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MBA Digital Marketing Strategy

Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci Programmes

Full time October MBA 1 year full time

About the course

MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy

An immersive experience at the heart of digital technology

Thanks to empirical and practical teaching methods, students will acquire technical as well as managerial skills. This dual competence facilitates access to positions such as digital project manager, digital brand manager, social media manager and search marketing consultant. Our MBA students, who come from all over the world, appreciate this context of diversity and experience sharing, making our course even more enriching.


The MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy is the formula for success to help you to find your job in this connected digital world. Students will learn to master the latest tools used to orchestrate and automate marketing campaigns.

They will learn how companies

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Entry Requirements

4 year undergraduate degree or 240ECTS or equivalent

IELTS 6.5 (or TOEIC/TOEFL/CEC equivalent)
Native English speakers, and those who have previously graduated from a programme taught in English, are exempted

Application process: Online application + online interview


11 700€

Course Content

Where is Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci


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Student Profile(s)

Paras Khushiramani

Before coming to EMLV, Paras had completed his education and started working in India. After a two-year experience as digital marketer in Mumbai, he felt the need to enhance his knowledge of digital marketing strategy.

“An amazing course structure”

Paras had always wished to come to Paris, but what convinced him of studying at EMLV is the course structure offered by the Digital Marketing Strategy MBA.

“The educational approach is much more practical than in India, at EMLV the six-month course is followed by a six-month internship”.

The balance between theoretical and practical knowledge is central in the MBA Digital Marketing Strategy’s educational approach. Many courses use case studies, giving students the opportunity to work on real business problems. Consultant projects also are the occasion for students to put their knowledge into practice when creating a digital and social media strategy for companies. At the end of the project, students are able to apply the concepts, tools and methods taught during the course in a professional context. They can coordinate a mission from the initial brief to the delivery, following expectations of customers.

Paras and four fellow students participated in a challenge organized by wine and spirits multinational Pernod Ricard, as part of the course. They were among the ten finalist teams to be invited to Shanghai by the brand in order to pitch their digital marketing strategy project.

“Living in Paris gives you a different feeling”

No doubt about it, Paras has fallen for Paris. Whether among bustling La Défense business district or in the lively neighbourhood of Bastille, where he likes to go with friends, Paras feels at home in Paris. Classes are taught exclusively in English, most of the students in the latest MBA DMS promotion are coming from abroad. Paras particularly enjoyed the school spirit, within his class but also on EMLV campus, shared by engineering school ESILV and digital school IIM.

“Everyday there are new activities and you actually feel alive! Whenever we have a break, we go to the “foyer” and enjoy this good atmosphere”
Pôle Léonard de Vinci’s associations are here to help students adapt to life on campus and bring them together around common projects.

Diem Chau

Diem Chau chose Parisian Business school EMLV to pursue a MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy. After starting a career in Vietnam as marketing officer, she felt the need to become an expert in digital marketing strategy. A few months away from graduation, she told us about her experience, on and off-campus.

After a semester of classes and group projects, Diem started her 6-month internship in a successful IoT startup in Paris.

Consultancy project, learning by doing

MBA Digital Marketing Strategy students work with firms, as consultants, on digital and social media strategies. At the end of this long-term project, students are able to apply the concepts, tools and methods taught during the course in a professional context and to coordinate a mission from the formulation of the recommandations to the operational expectactions of customers.

"I together with two other classmates, we formed a group and we worked for an innovation company. What we liked the most is that we were able apply what we studied in school while working with them".

Knowledge is also put into practice with case studies, group project and challenges. Of course, the MBA includes a 6-month internship, in France or abroad, giving the programme a balance between theory and practice, appreciated by students.

An international environment in Paris
EMLV is ideally located in the heart of Paris-La Défense business district. The school is focused on fields such as marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship. The MBA is taught exclusively in English and gathers students from all over the world. Classes are human-sized classes, which is beneficial for both work atmosphere and interpersonal relations.

"I don't feel alone at all here. The students in my class don't speak French, we all speak English with one another. My family is far away, so friends are family here to me".

The learning outcomes of the MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy are in sync with an international environment, aiming to give the students the necessary skills to path their way to a successful career in the digital sector.

Preparing students for various careers in the digital sector

After completing their course and internships, graduates are guaranteed to obtain high-level positions such as Social Media Analyst, SEO Expert, Digital Marketing Consultant, Web Marketing Director, Digital Communication Consultant, IoT Consultant, etc.

Lev Mukhin

Lev Mukhin chose business school EMLV to pursue a MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy. After a first professional experience in Kazakhstan, he now lives close to campus, in Paris business district. Lev looked back on his experience at school, the MBA programme and his life in France.
Find out what to expect when you spend one year in Paris, at EMLV.

A programme in sync with the technological evolutions

Online reputation, crisis management, social gaming and gamification, IOT,  SEO, social media, mobile and cross canal marketing : the students get a global experience of Digital Marketing at EMLV.

"The key for keeping up with a technological revolution is to fully embrace it, understand its potential and figure out how to properly integrate it into your larger strategy and that's exactly what we're doing here at EMLV."

The programme gives every student a unique opportunity to complete their knowledge about the Digital Marketing Industry. It aims to provide them with all the tools they need to acquire exceptional managerial skills and to obtain high-level positions. The students study on campus for 6 months, period after which they must complete a 6-month internship in Paris or abroad.

The opportunity to participate in international contests

At EMLV, students get the opportunity to participate in challenges, as part of the learning by doing educational approach. Together with four classmates, Lev formed a team which ended up being the only European team selected in the contest organised by Pernod Ricard China. "Our mission was to present the concept of a digital solution that would help the company to firmly take its place on the Chinese e-commerce market". EMLV supported Lev and his team in the organisation of the trip to Shanghai, China. They pitched their project in front of the jury.

A school that takes care of students

The International Relations Department provides the students with different housing options near school once the students arrive in Paris.

"I remember my first day in Paris, the representatives of school met me at the airport and took me to my residence. Thanks to the online school platform I found my appartment next to EMLV."

Lev lives in Paris-La Défense, Paris business district, in a residence within a 10 minute walk from campus. Once settled, the students still get help from the administrative team and are supported throughout the year to ease their experience in Pa

Joey Greiner

From New-York City to Paris. After a first professional experience in the USA, Joey Greiner wanted to enhance his knowledge of digital marketing. The young American chose EMLV's Digital Marketing Strategy MBA. A graduate from the Class of '17, he chose to stay in France to launch a mobile app called Woojo.

He looks back on his experience at EMLV and his day-to-day as a startuper at Station F.

A MBA in France, taught in English

Attracted by France and Paris without entirely mastering French, Joey considered Parisian management school EMLV and its Digital Marketing Strategy MBA as the best option. Its programme, taught exclusively in English, convinces many international students to enroll each year.

Joey appreciated the consultant projects led in teams. MBA students are in charge of creating digital marketing strategies for companies in various business industries.

The Digital Marketing Strategy MBA stands out with the balance of its programme, both practical and theoretical. After a semester of class, students must undertake a six-month internship in order to complete their course.

Station F, world's biggest startup campus

Joey joined Station F's team as an intern. He was in charge of the organisation's social media and website.

Created by Xavier Niel and opened in June 2017, this 34 000 m² incubator in the heart of Paris hosts 3000 people. Startups are divided into incubators, accelerators or programmes.

After completing his MBA, Joey remained in Paris to launch a startup called Woojo. It is hosted at Station F, in the Naver / Line programme. Startups from this programme, created by a major actor of South Korean Internet, all belong to the Internet consumer ecosystem.

Joey, CEO and co-founder of Woojo, sees the French government initiatives in favor of entrepreneurship as profitable. Many of them, like the French Tech or the BPI, Bank of Public Investment, are accessible directly at Station F.

Woojo is a mobile application allowing users to match with professional or personal contacts they will meet at events such as concerts, trade fairs or festivals. The app enables users to break the ice ahead of time before creating an actual life interaction. Developed on the European market in the summer of 2018, it should launch in the USA in the year to come.


Diversity Scholarship


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