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Course content

Master of Management is an international one-year master programme (in English).

This programme is tailored for bachelor and master graduates who aim to widen their scope of international management as well as to deepen their knowledge of and capabilities in management information systems or international marketing strategy. This programme comes down to an all-encompassing, integrated and high management training that has become a must for those who wish to develop the full potential of their capabilities in a rapidly changing international business environment. The programme does not only apply to (business)economics students but also to university graduates in non-economic subject areas, such as engineers, lawyers, psychologists...

Programme courses (60 ECTS):

Students in the Master of Management programme take three core courses and will complete their programme with additional elective specialization courses (outlined below). Core courses include (students choose two out of three of these courses, 12 ECTS):

- Innovation and value chain management
- International financial management
- Business modelling

Students can choose between 2 specialisations:

Master of Management in Management Information Systems (MIS) (48 ECTS)

The specialization MIS focuses on the organization and management of information systems in business functions and at corporate level. Graduates are prepared to become business analysts and consultants.

Business computing was mostly used for relatively simple operations, such as tracking sales or payroll data. Over time, these applications have become more complex. Increasing amounts of information are stored and linked to previously separate information systems. As more and more data were stored and linked this information was analysed in further detail, creating entire management reports from the raw, stored data.
The term ‘MIS’ describes these kinds of applications, which are developed to provide managers with information about sales, inventories, and other data that help in managing the company. Today, more than ever before, a company is a complex information system.

Elective specialization courses:

- Business process modeling
- E-business strategy
- ERP-systems
- ICT-governance
- ICT-management
- Master’s dissertation

Master of Management in International Marketing Strategy (IMS) (48 ECTS)

The major IMS focuses on (business-to-business) marketing strategy in an international context. Graduates gain insight in timely marketing strategies.
Complementary to a more classic consumer marketing perspective, this specialisation digs deep into marketing strategies, processes and the relationships between organizations – whether they produce high-tech products/service or not. While consumer marketing is highly visible and well developed in our Western hemisphere (e.g. due to explicit exposure and branding), marketing between organizations remains a rather unexplored area. More even than consumer marketing, this field requires an explicit international perspective.

Elective specialization courses:

- International marketing
- Strategic marketing
- Markstrat simulation game
- Business strategy
- Market research methodology
- Industrial marketing
- Master’s dissertation

Preparatory programme

For non-economic academic degrees (35 ECTS):

- Intermediate microeconomics
- Concepts of probability and statistics
- Financial management
- Research methodology
- Applied econometrics
- Strategic management
- Marketing OR business information systems

For non-academic economic degrees (59 ECTS):

- Intermediate microeconomics
- Intermediate microeconomics
- Introduction to operations research
- Concepts of probability and statistics
- Marketing (DUTCH)
- Applied economics
- Research methodology
- Financial management (DUTCH)
- Sustainable entrepreneurship
- Strategic management
- Management accounting
- Financial accounting
- Organizational behavior (DUTCH)

Note: This preparatory programme may also contain courses in Dutch!

The Master of Management programme aims to develop the following competences:

• to identify, define and solve economic and managerial problems in an expert manner.
• to apply theoretical knowledge and problem-solving methods and techniques in a flexible and creative way.
• to evaluate the available information in order to arrive at well-grounded solutions.
• to assess the feasibility of solutions in a multicultural context
• to demonstrate communication skills which are appropriate to implement decisions.
• to make active contributions to the development of team projects.

Career Prospects

This programme enables students to function optimally within organizations and to assume management functions, especially in the context of dynamic international markets. Competences such as project team work, creative business problem solving and management reporting will be developed. Alumni occupy prominent functions in companies all around the world. They testify to the dynamism of our high-level training.
Graduates with the specialization International Marketing Strategy (IMS) take up marketing management functions in high-tech multinational firms. Graduates with the specialization Management Information Systems (MIS) become ICT consultants or ICT project managers.

Master of Management: the right choice for you?

The Master of Management programme explicitly welcomes different groups: graduates from both economic and non-economic subject areas can enroll. Some students will first have to pass a preparatory programme that is tailored to their specific background. The Master of Management programme should enable students to assume high-potential middle management functions, especially in the context of dynamic international markets. Participating students come from different countries around the world. Therefore, all courses are taught in English. Students who want to combine their studies with a professional career will have difficulties in following the programme. All classes take place during working hours, we do not have evening classes. Therefore it will be quite difficult to combine a full-time job and this international master programme. For some students it will be possible to study under the label of "working student" and an individually tailored programme can be discussed.

Additional admission requirements

From the academic year 2007-2008 onwards all students from the P.R. China will have to obtain a certificate of academic screening issued by the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) of the German Embassy in Beijing before being allowed to enrol at any higher education institution, language course or other preparatory course in Flanders. The APS certificate is also required for obtaining a student visa to Belgium. From the academic year 2009-2010 on the cost of the APS-screening will be refunded to all Chinese students enrolled at Hasselt University.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Rachel Moreau ([email protected])





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