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The specialist area of HRM offers a wealth of career opportunities within every business sector. It is a competitive industry and an integral part of any successful organisation. The MSc Human Resource Management course is designed to provide you with the up-to-date knowledge and understanding you need to manage people effectively in the workplace. It will be especially useful if you are seeking a career in HRM or have recently entered an HR or line-management role.

The MSc Human Resource Management provides you with a postgraduate qualification alongside CIPDaccreditation, the professional body for Human Resource Managers, at associate level. The course is designed to be flexible so you can gain a Postgraduate Certificate after the first stage of the course; Postgraduate Diploma after the second or complete the full Masters degree. If you complete the full Masters degree you will be eligible to obtain CIPD accreditation.

This course is offered part-time at both our Treforest and Newport campuses, with a full-time option available at Treforest only.

What you will study

You will study key areas of human resource management, such as the principles, values and approaches to leadership and management, and you will explore the changing context within which businesses operate. As you progress through the course, you will study areas that relate to employment relations and the framework of performance management as well.

You will study:

Strategic HRM

  • Learn about how those in HR, respond appropriately to opportunities and challenges arising from managerial responses to principal environmental contexts.

Developing Skills for Business Leadership

  • Develop a strong sense of self-awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses as a manager or colleague whilst improving a range of definable skills that are pivotal to successful management practice and to effective leadership.

Leading, Managing and Developing People

  • Discover a rigorous framework of knowledge and understanding concerning people management and development.

Managing Employee Relations

  • Gain an understanding of the significance and complexity of the employment relationship and the contribution of employment relations to business performance and the wider society.

Resourcing and Talent Management

  • Consider not just the practical aspects of recruitment, selection, employee retention and dismissal, but also the strategic aspects for resourcing and talent management within a global context.

Regulating the Employment relationship

  • Critically analyse approaches to workplace conflict and resolution, as well as develop your knowledge and ability to brief organisations on the consequences of current and future developments in employment law.

Performance Management

  • Gain knowledge and an understanding of the role of performance management in supporting organisations strategic objectives in different business environments. Learn how the performance of people can be enhanced and inspired by leadership and direction.

Human Resource Management Business Research Report

  • Demonstrate the ability to diagnose and investigate a live, complex business issue from an HR perspective.

Throughout the course, you will develop a portfolio to demonstrate your commitment to continuing professional development, culminating in the production of a business research report on an HR-related topic of your choice.


The course is available both full-time or part-time at the Pontypridd campus, Treforest site or part-time only at the Newport City campus.

Full-time students spend approximately 12 hours per week in classes, which involves a blend of directed and independent study. Part-time students spend around six hours per week in classes, held on one afternoon and evening each week.

Knowledge of the subject area is gained through lectures, tutorials, directed learning, independent study and workplace engagement. Lectures are used to introduce key HRM and business concepts and theories with student participation and discussion encouraged throughout. Student led tutorials aim to develop problem solving skills and focuses the application of theoretical concepts to HRMbusiness situations.

Teaching and learning strategies seek to maximize the opportunities for student participation and to develop learning through the medium of student centered activity. Discussion within teams and groups is an important element in the teaching and learning process which facilitates a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This allows students to develop their own knowledge and experience through drawing on the knowledge and experience of others.

Learning Support is available for students on the program which includes:

  • Student Handbook and Module Guides
  • On-line supporting educational materials including those from CIPD
  • Student Services specialist advice
  • Learning Resources Centre
  • Networked information services including the Blackboard website
  • Specialist Guest lectures
  • Business Research Report supervisors
  • Faculty Advice Shop


You will be assessed via a mixture of examinations and assessed coursework in the form of essays, portfolios and projects, reports, case studies, presentations, design tasks and primary/secondary research. Informal assessment is incorporated into the learning process and you will be given feedback during seminars encouraging reflective practice in formal assessments.


The MSc Human Resource Management course is designed to provide you with the up-to-date knowledge and understanding you need to manage people effectively in the workplace. It will be especially useful if you are seeking a career in HRM or have recently entered an HR or line management role.

As well as giving you the chance to study for a role within HRM, the course confers CIPD membership which is often a requirement of appointment and/or promotion in the HR profession. By achieving this qualification students are demonstrating that they have the skills and drive to maximise their contribution to overall business performance and that they are committed to achieving the highest standard of professionalism within their career. CIPD qualification is internationally recognised.

The MSc HRM programme has been working with part time students for over 15 years and so has developed a strong network of HR practitioners and managers in the locality. The “HRM USWNetwork” brings together past students who are prepared to be contacted to contribute to the MSc HRM curriculum development, through e.g. acting as guest speakers, offering work shadowing opportunities etc.

Visit the MSc Human Resource Management page on the University of South Wales website for more details!