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Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine - MSc

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Part time September, March MSc 2 years

About the course

Preventative cardiology is a rapidly evolving branch of medicine involved in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, coronary heart disease and peripheral vascular disease.

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Entry Requirements

Entry to the two year Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine MSc will require successful completion of the Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits). This can be from Diploma MSc, the University of South Wales or another UK university (having completed similar modules). We can discuss this with you during your application.

Individuals who have not completed the postgraduate diploma can apply for the Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine MSc as a two year course consisting of eight modules (180 credits) with the first 120 credits deriving from the postgraduate diploma.

Entry requirements for the two-year course are as for the Postgraduate Diploma.


£3,900 (1 year)
£8,400 (2 years)

 Course Content

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Student Profile(s)

Dr Godana Jarso Guto MSc (ET)

"Learning with Diploma MSC was wonderful experience. It helped me improve in both academic and clinical care. Thank you for giving many of us this opportunity."

Dr Nyambe Innocent Mungandi MSc (ZM)

"Studying with Diploma MSc opened for me the proverbial steel doors to a world of never ending opportunities that could never have been possible otherwise in my professional life. This opportunity literally elevated me from a junior officer in my department to Fellow status on the bench within my Specialty College."

Dr Sukesh Upare MSc (OM)

"Diploma MSc offers excellent course which gives in in depth subject knowledge and confidence, the method of learning is also very interactive . I really enjoyed studying here I hope they could introduce more advance courses."

Dr Shedrach Kahindi MSc (KE)

"Diploma MSc has enabled me to be identified as one of the pioneer and leading consultant in Preventive and Wellness especially on Preventative Cardiovascular Diseases. This has further resulted in increase in my patients flow and being listed in different health insurance panels. The knowledge I have so far acquired especially in my project has enabled me to be one of the leading experts in workplace CVD prevention. With the knowledge acquired I am very well placed and equipped to write a book which has always been my passion to be an authority in preventative medicine. My approach of management of of lifestyle diseases has totally changed for good and for the better."

Dr Joel Allotey MSc, Tutor (GH)

"The course has advanced my understanding of my chosen field."

Dr Ekene Okonkwo MSc, Tutor (TT)

"An entirely worthwhile experience. Very good value for money."

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