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Full time September MSc 1+4 semesters
Computer Science (8) Engineering (12)

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Embark on a transformative journey with the MSc in Computer Science Engineering at PPKE ITK. Our programme stands out for its innovative blend of information technologies and life sciences, equipping you with a unique skill set at the forefront of technological advancements. Through a comprehensive curriculum, you will delve into fundamental concepts, programming languages, complex software systems, artificial intelligence, and more. Choose from specializations like Machine Learning for Data Science, High-Performance Computational Tools and Architectures, or Software Engineering to tailor your studies to your interests. The programme's hands-on approach includes experiential learning in cutting-edge research laboratories, ensuring you are well-prepared for the dynamic professional landscape. To qualify, you need a BSc degree in Computer Science or related fields, along with English proficiency. Join us and unleash your potential in a stimulating academic environment that fosters innovation and excellence.

About the course

General description

One of the strengths and a special feature of the Computer Science Engineering MSc program at PPKE ITK is the specific synergy of information technologies and life sciences. Our goal is to teach human-centered information technology combined with the fundamental concepts of life sciences. The essence of our Computer Science Engineering training approach is searching for and understanding techniques developed during millions of years in biological systems and transferring them into engineered informatics environments. In this field of continuously developing technologies, we provide the necessary disciplinary fundamentals to enable the professionals trained by our Faculty to work at the highest level. The solid theoretical foundations provide efficient support for the interpretation and handling of a generation shift in informatics, therefore our Computer Science Engineer graduates can adapt well to the ever-changing professional environment.  

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Entry Requirements

BSc degree in Computer Science, IT Engineering or Engineering Information Technology. Diploma rating: at least 'good' (over 75%). Other qualifications: decision about the application by the Credit Transfer Committee.

English language proficiency certificate – equivalent to B2 according to the CEFR: e.g. IELTS score of 6.0 or TOEFL score of 90. Exemption for students a) whose mother tongue is English, b) with a degree taught entirely in the medium of English.


APPLICATION FEE: HUF 8000 (approx. USD/EUR 20-22)

TUITION FEE: HUF 945,000/semester (approx. USD 2700 or EUR 2450)
(Tuition fee waiver to EU citizens*)

* For tuition fee waiver to EU citizens, special conditions and application deadlines apply. Please contact:

 Course Content

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Student Profiles

Alafandi Mohammad Jalal

The last two years were a blessing being at this amazing university. I was very lucky to be able to work with my supervisor who is the best professor ever who was kind enough to trust me with his original ideas. You will belong at our university, regardless of your religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender or beliefs. The students here are like a big family and you can ask anyone for their help.

Chidiebere Edwin Nwagu

Graduated in 2020

My time here at Pazmany Peter Catholic University has been characterized by immense knowledge acquisition. The university is like a big family where, irrespective of your nationality, there is always a strong bond and we are a team in all activities carried out at the university, whether academic or recreational. I appreciate that the university has such wonderful administrative staff and lecturers and that it offers such a conducive environment.

Nawar Sheer

Graduated in 2020

PPCU FITB is a very welcoming place and I have felt at home here since my very first day. The community consists of both international and Hungarian students, top academics and lovely staff. When I started my second MSc year, I began to see things from a different perspective, more as an engineer, thanks to our professional teachers at the university who did their best to enlighten us in a comprehensive manner.

Husam Francis Banno

Graduated in 2020

The topics that Pázmány FITB has for my major were interesting for me and it is hard to get a scholarship funded by my country. I chose Hungary because it has a history to learn from and a culture that is different from the surrounding countries. The professors were the best that I have met in my student life in term of knowledge and dealing with foreigner students, that was beyond my expectation.

I did enjoy studying at Pazmany there are always sad moments and happy moments,.The helpful staff that is ready to help under any circumstances and in anything.

I had traveled to other European countries, but I liked Hungary the most, first the old buildings and structures that I consider the best. The country has preserved its nation (In Hungary I see Hungarians, unlike other EU countries that are a mixture of others). The food is different and has a unique taste.

Maikey Zaki Khorani

Graduated in 2020

I chose Pázmány FITB because as I heard from my former lecturers, Pazmany is an excellent university, and there was also a connection with College of Engineering Salahaddin University, as I was a lecturer there too. And my sister had been here first, and she told me that Hungary is terrific.
As I have met my supervisor Associate Professor Lukács, Gergely István PhD at Pázmány FITB, he has taught me data mining, he was genius and accommodating as we worked together. Now I am in the hope that in the future studies, I can complete my PhD with him too. The faculty prepared tutored research project, which were related to the thesis work, and this was very helpful, to start with one thesis work subject and complete it until the end.

I enjoyed studying at Pázmány FITB very much, The lecturers, the international office, they prepared everything we needed. Although I was from a foreign country, I never felt alone. The mentoring system was great, and everyone at the university was very supportive and helpful; we could ask our questions anytime, we also had, additional classes by our lecturers at Pázmány FITB to strengthen our background. The lecturers prepared extra time for us. I have learnt to relate our subjects to solve real-life problems, and that many topics which were, in theory, are related to the practical life, for example the integration in mathematics used to calculate aeroplane pressure, and many other things. I am still in contact with my mentors and most of my lecturers at the Faculty.

A life-changing experience from studying in Hungary, I liked exploring new places, discovering the Hungarian culture, and making Hungarian friends. I had the desire to learn learn learn! More and more, to solve any problem, learning new courses and topics and alternative methods of teaching as each country has a different system, and I was continuously learning and adapting. I was encouraged to live and travel alone, to be independent, also improving my personal development, and to take care of my healthy lifestyle. In the end, to have to win my most distant dreams and goals.

Read the full interview here:

Maikey Zaki Khorani

Graduated in 2020

I have chosen Pázmány University because Pázmány is an excellent university, and there is also a connection with the College of Engineering Salahaddin University, where I was a lecturer.
I enjoyed studying at Pázmány very much. The lecturers prepared everything we needed. Although I was from a foreign country, I never felt alone. The mentoring system was great, and everyone at the university was very supportive and helpful. We could ask our questions anytime, and we also had extra classes held by our lecturers to strengthen our background. The lecturers gave extra time for us. I learnt to relate our subjects to solving real-life problems, and I realised that many theoretical topics were indeed related to practical life: for example, mathematical integration used to calculate aeroplane pressure. I am still in contact with my mentors and most of my lecturers at the university.
This study experience opened the possibility for me to return working at the College of Engineering. It helped me to connect as a future academic teacher. Because of studying abroad, I gained new international networks. Now I am on the road to become a university teaching staff in Iraq.


The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship program, launched by the Hungarian Government in 2013, offers scholarship for foreign nationals who intend to pursue their studies in Hungarian state accredited Higher Education Institutions.

The scholarship provides the following:
- free tuition
- monthly stipend: for Bachelor or Master: cca. EUR 130, for Doctoral programmes: cca. EUR 325
- free dormitory places OR contribution to private accommodation: cca. EUR 100
- medical insurance

The expanding network of sending partner countries:
Arab Republic of Egypt, Argentine Republic, Belize, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Federative Republic of Brazil, Georgia, Ibero-American General Secretariat (eligible member states: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela), Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Japan, Kingdom of Cambodia, Kingdom of Morocco, Kingdom of Thailand, Kurdistan Regional Government/Iraq, Kyrgyz Republic, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Lebanese Republic, Malaysia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Oriental Republic of the Uruguay, Pacific Alliance (member states: Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru), State of Palestine, People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, People's Republic of Bangladesh, Republic of Burundi, People’s Republic of China, Republic of Albania, Republic of Angola, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Botswana, Republic of Cabo Verde, Republic of Chile, Republic of Colombia, Republic of Costa Rica, Republic of Cuba, Republic of Ecuador, Republic of Ghana, Republic of India, Republic of Indonesia, Republic of Iraq, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Kenya, Republic of Korea, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of Liberia, Republic of Madagascar, Republic of Maldives, Republic of Mali, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Namibia, Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Panama, Republic of Peru, Republic of Rwanda, Republic of Serbia, Republic of Seychelles, Republic of Sierra Leone, Republic of Singapore, Republic of South Africa, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Republic of the Philippines, , Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Uganda, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Yemen, Russian Federation, Saint Lucia, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, State of Eritrea, State of Israel, State of Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Tunisian Republic, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Mexican States, United Republic of Tanzania.

Value of Scholarship(s)

The scholarship provides free tuition, health insurance and monthly stipend for the whole duration of the MSc program.


The programme is based on bilateral educational cooperation agreements concluded by and between the Ministries responsible for education in the sending countries/territories and Hungary or between institutions. Currently, approximately 90 Sending Partners are engaged in the programme throughout 5 different continents and the geographical scope of the programme is expanding each year.

Application Procedure

Details of application, as well as application deadlines can be found on the webpage:

Deadline for applications: 15 January 2024.

Application website:

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The core mission of the Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People offered by the Hungarian Government is to provide the possibility of studying in Hungary for young Christian students living in the crisis regions of the world and/or being threatened in their country because of their faith. After completing their studies, the scholarship holders will return to help their home community with their knowledge, and they will participate in the reconstruction of war-destroyed countries and contribute to the improvement of the social situation and the preservation of the culture of Christian communities.

The scholarship includes:
- Tuition-free education:,
- Monthly stipend: cca. EUR 380 contribution to the living expenses in Hungary, for 12 months a year, until the completion of studies,
- Accommodation: a contribution of HUF 40 000 (cca. EUR 100) to accommodation costs for the whole duration of the scholarship period,
- Reimbursement of travel costs: HUF 200 000/year (cca. EUR 645)
- Medical insurance: health care services according to the relevant Hungarian legislation (Act No. 80 of 1997, national health insurance card) and supplementary medical insurance for up to HUF 65 000 (cca. EUR 205)/year/person.

Scholarship holders must possess the relevant language and education certificates, degrees requested by the host university of the selected degree programme.

Local Churches are to verify and prove that the applicant belongs to their religious community.

Value of Scholarship(s)

tuition-free education, monthly stipend, contribution to accommodation, reimbursement of travel costs, health insurance


Currently open to citizens of the following countries: Lebanese Republic, Republic of Ghana, Republic of Niger, Republic of Chad, Republic of Iraq, State of Israel, Palestine, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Syrian Arab Republic, Republic of Kenya, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Republic of Armenia and Nigeria.

An important eligibility criterion is being a member of one of the following Christian churches (attested to by a recommendation from the local bishop): Roman Catholic Church (Latin and Eastern rites), Anglican/Episcopal Church, Assyrian Church of the East, Oriental Orthodox Churches, Eastern Orthodox Churches,
Reformed/Presbyterian/Calvinist Churches, Lutheran Churches, Evangelical Churches.

Application Procedure

All applications shall be submitted through the online application system of the Programme:

Upon registration, applicants will be able to access the application platform and upload the required documents.

Further details:

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- tuition-free education,
- health insurance (social security card),
- monthly stipend upon request,
travel contribution upon request,
accommodation contribution upon request.


- HUNGARIAN IDENTITY and connection to a diaspora community declared in a motivation letter and a statement,
- residency in one of the eligible countries,
- recommendation letter from a Diaspora Organisation or the Hungarian Representation of the respective territory,
- living outside Hungary for at least 10 years before the submission of the application,
- 4 years of applicant’s secondary school studies completed outside Hungary,
- applicant was born before 31 August 2006,
- applicant undertakes to learn Hungarian as a foreign language and Hungarian culture during his/her whole study period and undertakes to pass a Hungarian as a foreign language exam at CEFR B2 level minimum,
- applicant undertakes to do voluntary work after graduation in favour of the local Hungarian diaspora community in a foreign country for the specified period in the Call for Applications.

Value of Scholarship(s)

Provisions covered by the scholarship: tuition-free education, health insurance, stipend and accommodation contribution upon request.


Main eligibility criteria:
- Hungarian identity and connection to a diaspora community,
- residency in one of the eligible countries,
- recommendation letter,
- living outside Hungary for at least 10 years,
- last 4 years of secondary education completed in a foreign country,
- applicant undertakes to learn Hungarian as a foreign language and Hungarian culture during his/her whole study period and undertakes to pass a Hungarian as a foreign language exam at CEFR B2 level minimum.

Application Procedure

Scholarship application website:

The admission process is managed by the higher education institution online.

The motivation letter will be evaluated by a professional body, (Evaluation Committee), composed of members invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The award of the scholarship is based on the results of the admission procedure and the proposal of the Evaluation Committee.

Application process:

- Applicants can apply for up to two different study programmes.
- The application must be submitted via an online application system.

Detailed rules of the Programme and the application criteria are available in the Call for Applications:

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Principles of Erasmus study exchange:
- Duration is usually one semester.
- Exchanges are based on bilateral cooperation agreements between PPKE and partner universities.
- Students taking part in the exchange are selected by the University.
- The hosting higher education institution will not charge tuition fees.
- The studies completed abroad are officially recognized in the students’ degrees.

Principles of internships abroad:
- The uninterrupted duration of the internship is at minimum 2 months and at maximum 12 months.
- Suitable organisations for internships are enterprises and most private and public organisations including research institutes, higher education institutions, other educational institutes, foundations and non-governmental organisations.
- The student is responsible for finding a suitable internship, but the University may assist the student in finding the placement.
- The internship will be recognized in the student's degree if the internship is completed before graduation.


Full-time students of the University can, regardless of their nationality, participate in the Erasmus+ Programme's European mobility and complete a part of their studies or an internship in Europe.
There are two sub-types of the scholarship:
- Erasmus+ scholarship for studies (study exchange)
- Erasmus+ scholarship for internships
Students who travel abroad to study or for an internship are eligible for an Erasmus+ grant which covers some of the expenses of the exchange. A student may participate in a student exchange or in an internship abroad more than once during their studies.

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