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MDP in Learning, Teaching and Counselling in Intercultural Context

This two-year Master’s Degree Programme in Learning, Teaching and Counselling in Intercultural Context is a multidisciplinary programme focusing on different study fields related to education. The programme is divided into orientation, methodological, thematic and other studies. The curriculum of the programme has a global focus and is not limited to one particular research or study field related to education. Instead, it offers a thematic walkthrough through diverse disciplines related to education and pedagogy. Students can flexibly choose their thematic modules according to their personal interests and needs. Students may focus on adult education and counselling, primary or science education and special education.

The thematic module Lifelong Learning focuses on the basics of education, lifelong learning, knowledge society and development of working life. It offers comparative perspectives to questions pertaining to lifelong learning and expertise, educational policy and educational research. It addresses topics, such as, active citizenship, career counseling, life and educational paths of individuals and communities in various social and sociopolitical contexts.

The module Science Education offers students current perspectives on teaching, studying and learning in scientific domains, such as, biology, chemistry, geography and physics. It aims at widening students' world-view through various scientific key concepts and theories related to the paradigm of education and through the understanding of the interrelationships between natural sciences, technology, society and human beings. It provides students with knowledge of teaching needed mainly on primary and secondary school levels.

The module Primary Education tackles global and current issues of primary education constituting the core of Finnish expertise recognised worldwide. It provides academic tools for developing students’ theoretical and empirical understanding of primary education and children's development. In the course of their studies, students will learn how to apply their knowledge and skills to observation, monitoring and pedagogical evaluation of children's development, learning processes and learning environments.

In addition, all students are offered an overview of special education and inclusive education and given a general view of the role of special education in Finnish and other educational systems. These studies focus on learning disabilities and the essential developmental needs in learning social-emotional and analytical skills. They also include a theoretical background of these skills.

Non EU/EEA students

Starting from September 2017 onwards, non EU/EEA students arriving to Finland will be charged tuition fees for the programme: 8000 EUR/academic year. This rule will not apply to the persons already residing in Finland on a permanent basis (continuous A or P/P-EU residence permit type or EU Blue Card).

Tuition fees cover the studies included in the degree (120 ECTS), as well as studies-related academic supervision and counseling. They also cover supporting services offered by the university; assistance in applying for student accommodation, orientation programme, tutoring, access to IT services, wireless internet access on campus, computer classrooms available 24/7 and library services.

The annual tuition fee for the academic years 2019-2021 is 8000 €. The annual fee is paid in two equal instalments for an academic year. The due dates for the first academic year are 14 June 2019 and 30 November 2019 and for the second academic year 31July 2020 and 30 November 2020. Students will be sent an invoice for each instalment with more specific payment details. Each instalment has to be completely paid until the concerning due date.


The scholarship is applied for when applying for admission to the university by filling out the relevant section of the application form. The decision about the scholarship is made in connection with student admission, and the student is notified of the matter in the letter of acceptance.

The scholarship exempts the student from the tuition fee either in full (100%) or partially (80%). Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the university and possible scholarship by 5 April 2019.

The scholarship is personal, programme-dependent (and thus cannot be transferred to another programme) and it is awarded for two academic years. The first year scholarship is awarded on the basis of the student's academic achievements described in the admission criteria. However, the scholarship awarded for the second year is conditional and tied to the progress of the student’s studies. The prerequisite for the scholarship to continue in the second academic year is that the student has completed a minimum of 55 ECTS credits of studies that are included in his or her degree during the first academic year (transferred credits are not taken into consideration). If the above prerequisite is not met, the conditional scholarship awarded for the second academic year can be discontinued on this basis. The student is heard in the matter before a decision to discontinue the scholarship is made.

Visit the MDP in Learning, Teaching and Counselling in Intercultural Context page on the University of Eastern Finland website for more details!




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