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MSc in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (Research Master)

Radboud University Masters Programmes

Full time September MSc Full-time: 2 years

About the course

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Understanding the molecular basis of disease

Aspiring to contribute to the development of new therapies for metabolic, infectious and immunological diseases or cancer? Radboud University's internationally acclaimed Research Master's programme in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease provides an excellent foundation for a career in academic or commercial research.

Only by dissecting the molecular mechanisms that trigger and advance diseases and dysfunctions can we design effective treatments and medicines. The Research Master's in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (MMD) offers you an intensive two-year programme that provides you with in-depth knowledge and

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Entry Requirements

1.A completed Bachelor's degree with a background in life sciences such as Cell Biology, Molecular Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or Molecular Biology.
2.A proficiency in English (Non-native speakers of English* without a Dutch Bachelor's degree or VWO diploma need one of the following):
a.A TOEFL score of ≥575 (paper based) or ≥90 (internet based)
b.An IELTS score of ≥6.5
c.Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) or Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) with a mark of C or higher


€2,143 (from EEA countries); €12,645 (from non-EEA countries)

Course Content

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Student Profile(s)

Felipe Augusto Braga

1639.jpg After finishing my undergraduate studies in Brazil I was sure of one thing: I wanted to be a scientist and although in Brazil we have very good universities, I always wanted to study abroad. I was not sure yet to where to go, but I started to look for good master programs in biomedical research within Europe and that is how I discovered about the Radboud University Nijmegen. The information on the website was very clear and exciting and since the first contact I always had very fast and kind replies from the university staff.
The first time I left my country was to come to The Netherlands and I took some days to truly believe that I was there. The city is extremely friendly and if I can say I have one regret is that I was not able to join the Orientation week. All the people I know that joined told me it was a unique experience, especially because it helps you to know other students from outside your program.
I can state with no doubt that joining the Master in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease at the Radboud University Nijmegen was the best decision I could have made. In the beginning I had some problems, especially due to the differences in the university system and expectations, but after I discovered how things work, it was possible to really get all the things the program had to offer, and they are really a lot. From a series of insightful and high level lectures, to the top practical research training in state of the art facilities during the internships, passing through the opportunities to know leading scientists from around the world and discuss their work in a very personal and friendly environment, there is so much to learn that it is amazing.
I believe that my master program represents a hallmark in my life and it will have a decisive way for my future. I want to devote my life to science and studying at the Radboud University Nijmegen has definitely opened many doors for my future career as a scientist.

Minh Nguyen

'One of the best decisions that I have ever made'

"Following the Master's in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I knew about MMD through a friend who was studying the program. In addition, the information on the Radboud University website as well as the NUFFIC workshop introduced the three main research topic of this Master's in more detail. The contents suited me well with my background in medical biotechnology and more importantly with my scientific interest. The relevance of the issues that are touched upon, as well as the close and well-wrought link that the MMD Master's establishes between theory at the Medical faculty, and practice at the RIMLS research centre, convinced me of the possibility to deepen and apply my knowledge in a good way. Lastly, I chose this program since Nijmegen is a friendly place to live with an excellent university and an international working environment providing me with helpful skills for a future career as researcher."

Nina, graduate of MMD from Germany

"Having completed the MMD Master's programme I am confident to say: MMD is the best preparation for a PhD you can get. It is a unique programme as it provides a well balanced spectrum of courses covering all essential skills required for a successful career in science. Students are equipped with up to date knowledge on basic science and its translation into the clinic. They spend a majority of time in the lab further developing practical skills and gaining independence in their research activities. Moreover, students acquire advanced communication skills. Courses cover oral and poster presentations and grant writing. On top, the programme fully integrates the students in the scientific world of the NCMLS and encourages them to participate.

"MMD is a highly challenging programme that takes a lot of you but learning with a small group of extremely motivated students makes it lots of fun. You will gain friends all around the world. I am really happy I joined the programme and feel confident to pursue my way in science being perfectly prepared."

Qian from China

I finished my Bachelor's in the HLO in Nijmegen before joining the MMD. I'm enjoying this challenging program very much, especially the infection and immunity components. The three themes from the NCMLS provide a broad prospect of modern bio-research topics worldwide. Also, the MMD community is extremely open, friendly and fun!

Aslihan Ekim

"A good preparation for my future"
It was a sheer coincidence that I became aware of the master programme, Molecular Mechanisms of Disease in Radboud University. One day, at the end of the classes, when I went to office of professor for learning the deadline of the proposal, he proposed a different thing to me. "Apply to this programme and take a substantial step in academic life."

I knew my interest to research and this master is what I was looking for. When I went home, I immediately looked for details about the university and schedule of the programme. The most attractive features are international identity of university and broad opportunies in the programme. Being in a master student in Radboud University, not only means doing an academic career in interested field but also meeting several people from different cultures in other words being a member of social mosaic.

My adventure in Nijmegen started with the Orientation Week. It was a different experience that I have never lived before. Meeting people from all around the world and enjoying together while discovering new things in the Netherlands accelerates my adaption period. Turkey can be regarded as an European country but at the first times I found our culture a little bit different from European ones. However, day by day, I appreciate the differences and become glad to look from a wider perspective.

In my education life here I did not experience so much difficulty. The programme is categorized as medical science. The core part of the programme is what I learned at my bachelor education. The other part is focused on the translation of lab based research to treatment of disease. Round table discussions, meeting patients suffering from interested diseases and learning the story directly from their mouth appeals to me most. Extending a previous study, making hypothesis to improve the preliminary data, setting up a suitable experiment and analyzing the pros and cons of the proposed study stimulates me to come to an idea and gather enough information to support my own thesis. At last but not least, being stimulated to express your own ideas on a given topic in class discussions improve your skills like making an effective speech in front of a group of people.


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