attracted me [to the programme] was the unique geo- and socio-political perspective of this programme, which is offered by the most prestigious LSE. This viewpoint is something very distinct from other EMBA programmes out there. Having the experience of working for an international organisation in the highly-political space sector, I firmly believe a systematic understanding of this context is critical to making international business decisions. In particular, I was very impressed with LSE’s choice to highlight the implications of climate change, as I personally feel that not enough people in leadership positions appreciate just how much this reality will impact our future, regardless of where we live, and how it will change the overall international business landscape. We need to be especially cognisant of these changes to anticipate the future for our organisations and decide what role we want to play in order to maintain or gain a competitive advantage. On a similar note, the programme also admirably reflects upon the need for greater corporate social responsibility, and in addition to bringing attention to this topic, demonstrates how there can be a business case for it. TRIUM’s focus on how the world is evolving, as a whole, by synthesising all the key developments that are most relevant for global managers, effectively prepares us for taking on more strategic leadership roles and meaningful responsibilities in the future, in both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations."

To read Elaine's full alumni profile, visit:

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