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MSc in Business Administration

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Full time September MSc Full-time: 1 year

About the course

Our Master's programme in Business Administration - unlike other similar programmes - emphasises the social processes that constitute organisations. How do social processes determine the ways in which organisations and management operate and perform? In addition, in Nijmegen we have chosen an integrated approach. This focus on the big picture, including social relationships is what creates a better understanding of the importance of good management and can eventually improve the performance of organisations of all kinds.

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Before the programme starts, you will choose a specialisation:

- Business Analysis and Modelling

- Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Management

- International Business

- Marketing

- Organisational Design and

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Entry Requirements

1.A completed Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or related area from a research university. (your Bachelor's degree should cover some special courses)
2.A proficiency in English:
a.A TOEFL score of ≥90, with subscores not lower than 18
b.A IELTS score of ≥6.5, with subscores not lower than 6.0
c.Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) or Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) with a mark of C or higher
3.GMAT requirements (Based on your (academic) background we might require you to do a GMAT)


€2,143 (from EEA countries); €11,471(from non-EEA countries).

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Student Profile(s)

Algirdas Sabaliauskas

1640.jpg Time flies and it can easily do so without you even noticing that. A year may result in only facing the fact that you've wasted one, or it may seriously change you. I barely had a clue of how it would later change me as I set out for a master's in the Netherlands over a year ago.

While still an undergrad student at a university in Lithuania I was quite determined to continue my studies abroad. To be completely honest, I put quite a lot of effort on research and selection when looking for the right school. The financial crisis had already struck, thus the rational factors of gaining competitive advantage on the job market were of some importance already.

After having dozens of conversations with former students who had studied in different countries throughout the continent and researching online I came to the conclusion that Holland is one of the best options. Strong educational system, huge amount of international students, successful carriers of the former students whom I had conversations with, quite a small city, convenient commute.. these are just a few facts I heard people say. And now, having already graduated and obtained my master's I can second these words.

You've really got to study hard, which in turn results in learning more. You also meet a lot of internationals, almost certainly from all the continents. And yes, I've gained competitive advantage, now I've got a job I would've never got if I hadn't chosen to go for a master's.

But these are only some facts which I thought were of primary importance. They sure are relevant, but I strongly believe that the relationships matter even more. I believe that strong, trustworthy ties built over a year will remain for quite some time.

Charissa van Mourik

"I continuously develop myself"
After completing a three-year Bachelor’s, I decided to become a fulltime board member of the study association Synergy, for Business Administration students at Radboud University Nijmegen. Because of this year on the board I got the opportunity to further develop myself and establish relationships with different organizations, the faculty and the university. I decided to study Business Administration in Nijmegen, because the social aspect of the subject interests me.

The employees in the organization are the central starting point and this suits me well. Currently I am enrolled in the Organizational Design and Development specialization of Business Administration. This specialization focuses on interventions in the structure of organizations. The position of organizations in society is also an integral focus of this specialization. The curriculum consists of the following courses: Organizations and Society, Intervention in Organizations, Organization Design, Organizational Change and Organizational Research Methods. Besides these courses you can choose two electives which differ per specialization of Business Administration. The small-scale educational environment and the contact between teachers and students is something I really appreciate.

I am currently finishing my Master’s thesis. My research is about the implementation of The New Way of Working at Rabobank Rijk van Nijmegen. After I complete my thesis I would like to work in change management or start a management traineeship. I think it is important that I continuously develop myself following graduation.

Mingmin Zhang

"My academic skills were developed at Radboud University, particularly my ability to conduct research independently. When I studied in China for my Bachelor’s degree, there was not much focus on writing academic papers and reading academic articles. The study was solely based on the textbooks and practicing by answering questions. They did not assign enough independent projects to students. Therefore, the academic training I received at Radboud University has been very important to my academic development.

"Moreover, the Master’s degree programme is quite challenging. The courses are quite theoretical and not very practical, which made it quite difficult for me. Intensive group projects and reading articles have consumed most of my time in the past two years. However, as they say, if you study hard then you play hard, and I had dinner together with some of my classmates on Fridays or on the weekends, which helped to make Nijmegen feel more like home. Because I lived in a student dormitory (SSHN complex), my time as a student was quite active and colourful. You can attend numerous parties every week, as long as you can manage to keep your energy up for the lectures that are scheduled.

"I would recommend the Master’s specialisation in Marketing to my fellow countrymen, because students can learn a lot due to the very intensive course curriculum which has been designed to be completed in one year. Next to that, the study advisor was very helpful when I was applying my Master’s programme."


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