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Are you ready to take your civil engineering career to the next level? The MSc in Civil Engineering and Project Management is the perfect choice for ambitious individuals looking to enhance their technical expertise and leadership skills in the construction industry. This multidisciplinary programme integrates advanced civil engineering knowledge with essential management principles, preparing you to tackle complex construction projects with a focus on sustainability and efficiency. By enrolling in this course, you will develop strong communication and negotiation skills, explore innovative construction practices, and gain a deep understanding of the social and ethical aspects of the profession. Taught by a blend of academic experts and industry professionals, you will have access to a range of teaching methods, including lectures, tutorials, and problem-solving classes. The programme's accreditation by the Joint Board of Moderators ensures that you are on the path to becoming a Chartered Engineer, making you a highly sought-after professional in the field. If you hold a 2:1 undergraduate degree in civil or structural engineering, or a related field, with a background in geotechnical and water engineering, this programme is your gateway to a successful career in civil engineering and project management.

About the course

This academically rigorous, multidisciplinary course will build your technical civil engineering expertise and management skills. We'll empower you to manage sustainable and complex construction projects and become a future leader in the modern construction industry.

Being able to manage complicated civil engineering systems efficiently is an important part of industrial practice, especially in light of the global push to reduce carbon emissions.

This course integrates a strong technical background with the fundamentals of construction management. The management aspects have a strong contextual grounding in the civil and structural engineering profession, which will be taught via directly applicable examples.

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Entry Requirements

Minimum 2:1 undergraduate honours degree (BEng, MEng, or BSc) in civil or structural engineering or another appropriate engineering or science subject.

You will need a strong background and high previous performance (equivalent to 2:1) in at least one geotechnical engineering-related module and at least one water engineering-related module.

We'll consider your application if you have appropriate professional qualifications and work experience, but you'll need a strong background in the areas covered on the course.

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Student Profiles

Jess Green

I think the course is set up really well, with modules from lecturers who are top in their field. The department offered me lots of support whenever I have needed it. My modules have been challenging but interesting, with a range of teaching options and assessment options. I have really taken advantage of everything the city of Sheffield has to offer; from great bars and restaurants, street food, shopping and theatres, there really is something for everybody.

Syed Hassan Zakria

I decided to apply to Sheffield as it was ranked in the top 50 departments in the world and it stood up there in the Russell group for me.

My experience of being a student here has been exceptionally good. Being an international student you get overwhelming support right from the word go as you land at the airport and various teams from the university are there to welcome you.

The students’ union has been ranked number 1 in the UK for the past few years on the basis of surveys carried out on student satisfaction, and throughout your studies you get various incentives and discounts from the union.

The large number of international students in the university make you feel at home because you meet people from various cultures and backgrounds and you get international exposure. It is one of the best experiences of my life to meet people from various nationalities sitting on the same table and discussing our studies. It is a tremendous experience to study in Sheffield.

The teaching is very well organised and every module is taught based on the latest possible techniques by very experienced academic staff who make things much easier and simple for the students to understand.

Lectures are recorded and uploaded online so they’re easy to access and helpful especially for students who may have not understood elements due to language barriers.

The university tries to facilitate its students in the best possible ways by providing extraordinary study spaces that are easily accessible and spacious enough to accommodate everyone. Many buildings like the Diamond and the Information Commons are open 24 hours a day, have free internet and computers, and there are also silent study areas. The libraries are easily accessible and they have enough books in them to accommodate all the students.

Sheffield as a city is lovely and a peaceful place to live. The weather here has always got that surprising element! From a student’s perspective it has got everything; all types of foods for all nationalities are easily available at very affordable prices. Travel to places like London or Manchester is easy, quick and relatively low cost. Lastly, Sheffield is great for cyclists as they tend to enjoy going uphill a lot in this beautiful terrain!

Nilakshan Balasubramaniam

When I was searching for good universities around the world to pursue my masters, I came across the University of Sheffield. It is recognised world-wide and has a good academic record. I chose to study water engineering because the world needs more water engineers, especially in developing countries like Sri Lanka, where I am from.

The course content was set up in a way that teaches the students what they will need in industry right now and in the future. The course content was challenging and interesting. The facilities in the University were outstanding. A student will get all kinds of help from the academic staff and support staff of the University. The tutors were friendly and helpful, which I loved the most.

The city of Sheffield is a nice place to live and it has something for everybody. It is surrounded by places of scenic beauty, which a nature lover will yearn for. The local people are also really friendly. Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Sheffield and was really happy with the quality education I received.

Xin Liu

I chose the University of Sheffield because of its worldwide reputation and the high-quality research and teaching in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering.

The tutors are very helpful and are always available for students. Students can take advantage of office hours and drop-in slots to ask questions. Tutorials are set to solve problems and give you the opportunity to communicate with other classmates, which will enrich your knowledge and learning. Students are able to access a variety of facilities. The range of engineering software provided is very helpful, as engineering students can use it to simulate and practice for different scenarios and problems.

The city of the Sheffield is very safe and green and the people here are friendly and lovely. I can walk home after a late-night of studying in the Diamond or Information Commons without worrying too much. I can enjoy lots of green spaces; the Peak District, the Winter Gardens and the Peace Gardens.

I am going back to China to find a job related to building consultancy or ‘green buildings’, because I want to make more impact on the energy saving of buildings.

Nurkhan Nurymbetov

I chose the University of Sheffield because it has a great reputation for structural engineering, recognised not only in the UK, but worldwide. Having spent a year in Sheffield, I realise how valuable my experience was for my personal and professional development.

Due to a great number of facilities the university possesses and how well thought-out and convenient they are, I was able to concentrate purely on my studies without worrying about technical difficulties. Moreover, the majority of academic staff are highly recognised professionals in their research areas, so they tend to give more in-depth information, interesting case studies or recent developments in their lectures. Therefore, when you graduate you leave with more skills than are covered in the course description. I am confident that the knowledge and skills I have gained from the university will make me a competitive employee in any engineering company.