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PGCert Medical Education

University of Sheffield    Medical School

Part time September PGCert 1 year part time

About the course

Become part of the next generation of exceptional medical and healthcare educators. You’ll gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver exceptional teaching and learning that meets modern healthcare challenges and delivers effective care for future generations.

This is a highly flexible course, designed to fit around your needs and commitments. The course provides the opportunity for healthcare professionals with a developing interest in medical education to explore the theoretical principles underpinning medical education and consider how this relates to their practice.

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Entry Requirements

You will need

a recognised degree in a healthcare profession
experience in teaching or supervising learning in a healthcare or related setting
access to learners in a healthcare or related setting
Overall IELTS score of 7.5 with a minimum of 7.0 in each component, or equivalent.

As this course is taught part-time, it is not open to applicants who require a visa to study in the UK.


Home (2022 annual fee) : £3,600
Overseas (2022 annual fee) : £8,733

 Course Content

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Student Profile(s)

Katy Owen

“I have made great contacts on the course; it is full of inspiring clinical educators with their own experiences to share who provide valuable insights into your own educational skills and ideas.”

Katy began the course in 2019 and has been a teaching fellow in the Academic Unit of Medical Education (AUME) at the University of Sheffield for the last year. Katy says, “This job is relatively new and didn't exist in Aug 2018, so I applied for it with the understanding that some of it would involve finding my own way with my responsibilities.

“I was a foundation doctor from August 2016 in South Yorkshire for two years and have lived in Sheffield since. I am building my life here and have fallen in love with the city and the countryside, the friendliness and community. In order to support my job, a course in the theory behind medical education was extremely beneficial, and at Sheffield I would be taught by my senior colleagues and also be supported by them in my learning outside of the study days.”

Katy has always had a passion for teaching, teaching secondary school students about medicine in schools to help them get into medical school. Katy also took up volunteering with Sheffield’s Medical school helping to teach clinical skills, where she was offered her teaching fellow role.

Katy adds, “The course this year has had a bit of a revamp and I enjoyed the opportunity for peer discussions and opportunities for feedback. I taught peers for a session, and was given immediate feedback on it which was then used to write a reflective assignment. A simple but effective way of engaging myself in what my own teaching is like and how effective it is, and therefore learning a lot about myself from this task.

“During the course and the required reading, I have come to understand how my previously raw and untamed teaching enthusiasm and methods do follow patterns of other educators, and have foundation in described theories of education. I have been able to use this new knowledge to improve how I work, and hone my skills to provide the best teaching and facilitation that I can. I hope to incorporate medical education into my future career; I would love to continue to teach as well as train to be a GP.”

Rob Sandler

“What I enjoyed the most is that you can take what you’ve learned, by reading something on one of the contact days and immediately implement it into teaching the very next day.”

“There are opportunities to teach everyday when you’re a medical practitioner, and being able to use what you’ve learned and then receive feedback from the students to see if you could have done anything better, is incredibly useful to improve the teaching. This approach has improved my teaching 100 times over and it’s been really satisfying seeing the positive changes.”

Rob is a Rheumatology and General Medicine Registrar from Chesterfield, who also trained in MBChB Medicine at the University of Sheffield, as well as completing his foundation and core medical training in South Yorkshire. Rob started his Specialist Training in Rheumatology in 2018, and has always had an interest in teaching.

Rob says, “Knowing this course was available locally and delivered by an institution I trust, made it an easy decision to make! I was looking for something which would offer me more theory and understanding of my ways of teaching, and how I can improve my teaching. I also wanted a course that I could complete part-time, but wasn’t 100% distance learning. It was important to me that there was a degree of contact teaching, and that I was able to complete the course within one year.”

“I found reading about situated learning theory probably the most interesting aspect, mainly because I completely identified with the content and when I think back to some of the experiences that i had as a student myself, a lot of them came from some of the concepts which are explored as part of this theory.

“That was just one of quite a few different theories that we discussed that I was really able to identify with - and when you reflect and understand these theories, you can learn not only how you benefited from them, but the aso how you can implement them in your own teaching to the benefit of your students.”

“Going forward not only will the course aid me to start planning programmes of teaching, but it will also open the door to getting more formally involved in medical education when I become a consultant in the future, which is a real ambition of mine.”


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