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MS in Anatomical and Translational Sciences (M-ATS)

George Washington University    Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Full time & Part time August MSc, Other Full-time: 2 years; part-time may be available.

About the course

Gain an Edge in Advancing Your Medical Education

Designed to prepare students interested in entering a medical school or health sciences programs, as well as those working toward an advanced doctoral degree in biomedical sciences. The Master of Sciences in Anatomical and Translational Sciences (M-ATS) program through the GW Columbian College of Arts and Sciences provides the solid foundation they need to transition to their next level of education.

About the M-ATS Program at GW

The M-ATS program provides a comprehensive curricular platform that strengthens students’ understanding of the basic medical and translational sciences to help as they begin advancing their education.

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Entry Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in life sciences with a 3.0 GPA or higher from an accredited university. For more information on premed coursework, please see: View Website

Applicants are required to submit a BCPM (science-math) GPA calculation document. The BCPM calculation form is available here: View Website

 Course Content

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Student Profile(s)


The MATS program was one of the best choices I've made. I chose to continue to this program after GCATS, because I knew I would be provided with a quality education and access to resources. The faculty is very supportive, engaging, and has our best interest. Dr. Chiaramello is one of the most outstanding advisors. She has played a pivotal role in my academic career by guiding through the MCAT and medical school application process. I will always be thankful for the mentorship Dr. Chiaramello has given me.


I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of the inaugural class of the MATS program. It readily prepared me for medical school, and provided me with opportunities that I would not have gotten elsewhere. The small class size allows the faculty to get to personally know you, and the faculty truly cares about you. The classes mirror a medical school curriculum, and provide you with an excellent foundation in the anatomical sciences, which can be built upon during medical school. Dr. Chiaramello, the director of the MATS program, is truly a gem.

She gets to know you on a personal level, and wants the absolute best for every single one of her students. She does everything in her power to help out her students, and provides real guidance on how students can improve their medical school applications. Dr. Chiaramello is honestly one of the main reasons why I decided to enrol in this program, because I knew that she could provide me with the necessary direction that I really needed. The MATS program and Dr. Chiaramello provided me with the needed foundation, and I now feel confident in myself and my abilities to become a physician.


After taking pharmacology, systems physiology, pharmacogenomics, genomes, neuropharmacology, and an ethics course, I can say with confidence I am more prepared and ready for medical school. The rigor of the courses offered in the MATS program tested my ability to perform at a level expected of year 1 medical students. In the second year of the MATS program, we learned over 400 drugs (including their mechanisms of action, indications, contraindications, toxicities, and administration/distribution), genomic medicine theories and techniques, methods to handle bioethical conflicts, and further developed graduate level writing skills in demanding courses mixed with PhD students. As an academic advisor, Dr. Anne Chiaramello guided students with medical school applications, career planning, and general academic advising throughout the program. GCATS/MATS students and alumni are welcome to arrange one-on-one meetings with Dr. Chiaramello for guidance in any subject related to the students’ future career goals.

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