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  Master of Science in Computing Sciences and Electrical Engineering - Data Science

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Unleash the power of data with the Master of Science in Computing Sciences and Electrical Engineering - Data Science at Tampere University. This programme delves deep into big data analysis, equipping you with the skills to tackle complex data-driven challenges in various fields. Through specialisations like Data Science and Statistical Data Analytics, you will master computational and statistical algorithms for data mining and machine learning. The curriculum covers data cleansing, integration, modelling, and prediction, along with advanced topics like deep learning and neural networks. With a strong emphasis on algorithmic and computational aspects, you will learn to present analysis results effectively to decision-makers. Upon completion, you will be adept at choosing suitable data analysis methods, managing big data efficiently, and visualising data insights. Join this programme with a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field and embark on a rewarding career in data analytics across diverse industries.

About the course

Make big sense of big data

Big data and data-driven methods are at the centre of modern computer science, statistics and computer engineering and hold great promise for the future.

Experts on analyzing data are needed for solving challenging data driven problems such as understanding of text documents, conversation and social media; creating intelligent search engines; finding data-driven insights into phenomena of society, economy and culture; creating data-driven solutions for medical and biological problems; and enabling self-driving cars and autonomous robots.

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Entry Requirements

Bachelor’s degree - nationally recognized first cycle degree

an applicable bachelor’s degree at a university or a university of applied sciences in Finland
a bachelor's degree completed in a university outside Finland which provides eligibility for equivalent University master’s degree studies in the country in which it was awarded.
with a minimum scope of 180 ECTS credits, three to four years of full-time study
from a relevant field for the master’s degree programme that you’re applying to
from a recognised institution of higher education

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