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  MDP in Mechanical Engineering: Digital Design

University of Turku    University of Turku Masters Programmes

Full time August Other, MSc 2 years full time 17 January 2024
Creative Arts & Design (9) Engineering (12)

About the course

In Digital Design studies, you will develop design thinking to create and optimise products, services and systems with a human-oriented approach.

Transform ideas into magnificent products

Today, masters in engineering need theoretical and practical knowledge of design, regardless of whether they are designing small or large. Design is required in all areas of mechanical engineering, and contemporary digital tools make design an exciting experience. The design has a theoretical background, and digital tools bring design methods and processes to the edge of contemporary engineering work.

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Entry Requirements

You are an eligible applicant for master’s level studies if:
• you have a nationally recognised first cycle degree – normally a Bachelor’s degree – from an accredited institution of higher education,
• your degree corresponds to at least 180 ECTS (European credits) or to three years of full-time study,
• your degree is in a relevant field for the Master’s degree programme that you are applying to.
Please check the programme page for detailed degree requirements.

 Course Content

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Student Profile

Usama Nadeem

“The student-centered approach of this degree allows students to pursue a wide range of courses following their self-interest, which I, without question, adore.


The University offers a generous scholarship programme for students who are subject to the tuition fees. The scholarship programme has 3 categories:

2-year scholarship that covers the entire tuition fee for 2 academic years.
2-year scholarship that covers 50 % of the tuition fee for 2 academic years.
1-year scholarship for outstanding performance during the 1st study year. The scholarship covers the 2nd year tuition fee.

A scholarship will be granted to up to 30 % of the admitted students who are subject to tuition fees and have applied for a scholarship. You can apply for a 2-year scholarship at the same time as applying for admission to one of our Master’s degree programmes. There is a separate application process for the 1-year scholarship during your first study year.

The University also offers the Fulbright-University of Turku Graduate Award for studies beyond the Bachelor level at the University of Turku. The award includes a grant of 1000€/month and a scholarship covering the tuition fee. This award is open to U.S. citizens that are accepted to one of the programmes in the university.

The scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. Extracurricular activities are not evaluated and means testing is not used. The programmes rank their applicants based on the admission criteria that may include an interview, motivation letter or relevant academic experience in addition to the grades of the previous degree. The highest ranked applicants are then proposed to the scholarship committee as candidates for the scholarships. The committee awards the scholarships to the best candidates of each programme. The candidates may be offered a full scholarship or a 50% scholarship.

Value of Scholarship(s)

Covers tuition fee fully or partially


The University offers a generous scholarship programme for students who are subject to the tuition fees.

Application Procedure

The University of Turku offers scholarships for students who are subject to the tuition fee. Applying for a scholarship is simple: just indicate “yes” in the appropriate questions on your application form for the programme. All applicants that have applied for a scholarship will receive information of the decisions in their admission offer.

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