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Full time September MSc, MRes 1 year full time

About the course

Examine the science behind some of the 21st century's biggest discoveries. You can work with researchers who helped detect the Higgs boson and gravitational waves, and who are searching for dark matter and leading ground-breaking neutrino experiments.

This course covers the complex theories and experimental techniques that particle physicists use to explain the nature of the universe. It will develop your understanding of the Standard Model by going into even greater depth on topics you might have covered in your undergraduate degree, such as quantum mechanics, electrodynamics and dark matter.

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Entry Requirements

Minimum 2:1 undergraduate honours degree in physics


Home (2022 annual fee) : £11,500
Overseas (2022 annual fee) : £24,400

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Student Profile(s)

Jack Hall

"Your project can be on basically anything the department researches, so I chose to do my work within the ATLAS collaboration at CERN. The department has so many areas that contribute to ATLAS research, from detector upgrades to extended Higgs sector and supersymmetry searches."

Varsha Senthilkumar

"I got to work with students and academics who are part of the ATLAS collaboration at CERN – my project supervisor, Professor Dan Tovey, was the Head of Operations for the UK division of CERN. My professors, the PhD students and the postdocs in the department have been very helpful and have given me valuable guidance throughout my tenure. They have been friendly as well as tenacious in extracting the best from me."

Rongrong Song

"My supervisor, Dr Kristin Lohwasser has given me a lot of help. My research project is based on analysing data from the ATLAS experiment at CERN. I've been studying the machine learning method of signal extraction for a class of physical processes known as vector-boson scattering. Through my research, I have developed some useful skills, such as data analysis skills in particle physics, programming skills with C++, and presentation skills. I am now applying for PhD positions so that I can continue my studies."

Paules Zakhary

"During my masters course I have been working with Professor Vitaly Kudryavtsev on material screening to define tolerable rates from background sources which would ease the detection of Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) signals. These WIMPs may be able to explain dark matter, which exists in theory, but so far no experiments have detected conclusive evidence of it."

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