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Intensive advanced study introduces students of this interdisciplinary programme to core concepts, techniques and debates in management. You take a total of 11 core courses and electives. The programme is aimed at students who have just finished their degree (in any discipline except business- and management-related majors), who have achieved the equivalent of a first class, and who have less than one year of professional experience at the start of the programme.

Educational aims:

  • to give students with a strong performance in other disciplines at first-degree level an understanding of the academic discipline of management; and
  • to give students the opportunity to acquire and develop skills and expertise relevant to high-level management practice.

This is achieved by:

  1. providing students with the guidance necessary to acquire a deep understanding of the theory and practice of management;
  2. analysing, in lectures, discussions and written work, the key techniques, conceptual issues and debates in the academic management literatures and in the practice of management;
  3. supporting students in the development of an understanding and a critical perspective of management;
  4. providing teaching in a range of technical/specialist subjects central to the study of the different branches of management; and
  5. examining students formally on their knowledge of the theory and practice of management.

Learning Outcomes

The MPhil in Management is a taught master's programme which offers new and recent graduates of any subject except business and management a thorough grounding in management. The normal expectation is that graduates of the MPhil in Management will seek a career in management. The programme is consequently conceived as a graduate conversion course which will prepare students for such a career. It sets high academic and intellectual standards and is based upon the latest academic research in the field.

The programme is designed throughout to help participants transition from students to professional managers, by providing them with the fundamental knowledge needed in a management career and with novel opportunities to develop their collaborative leadership skills and business creativity. The philosophy behind the programme is that while effective management requires experience, a good grounding in academic knowledge is an invaluable prerequisite for a managerial career. Because management involves such a wide array of skills, from the mathematical to the interpersonal, the MPhil in Management demands excellence across a wide range of applied disciplines.


The course offers a combination of modules centered around business and management and of modules and activities centered around creativity, innovation and collaborative leadership. Teaching and learning styles vary, from traditional lectures to interactive workshops and real-life team projects.


Marks will be given as a percentage. All marks are provisional until confirmed by the Board of Examiners. Marks can be raised or lowered by the Board of Examiners. We try our best at the department to give early feedback on marks, but please be aware that the timing of the release of provisional marks may vary greatly from one module to another. The nature and extent of feedback given will vary from lecturer to lecturer, but students may reasonably expect to receive some indication of the strengths and weaknesses of any work submitted.



A thesis is not required.


Assessment on the course consists of a combination of university examinations, case and project presentations and coursework.

Written examination

University written examinations are a form of assessment for some modules.

Practical assessment

Presentations are a form of assessment for some modules.

Funding Opportunities

A limited number of bursaries are available to eligible home (UK) students who have been offered a place on the MPhil in Management. Applicants will automatically be considered for these bursaries upon application to the programme. 

General Funding Opportunities

Apply using the Applicant Portal

The Apply Now button on the right will take you to the Applicant Portal, where you can create and submit your application and supporting documents, and request references.

An application is only complete when:

  1. you have submitted your application and supporting documents via the Applicant Portal
  2. you have paid the £60 application fee
  3. your referees have provided their references.

If you miss the deadlines specified in this section, you will not be able to submit your application.

Selection Process

Applications are considered in stages as part of a gathered field and the earliest decisions on applications can be expected in January 2019, with the majority of decisions finalised in May 2019 after all received applications have been considered by the admissions committee of the MPhil in Management programme. 

Further information on How To Apply

Visit the MPhil in Management page on the University of Cambridge website for more details!