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  MSc Imaging Engineering, Maastricht University

Maastricht University    Faculty of Science and Engineering

Full time September MSc 2 years
Biological Sciences (4) Chemistry (6) Engineering (12) Physics (29)

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Embark on a transformative journey with the MSc Imaging Engineering programme at Maastricht University. Unleash your potential to redefine how we perceive the world through cutting-edge imaging technologies. This interdisciplinary master's equips you with the expertise to delve into realms unseen by the naked eye, propelling scientific breakthroughs in diverse fields. Tailor your education by selecting from a range of captivating courses such as molecular imaging and microscopy. Engage in hands-on projects alongside esteemed research institutes, honing your skills and fostering collaboration. In the first year, immerse yourself in foundational courses before delving into specialisations like Instrumentation Engineering or Molecular Imaging Engineering. The second year culminates in a riveting master's thesis, offering you the opportunity to conduct groundbreaking research in high-tech facilities worldwide. To qualify, possess a bachelor's degree in fields like Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, or Biomedical Sciences. Elevate your career prospects and make a lasting impact in academia or industry with MSc Imaging Engineering.

About the course

Would you like to revolutionise how scientists view the world and everything in it? Start a master in Imaging Engineering!

Advanced imaging technologies act like powerful cameras. They reveal and sense what cannot be seen by the human eye in ever greater detail. That sharpens our understanding of our bodies and the world around us, driving scientific innovation.

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Entry Requirements

You qualify for admission if you have:
a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field composed of at least 180 ECTS (or equivalent)
at least 15 ECTS (or equivalent) in mathematics at bachelor's level

Relevant fields are:
Engineering (Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics)
Physics or Applied physics
Chemical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Advanced Technology
Business Engineering
Liberal Arts & Sciences/Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences
Biomedical Sciences or Molecular Life Sciences (chemistry emphasis)
Other bachelor's programmes in a related discipline


Academic year 2024/25
The statutory fee for this programme is: € 2,530
The institutional fee for this programme is: € 19,100

 Course Content

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Student Profile

Ishika, 2nd year MSc Imaging Enineering

When I was searching for the right Master’s programme for me: my interests leaned towards biomedical engineering with a mix of mechanical and electrical engineering. I wanted to learn biology and chemistry in order to apply some of the engineering principles. Maastricht University gave me the freedom to study these topics and explore such a fascinating field despite my engineering background.

What was your first impression of your master’s programme at Maastricht University?
My first impression was overwhelming (in a good way, of course). The difficulty level is high and demanding but it is completely worth it. Each week we had a different professor walk us through interesting imaging modalities such as Ultrasound, Microscopy, Spectroscopy, MRI, CT, etc. This introduction opened up the possibilities that lay ahead and would be explored in greater depth in the courses that followed.

What do you think of Maastricht as a city?
Maastricht is quite beautiful; the architecture is decidedly more Belgian than in the rest of the Netherlands, which makes it quite unique from most Dutch cities. The Belgian influence does not limit to architecture but includes the food, the infamous ‘Vlaai’ and the beers. The proximity to so many neighbouring cities such as Cologne, Aachen, Brussels, and even Luxembourg or France make it a unique student city to live in.

How is your student life?
I moved to Maastricht last year and so far, student life for me has been great. I have enjoyed working out at UM Sports, interacting with my fellow students through various activities in the city. There are a lot of student associations that exist for almost every hobby, I am yet to explore this but I do look forward to joining one in the future.

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