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  MRes: Regulation of neural Mitochondrial Dynamics by the energy sensor, AMPK

Royal Veterinary College    The Graduate School

Full time October MRes 1 year
Biological Sciences (4) Veterinary Sciences (35)

About the course

Supervisors: Dr Claire Thornton and Dr Helen Stolp

Department: Comparative Biomedical Sciences  

Project Details

Babies experiencing asphyxia during birth are at risk of significant long-term disabilities such as cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Birth asphyxia temporarily deprives the brain of glucose and oxygen, resulting in hypoxic-ischaemic (HI) injury characterized by neuronal energy failure and increased neuronal death. Although many signalling pathways are triggered, mitochondria act as the hub for these injury responses and defining mitochondrial biodynamics during such cellular stress is key to developing effective, mitochondria-targeted therapeutics. 

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Entry Requirements

Must meet our standard MRes entry requirements.
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Must hold a degree in Biosciences, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine or similar

Previous laboratory experience, especially with cell culture
Motivation and scientific curiosity


For information regarding Programme Fees, please see 'Programme Description' below.

 Course Content

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