MIT - Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

University of Luxembourg    Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance

Full time September MA 1 year

About the course

The Luxembourg Centre for Logistics & Supply Chain Managementat the University of Luxembourg in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation and Logistics (MIT CTL) offers a unique master programme in the heart of Europe.

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Entry Requirements

The Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) is aimed at:

- Professionals of manufacturing or service companies who want to improve their performance and career prospects;
- Consultants working in the area of logistics and supply chain management;
- Financials and analysts who need a better understanding of the world of operations;
- Recent graduates with brilliant record who want to develop their career in supply chain.


24 000€
Attractive scholarships available

 Course Content

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Student Profile(s)

Kirsten Evans

I chose this program because of experience of staff and diversity of the country Luxembourg and other students in this cohort. We have a lot of cultural diversity, referring to 13 different countries. It opened-up an opportunity for me to understand different people, business practices, cultures and experiences.

Another reason for me to choose the programme is its location and its international presence especially in logistics. Luxembourg serves 80% of Europe in one-day transit.

I knew I was going to learn and understand many international markets and logistic networks.

My advice: come to this programme with open mind and be anxious to learn.

Aanand Pandey

"Successfully pursuing the Master in Supply Chain and Logistics at University of Luxembourg was among the best experiences of my life.

The programme combined theoretical aspects of supply chains ranging from logistics management to data science with many real-life examples to prepare us for our professional lives. The faculty was always engaged and willing to help the students move to the next level.

Being part of the MIT SCALE Network, our class spent almost four weeks at MIT in Boston attending conferences, lectures and interacting with our fellow peers from the supply chain industry. I especially appreciated the connections opportunities and the exposure we received. the opportunities to make connections

The broad range of courses available in the programme means that all students can find their niche and be assured that they are equipped with the right set of skills to succeed professionally. I would recommend this course to everyone!"

Utsav Burman

A Family Forever!
Coming to Luxembourg to broaden my knowledge about the world of logistics and supply chains has been one of the best decisions in my life so far. Out of all the scale centers, LCL is the only one providing its students with not only an international environment but also an exposure to the university culture which opens multiple horizons to explore university events, network with people from various different educational backgrounds and create life long bonds!

For me, it was an intensive learning curve full of group assignments, laughters, tears and parties which kept me challenging the status quo in all dimensions. This has allowed me to grow as an individual the last year and create bonds with my friends and professors, a bond which is shared by a family!

Cheers! To all the future members looking to join this family!"


Scholarships are awarded only to students who have been admitted to the Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) programme through LCL's regular admissions procedure.

Candidates will be expected to show extraordinary potential for leadership and professional success, bringing new vision and commitment to the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Value of Scholarship(s)

20 000€


The Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme is designed as a self-funded programme. However, the LCL has a pool of scholarships available each year to support outstanding candidates.

For successful applicants these scholarships may reduce the effective tuition fee to as little as 4 000 €. The general funding decision and final amount are based on merit and need.

Application Procedure

In order to apply, funding students are required to submit by e-mail a copy of the following documents to

Application form
Each scholarship applicant will fill out the scholarship application form, including the following: a statement describing his/her economic situation, an essay explaining his/her reasons for applying for the scholarship, his/her interests, aptitudes, career plans, etc.

Income statement
Copy of the current employment contract, the most recent pay slip or other official document that can account for the last salary received.

Copy of passport
In its decision process, the admissions committee will take into account the applicant’s academic/professional achievements and needs based on the information provided via the regular programme application and the additional scholarship application.

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