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Sports and Exercise Medicine - MSc

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Part time September, March MSc 2 years

About the course

The Sports and Exercise MSc course provides a progression route for the Postgraduate Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine course.

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Entry Requirements

Entry to the two year Sports and Exercise Medicine MSc will require successful completion of the Sports and Exercise Medicine Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits). This can be from Diploma MSc, the University of South Wales or another UK university (having completed similar modules).

Individuals who have not completed the postgraduate diploma can apply for the Sports and Exercise Medicine MSc as a two year course consisting of eight modules (180 credits) with the first 120 credits deriving from the postgraduate diploma.

Entry requirements for the two-year course are as for the Postgraduate Diploma.


£9,720 (2 years)

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Student Profile(s)

Professor Ian Watson (GB)

I have always had a personal interest in sport, partaking in many different activities. As such a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine has been something I have considered for a while both for myself personally as well as for my work as a GP. Developing a role within my local NHS meant that a qualification in SEM would be very useful and therefore I searched all the available possibilities. I have several work hats as well as being a busy GP and therefore distance learning seemed to be an ideal way to allow me to work in my own time, if needed, whilst not affecting continuity in my day jobs.

Being mid-forties meant that learning has changed a lot since I was at medical school and if the truth be known, much of my day in day out work is very much automatic pilot nowadays. The diploma has awoken my middle aged brain and I have found that I am loving hoovering up new knowledge. Access to a university library has been excellent allowing me to read and reflect on papers in many journals on line for free; there has been a knock on in my GP role in that I now also use that to address my doctor’s unmet needs for other medical conditions, not just SEM. I have also started to question the evidence base for guidelines we are asked to follow.

Reflection within the diploma transfers nicely into my GP annual appraisal and from my learning, at least once a week, I am able to show the impact of that new learning.

Dr Frank O'Leary MSc, GP (IE)

"Excellent way of learning. You need to set aside time each week in order to get the most from the course. Glad i did it."

Katie Mitchell MSc, Lecturer (GB)

"Completing my Masters with Diploma MSc allowed me to undertake distance learning alongside working to give me the best chance of getting future work. I was able to start my dream full-time job as a lecturer just before finishing my second year."

Joshua Smith MSc, Exercise Scientist (GB)

"I fully endorse and recommend the Diploma MSc Sports and Exercise medicine courses - both postgrad and the masters. I have completed both and have benefited greatly as such. The academic forum encourages debate and sharing of information related to case based scenarios. Its a chance to share"

Dr Emer Breen MSc (MY)

A challenging but ultimately very enjoyable course helping to improve knowledge and stimulate critical thinking.

Hannah Wilkinson MSc, Physiotherapist (GB)

This MSc has really enhanced my practice and kept me up to date with current research. I would very much recommend it to medical professionals working in a sporting environment or within a sports medicine team.

Victor Mallen PgDip, Physiotherapist (GB)

Excellent course and I felt well supported throughput my whole learning journey. The tutors were very helpful and offered an enormous amount expertise. I'm looking to embark on another course in the very near future.

Jacques van Blerk, Tutor (ZA)

As a tutor I am still part of the learning process through the interaction with my students.This course will allow you the opportunity to research current literature, discuss it with students from around the world and implement discussion points in your private practice.

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