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Full time October MA 2 years
Geography (17) History & Archaeology (19) Politics & Government (30)

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Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Mobility Studies with a Master's degree that goes beyond traditional boundaries. The programme delves into the intricate web of migration, transport, tourism, and global trade, offering a fresh perspective on societal transformations. Through a blend of historical, cultural, and social sciences, students explore the movement of people, ideas, and commodities across global landscapes. Key modules include Migrations in World History, Ideas and Cultures in Motion, and Digital Tools for Mobility Research. This interdisciplinary course equips graduates with the skills to navigate diverse career paths in government agencies, NGOs, cultural tourism, and media industries. The programme's unique selling points lie in its international exposure, internship opportunities with global partners, and a focus on practical skills like academic writing and public history. Entry requirements include a Bachelor's degree in relevant fields and a B2 level of English proficiency. Join us in shaping the future of mobility and societal understanding.

About the course

Today mobility is a keyword related to migration, transport, mass tourism, global trade, the circulation of digital information and their impact on urban transformations. Beyond everyday perception, mobility is also a new paradigm in the Social Sciences and Humanities, that looks beyond immobile socio-economic structures and fixed cultural identities, in order to provide a new understanding of past and present societies.

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Entry Requirements

Bachelor diploma (or equivalent)

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Historical and Geographical studies or related subject such as Philology, Literature, Foreign Languages, Sociology, Anthropology, Global Studies, Social and Political sciences.

Additional entry requirements: entry title and GPA

English: B2 level (CEFR) or equivalent

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Our tuition fees will not exceed 2700 euros per year. Scholarship and fee waivers are available for international students, for more information visit our website.

 Course Content

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Where will I study?

Where is University of Padua


Student Profile

Ana Beatriz

I am a Brazilian student and I am finishing my MA in Mobility Studies. I have a Bachelor's degree in international relations and after some years working in Brazil, I decided to pursue my dream and applied for the MA program at UNIPD. I came to Padova in September 2021, and I really liked the city and my programme since the first day. Besides living in Padova, I spent a semester abroad in Berlin, Germany, as an Erasmus+ student, where I followed courses in the MA in Global History.
Within the University of Padua, I worked as Tutor for International Students and as Tutor for students with disabilities. It was a super nice opportunity to help other students and to meet new people.
I also had the opportunity to participate in a Summer School for Migration and Development at Charles University in Prague and in a Training School about Women and Migration in the University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. All these opportunities were important for me to strengthen my knowledge about migration, which is the topic I study and was totally connected to my studies in Padova.
I absolutely love the Mobility Studies programme because it's so awesome in many ways! First off, they offer a wide range of topics, so you can pick the ones that really interest you. And since it's taught in English, you get to meet students from all over the world, which makes the whole experience super exciting and eye-opening.
The best part is that most of the students come from different backgrounds, which brings in a bunch of different perspectives. It's amazing how much you can learn from your classmates! Plus, the programme encourages interdisciplinary thinking, which is pretty nice and a must in the academic environment today.
The professors are always approachable and super friendly. They're more than happy to chat about research, and the programme, or lend a hand whenever you need it. Also, after the first year, they organize a feedback session where we can share our thoughts and help shape the programme together.
All in all, the Mobility Studies programme is amazing because of its wide-ranging topics, diverse student community, interdisciplinary approach, and supportive faculty.

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