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MSc Sustainability and Social Innovation

About This Masters Degree

Course Description

This program is aimed at high-level applicants of all nationalities who hold a Bachelor degree in any field and have a passion for creating more environmentally friendly and sustainable business models. By the end of the program, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed as responsible business leaders in all sectors (consulting, marketing, finance, etc.). Previous work experience is not required but can be an asset.


Students will be taught by experts in their field of management, most of whom are members of the Centre of Research on Society and Organisation within HEC Paris - http://www.hec.edu/SnO

In addition to the fundamental theory, students will find a real emphasis on up-to-date and innovative practices from experienced practitioners, such as professional economists, top bank managers and leading consultancy experts, throughout the year. Conferences, internships and career fairs will all provide students with the opportunity to interact with alumni and leaders in the sustainable development industry. Networking with these professionals will enable students to successfully start or enhance their career in Consulting, Finance, Marketing and Operation Management.

In fact, the program has a 93% employment rate (http://www.hec.edu/Masters-programs/Master-s-Programs/One-Year-MSc-MS-Programs/MSc-Sustainability-and-Social-Innovation/Career-Paths) within 3 months of graduation, and an average starting salary of €49K.


During this program, students will carry out at least 4 months of professional experience (http://www.hec.edu/Masters-programs/Master-s-Programs/One-Year-MSc-MS-Programs/MSc-Sustainability-and-Social-Innovation/Program-Details#block-35387) as well as taking part in a consulting project (http://www.hec.edu/Masters-programs/Master-s-Programs/One-Year-MSc-MS-Programs/MSc-Sustainability-and-Social-Innovation/Program-Details#block-35385), where they will be able to take part in a real-life business case with a company or NGO. Placements (http://www.hec.edu/Masters-programs/Master-s-Programs/One-Year-MSc-MS-Programs/MSc-Sustainability-and-Social-Innovation/Career-Paths#block-29632) are available in global companies, such as Deloitte, Toyota and KPMG, among many others, during which students can also expand their network.


Every year, students are able to participate in an exciting opportunity of travelling (http://www.hec.edu/Masters-programs/Master-s-Programs/One-Year-MSc-MS-Programs/MSc-Sustainability-and-Social-Innovation/Program-Details#block-35386) to developing countries in order to witness, and attempt to solve some of the sustainable development issues that exist.


With 16 elective and specialization courses (http://www.hec.edu/Masters-programs/Master-s-Programs/One-Year-MSc-MS-Programs/MSc-Sustainability-and-Social-Innovation/Program-Details#block-21197), students have the ability to adapt their curriculum in order to match their own professional goals. The choice of 9 certificates (http://www.hec.edu/Masters-programs/Master-s-Programs/One-Year-MSc-MS-Programs/MSc-Sustainability-and-Social-Innovation/Program-Details#block-35384) means that students can specialize in a specific area of interest, or gain knowledge of another related area.

Double Degrees (http://www.hec.edu/Masters-programs/Master-s-Programs/One-Year-MSc-MS-Programs/MSc-Sustainability-and-Social-Innovation/Program-Details#block-35390) are also a rewarding option for those who wish to study abroad. HEC Paris has links with the Norwegian School of Economics and Fundação Getulio Vargas, São Paulo and Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.


With 17 different nationalities, this program will provide students with the opportunity to meet people from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. The on-campus accommodation allows for life-long relationships to be made, both on a professional and personal level.

Program details



The program opens many doors in a large variety of sectors and countries, from consulting to operations, from luxury to high technology, from energy and utilities to consumer goods, etc.




Visit the MSc Sustainability and Social Innovation page on the HEC Paris website for more details!

All Available Videos:

(Student Profile)

Tyler Goin

Works as Product Marketing Manager for Google London
from Harvard University

What are some important stages of your development (education and training, first job, evolution of your career, etc.)?

I did my undergraduate studies at Harvard where I majored in an interdisciplinary degree focusing on economics and politics. After briefly working in the political world, I decided I wanted to get business training so I could develop business-based solutions to the issues I cared about. I am currently a student at HEC Paris. Next year I will work in finance, consulting, or technology.

Why did you choose HEC Paris?

HEC to me was a standard of excellence for business schools in Europe. The nice campus setting, the caliber of the students, the robust extracurricular life, and an academic offering I found fascinating compelled me to come to HEC. My experience at HEC offers me the chance to pursue an international career. While before I felt limited geographically to the U.S., a degree abroad validates your desire and ability to work internationally.

Looking back today, what have you gained from the HEC Master of Science (from a personal or professional perspective)?

In addition to the classroom experience which served as a powerful platform for discussions and debates, the study trip to Madagascar organised by the class was an experience of a lifetime. A group of 30 students, passionate about sustainability travelled through the length of the country to understand the environmental, social and economic needs of the country. The opportunity to meet with the local population and development organisations working on issues related to the environment, communities, energy, biodiversity and health provided a learning of a very different kind.

Courses, conferences, meetings, outings… What are the most significant memories of your year at HEC Paris?
The best parts of HEC for me were organizing our class study trip to Madagascar, the extraordinary people I met, playing on the rugby team, getting professional experience through our consulting missions, and fully immersing myself in student and academic life at HEC.

Finally, what advices would you give to students who aspire to subscribe to HEC MSc?

As you explore your career options, it is important to find a subject you are both good at and passionate about. HEC allows you to explore these different avenues and gives students incredible access to the best businesses in Europe to facilitate this transition.


Entry Requirements

The HEC MSc in Sustainability and Social Innovation is open to high-level applicants of all nationalities who hold a Bachelor degree in any field.Previous work experience is not required but can be an asset.

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