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The forces of globalisation have brought people, firms and markets across the world closer together than ever before. Modern companies need to master both international and local dimensions to succeed in an increasingly competitive setting.

The International Business profile is highly relevant to students who consider a career in multinational companies, international organisations or smaller firms whose activities involve a substantial degree of international business.

The International Business profile provide students with insights and understandings of the opportunities and challenges that multinational firms, such as, Nestlé, Orkla, Lenovo, Telenor, AirB&B etc. face in the global environment. It also gives a solid basis for a career in more specialised industries, like shipping, or in international organisations, like the OECD or WTO.

Subject areas

  • The core courses in the International Business (INB) profile provides you with knowledge about the global environment and how multinational firms create business opportunities and meet threats and challenges in the global marketplace. The electives add opportunities to specialise in various directions and/or to secure a broader set of skills and insights of relevance for internationally oriented firms and organisations.
  • Global firms transcend national boundaries in the labour market as well as in product and factor markets.
  • Global firms hire from an international pool of talents and must meet the challenge of managing a nationally and culturally diverse work force.
  • Global firms also source their input from suppliers around the globe and must deal with the cultural, logistic and institutional challenges involved in managing a global supply chain.
  • The INB profile provides you with insights into and understandings of all of these issues that are core areas for managers in global firms.
  • Understanding the global business environment is equally important. International organisations such as the WTO, and global and regional trade and integration agreements, such as the EU, shape the global market place and the business models and strategies of internationally oriented firms. Furthermore, international financial markets play a key role for such firms. The INB profile gives you thorough insights into and understanding of the global business environment facing any firm or organisation operating internationally.
  • To an increasing extent, firms are held responsible for their policies toward employees, the environment and consumers across national boundaries. Managers in global firms need to know how to identify and deal with the challenges, and to ensure that the firm as well as its complete supply chain acts responsibly and in accordance with high international standards. The INB profile gives you a solid foundation for responsible leadership in an international context.
  • The INB profile can easily be combined with international opportunities offered to NHH students, like exchange, CEMS and double degrees. In particular, it is well suited to combine with the CEMS Master in International Management.

Learning outcome

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration with a major in International Business, the following learning outcomes apply:


The candidates

  • Have advanced professional insights into the global environment and the strategic and managerial challenges facing global firms.
  • Have up-to-date knowledge of relevant theories and a profound understanding of the multi-disciplinary nature of international business.
  • Have solid competencies in empirical methods applicable to international business as well as of ethics in an international business context.


The candidates

  • Can apply methodological and interdisciplinary skills to identify challenges and opportunities arising in international organisations.
  • Can use information and theoretical insights to propose and evaluate solutions to international challenges.
  • Can use the insights and theoretical foundation in international business as basis for acquiring new information and knowledge needed to handle international challenges.

General competencies

The candidates

  • Can communicate with both specialists and non-specialists about challenges and opportunities in international business.
  • Can reflect upon and take into consideration ethical issues and social responsibility, being aware of the added challenges that may arise in an international setting.
  • Can contribute with new insights and perspectives that further business development from an international perspective.


As an NHH graduate you have numerous career possibilities. Recent surveys show that 74 per cent of our graduates found employment before graduation.

Visit the Master's in International Business page on the Norwegian School of Economics website for more details!





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