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Full time September, February MSc Full-time: 2 years
Engineering (12) Physics (29)

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Embark on a transformative journey with our esteemed MSc Electronics Engineering programme. Delve into a realm where innovation meets expertise, shaping you into a proficient Electronics Engineer. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to equip you with a robust foundation in Electronics Engineering, encompassing design principles, electronic systems, and cutting-edge technologies. From Analog & Digital Integrated Circuit Design to Biochip and Electronics Design for Biomedical Instrumentation, our diverse range of subjects ensures a comprehensive skill set. Upon completion, you will emerge with a design-oriented mindset, adept at tackling intricate electronic challenges across various scientific domains. Our graduates are primed for illustrious career prospects in research centres, semiconductor industries, consumer electronics, and beyond. To embark on this enriching academic voyage, a Bachelor's degree in related fields and a strong grasp of mathematics, physics, and electronic theory are prerequisites. Join us and unlock a world of possibilities in Electronics Engineering – where innovation knows no bounds.

About the course


The Master of Science programme aims to form graduates with a comprehensive and solid scientific and technological background in Electronics Engineering, able to design and to use electronic devices, electronic circuits and electronic systems of any complexity as well as to promote the diffusion of electronic technologies in the fields of human activity where benefits can be envisaged. To meet these training needs, the Master of Science in Electronics Engineering bases its roots on a full spectrum of basic courses (mathematics, classical and modern physics, computer science, signal theory, control and communications, basic electronic circuits) that are prerequisites required from the Bachelor, and focuses on the most advanced disciplines in electronic design (analog and digital integrated circuits, solid state physics and devices, microelectronics, optoelectronics and photonic devices, sensors and electronic instrumentation, communications and control systems) to provide a complete and up-to-date preparation. Upon graduating, students will have developed a "design oriented" mindset and acquired a skill to use engineering tools to design solutions to advanced electronic challenges in scientific and technological fields.

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Entry Requirements

A Bachelor degree in Electronics, Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, Automation, Telecommunication, Physics, Nanotechnology, and in relatedfields. Knowledge in advanced mathematics, physics, computer science, signal and communication theory, electric circuits and feedback control, basic electronic devices and analog/digital circuit analysis.


EU students: €900 to €3,900 per year; Non-EU students: €3,900 per year

 Course Content

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The selection criteria are based on the evaluation of your previous education and its match with the prerequisites of our Laurea Magistrale programmes. Obviously GPA (grade point average) and academic achievements (including the portfolio when requested) are of utmost importance. Last but not least a well written motivation letter will highly contribute to a positive decision by the Scholarship Awarding Committee.

Value of Scholarship(s)

PLATINUM: worth 10.000€ gross per year + tuition fees waiver; GOLD 5.000€ per year + tuition fees waiver; SILVER: tuition fee waiver only


All the admitted students with a complete dossier (language certificate included by the deadline) will be automatically considered for the available merit based scholarships.

Application Procedure

There is no application for merit-based scholarships. All admitted students to the university MSc programmes will be automatically considered for a possible scholarship.

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