MSc Environmental and Land Planning Engineering

Politecnico di Milano    School of Civil, Environmental and Land Management Engineering

Full time September, February MSc Full-time: 2 years
Engineering (12) Environmental Sciences (13) Geography (17)

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Are you passionate about engineering and the environment? The MSc Environmental and Land Planning Engineering programme at our university is the perfect fit for you. With a focus on sustainable resource utilization and infrastructure design, this Master's degree equips you with the skills needed to balance environmental health and societal needs. You'll explore various areas such as land protection, environmental management, and soil remediation. The programme offers a comprehensive range of courses, including subjects like green chemistry, water treatment, and urban renewal. With career opportunities in engineering, consultancy, and environmental services, this programme sets you up for success. A Bachelor's degree in Engineering or a related field is required for entry. Join us in making a positive impact on our planet!

About the course


The Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering provides an education focused on the broad range of professional capabilities and expertise required to deal with and address adequate engineering frameworks for the sustainable utilization of natural resources and man made infrastructures. Our mission is to educate engineers who can design infrastructures and plan human development while balancing environmental health and the society’s need for better living conditions. Technical and scientific education is thus devoted, through specialized courses and laboratories, to the development, design and evaluation of proper management and intervention strategies, as well as individual measures, in the following general fields of interest: planning and design of strategies and infrastructures for land protection and prevention from natural risks damage and related anthropogenic forcings; management of complex environmental systems and of information systems for land management and resource planning; design and evaluation of engineering processes and technologies for environmental quality reclamation and maintenance, for treatment and resource recovery from liquid, solid and gaseous emissions and for soil remediation; design and data management of systems and components for environmental and land resources measurement, diagnosis and control.

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Entry Requirements

A Bachelor Degree in Engineering or in a related field.


EU students: €900 to €3,900 per year; Non-EU students: €3,900 per year

 Course Content

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The selection criteria are based on the evaluation of your previous education and its match with the prerequisites of our Laurea Magistrale programmes. Obviously GPA (grade point average) and academic achievements (including the portfolio when requested) are of utmost importance. Last but not least a well written motivation letter will highly contribute to a positive decision by the Scholarship Awarding Committee.

Value of Scholarship(s)

PLATINUM: worth 10.000€ gross per year + tuition fees waiver; GOLD 5.000€ per year + tuition fees waiver; SILVER: tuition fee waiver only


All the admitted students with a complete dossier (language certificate included by the deadline) will be automatically considered for the available merit based scholarships.

Application Procedure

There is no application for merit-based scholarships. All admitted students to the university MSc programmes will be automatically considered for a possible scholarship.

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